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Surname Names Date of Baptism View
TMagdalena03 October 1906View
TalaJohannes31 August 1926View
TalaMaria Magdelena31 August 1926View
TamboolaMina03 April 1933View
TampoEva Maria22 July 1923View
TampoeAbraham21 October 1900View
TampoeAbraham Jacobus18 November 1906View
TampoeAnna Johanna21 December 1916View
TampoeElizabeth18 April 1920View
TampoeFrederick Johannes Jacobus17 January 1897View
TampoeGertroida09 April 1905View
TampoeHendrick13 December 1920View
TampoeHenry Jacobus27 August 1899View
TampoeJan06 August 1908View
TampoeJohanna Magdalena03 August 1913View
TampoeKatrina Magdalina18 May 1902View
TampoeLenna10 July 1904View
TampoeLys22 December 1895View
TampoeMargareta Elizabeth29 September 1895View
TampoeMargreta26 December 1898View
TampoeNicolaas Jacobus14 May 1911View
TampoeSenie Jane19 August 1894View
TampoeSophia Hendrina19 August 1894View
TampoeWilliam05 July 1909View
TampoeWilliam Jacobus15 August 1915View
TampoeZacharias Johannes27 February 1898View
TampueDinah Dorothea24 February 1918View
TaylorAmy Ellen09 December 1903View
TaylorEdna Vyvian10 March 1895View
TaylorGeorge11 March 1858View
TaylorJames16 October 1859View
TaylorLilian Frances Hamlet25 September 1892View
TaylorPercy27 March 1899View
TaylorReginald Francis06 November 1887View
TaylorVincent Henry08 October 1902View
TaylorWilliam09 October 1862View
TchakaGodwill21 June 1929View
TetisMaria22 April 1869View
TheronMargaret25 September 1881View
TheronMaud Lillian07 August 1899View
TheunisLouis Andrew William John22 April 1888View
ThomJohan Carl14 October 1930View
ThompsonHenry William Peter30 November 1927View
ThoronWalter Richard22 March 1897View
TijstCatrina Maria Margareta Johanna07 October 1883View
TijstCornelia Gestina13 April 1890View
TijstJustus Cornelius13 February 1881View
TijstMaria Johanna Natina01 April 1888View
TitiesAbraham Jacobus17 July 1910View
TitiesGert Johannes Jacobus14 December 1913View
TitiesMargherita04 November 1920View
TitiusMaria21 April 1929View
TitusAbram03 April 1933View
TitusAndreas Abraham25 August 1901View
TitusAndries17 January 1897View
TitusAndries03 April 1933View
TitusAnna Johanna04 August 1912View
TitusAnna Maria04 August 1912View
TitusClarsina? Willemina06 September 1896View
TitusCornelius06 September 1874View
TitusCornelius21 April 1895View
TitusCornelius05 October 1930View
TitusDora Willemina Clasina13 November 1904View
TitusElizabeth03 April 1933View
TitusEva13 May 1894View
TitusFrederic21 April 1895View
TitusGert30 November 1872View
TitusGert Manuel William31 August 1902View
TitusHermanus21 October 1906View
TitusJacobus17 January 1897View
TitusJan16 July 1916View
TitusJanetta Elizabeth25 August 1901View
TitusJohanna25 December 1899View
TitusJohanna13 April 1902View
TitusKatrina25 August 1901View
TitusKatrina03 April 1933View
TitusKlaas13 May 1894View
TitusLaura Lucia08 September 1874View
TitusLijs03 February 1899View
TitusLydia Sophia14 May 1911View
TitusMagdalina Margreta25 August 1901View
TitusMaria Magdalena *Keister04 August 1912View
TitusMeitje Margreta29 January 1899View
TitusNicholas07 June 1875View
TitusPeter21 April 1895View
TitusPietrus Francis24 July 1901View
ToentjesMargreta29 September 1902View
TointjesCornelia12 December 1909View
TointjesJacobus09 August 1908View
TointjesJacobus25 October 1908View
TointjesMargretha19 December 1909View
TointjesMeitje09 August 1908View
TointjesSarah09 August 1908View
ToleMaria Magdalina19 May 1901View
TonattTeresa Mary29 November 1907View
ToonjesFrederick07 December 1918View
ToontjesJan Jacobus17 October 1915View
ToontjesJohannes29 December 1918View
ToontjesMargritta Martha29 December 1918View
ToontjiesFrederick24 April 1932View
ToontjiesGert25 October 1931View
ToontjiesGriet03 April 1933View
ToontjiesLena03 April 1933View
ToontjiesLouisa03 April 1933View
ToontjiesMagdalena25 October 1931View
ToontjiesMargerita25 August 1931View
TrentjiesKatrina Sarah03 February 1899View
TrentjiesLeah25 August 1901View
TrichardtKatrina07 December 1929View
TrompHendrik Canelus27 August 1893View
TrompIsaac Jacobus22 December 1895View
TrompJacobus25 August 1901View
TrompJohannes09 April 1893View
TrompJohannes10 November 1901View
TrompKatharina Magdalena03 March 1892View
TrompPetrus29 March 1896View
TrompSeptember03 April 1933View
TrompThomas Johannes29 May 1892View
TuleBeautie03 April 1933View
TuleElizabeth03 April 1933View
TuleLeah03 April 1933View
TwalaJacobus01 September 1927View
TyosPaul03 April 1933View
TyotJacob Johannes25 January 1878View
TyotWilhelmina Christina20 January 1878View
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