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Surname Names Date of Baptism View
RainierJoseph Frederick16 October 1870View
RaymanAppolos Thomas Arthur14 February 1932View
RaymanArthur Jacobus03 April 1933View
RaymanCatherine02 December 1928View
RaymanMaria02 December 1928View
RaymanRachel02 December 1928View
RaymanSusan02 December 1928View
RaymondFrans16 July 1929View
RaymondSolomon David03 April 1933View
RaymondWilhemina Johanna03 April 1933View
ReedMargaret Joan03 April 1933View
RegelMaria Magdalina *Regel22 December 1895View
ReichawAnna Johanna01 November 1903View
ResandtJacoba Gertrude08 September 1928View
ResandtJohn13 July 1930View
ResandtThomas Albertus03 April 1933View
ResantNicolas04 September 1904View
ResantPetrus Johannes19 September 1926View
RezantFrederick Andreas18 July 1915View
RezantJohannes Albertus18 March 1917View
RezantJohn Jacobus30 April 1911View
RezantMargrita Jacoba17 August 1913View
RezantMartha Sophia21 March 1909View
RiAudrey Elizabeth03 July 1917View
RiondanWilliam Michael02 February 1919View
RobertsMargaret03 April 1933View
RobinsonMay08 July 1894View
RoezisntAmiela05 June 1921View
RoitersKlaas03 April 1933View
RomanMargretha Magdalena04 July 1906View
RooiJan23 December 1896View
RooyJohn23 February 1861View
RosantHannah Margaretta21 October 1906View
RosantMaria Magdalene21 June 1874View
RosseawMargrita *White04 August 1912View
RozantChristina Elizabeth31 December 1922View
RozantHendrik Cornelis06 December 1890View
RufusLowis Johannes Bowe03 April 1933View
RufusRachel Lena03 April 1933View
RufusRobert David03 April 1933View
RufusSarah Sophia03 April 1933View
RuitersAnna09 August 1908View
RuitersCatherina03 April 1933View
RuitersDinah Katrina03 April 1933View
RuitersFrederick Jacobus03 April 1933View
RuitersGertruida03 April 1933View
RuitersMargaret03 April 1933View
RuitersMaria * Basson04 August 1912View
RuitersSarah13 November 1910View
RuitersTruitja13 May 1909View
RutersLena18 May 1904View
RuyerHendrika20 January 1906View
RuyerLydia21 January 1906View
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