St Johns Anglican Church Clanwilliam Baptisms Search : V
Surname Names Date of Baptism View
V JongerlooAnn Maria Henrietta11 October 1857View
ValenderDas03 April 1933View
ValenderJohanna03 April 1933View
ValentineAletta10 November 1929View
ValentineSarah10 November 1929View
ValentynAndreas September03 April 1933View
ValentynAnna12 December 1909View
ValentynKatrina Adonis08 November 1914View
ValentynMagaretha Wilhelmina29 May 1932View
VallentynFrans03 April 1933View
ValtuinAbraham03 April 1933View
ValtuinNicholas03 April 1933View
Van AlmelsYvonne Catherine Elizabeth16 July 1925View
Van Den BergFrederick Alfred17 November 1895View
Van Der MerweDaniel Hendrik28 November 1875View
Van Der WesthuizenAnna Johanna04 October 1914View
Van Der WesthuizenCharles Richard22 February 1920View
Van Der WesthuizenElizabeth Margritta29 March 1925View
Van Der WesthuizenErnest Rubridge05 August 1923View
Van Der WesthuizenJohn Peter03 August 1916View
Van Der WesthuizenLeah Elizabeth04 October 1914View
Van Der WesthuizenMaria Magdalena04 October 1914View
Van Der WesthuizenValda Joan03 April 1933View
Van Der WesthuizenWilliam30 October 1910View
Van Der WestruisWillem Jacobus20 September 1926View
Van DyckCharlotte15 June 1919View
Van EedenBenjamin Jacobus28 March 1875View
Van EyssenJeliekke Jejesna Ferriera03 April 1933View
Van LeentDorothy Foster23 October 1898View
Van LeentMary Elise29 April 1901View
Van NijkAbraham25 March 1902View
Van ReenenJohanna17 May 1905View
Van RenenElizabeth18 October 1903View
Van RooiAnna Christina03 April 1933View
Van RooiAnna Johanna *22 October 1911View
Van RooiElizabeth03 April 1933View
Van RooiElizabeth03 April 1933View
Van RooiElsie03 April 1933View
Van RooiJafta03 April 1933View
Van RooiJaftha03 April 1933View
Van RooiJan15 September 1930View
Van RooiJan03 April 1933View
Van RooiRoos03 April 1933View
Van RooiSina03 April 1933View
Van RynJacoba03 April 1933View
Van SchalkwijkElizabeth Margriet14 April 1915View
Van SchalkwijkJohannes Daniel14 April 1915View
Van WijkElsie09 December 1903View
Van WijkHendrik03 April 1909View
Van WykElizabeth21 March 1931View
Van WykFlora Wilhelmina01 November 1903View
Van WykJacob03 April 1933View
Van WykKorals21 March 1931View
Van WykLena Wilhelmina21 March 1931View
Van WykMaria Magdalena01 November 1903View
Van WykMarthinus22 August 1875View
Van WykSophia03 April 1933View
Van WykValentine10 November 1929View
Van WykWillem03 April 1933View
Van ZijlLydia Katrina24 November 1927View
Van ZijlNicholas06 April 1919View
Van ZijlWilliam Henry29 March 1927View
Van ZijlWilliam Jacobus21 August 1910View
Van ZylDora25 October 1903View
VeilandBooi17 May 1905View
VeilandKatrina18 May 1904View
VeilandKatrina19 February 1902View
VelanderJohanna20 May 1906View
VeloenAleda Janetta16 August 1918View
VeloenAnna02 November 1919View
VeloenAnna Tabitha20 August 1905View
VeloenJoseph01 January 1911View
VeloenKatrina Johanna14 December 1913View
VeloenMagdalena Katrina21 June 1908View
VeloenMaria Katrina04 October 1908View
VeloenTabitha02 July 1916View
VenealCarolina Elizabeth03 April 1933View
VeneelEmily Johanna03 April 1933View
VercueilFrances Mary Ann Goyer11 February 1894View
VercueilHenry Herald05 April 1896View
VermeulenIsaac29 December 1918View
VerooiJohannes Jacobus Andries03 April 1933View
VerooiLeah24 April 1932View
VerooiLeida24 April 1932View
VerooiMargaret24 April 1932View
VerooiSarah24 April 1932View
VerooiSophia24 April 1932View
VertuinHendrik Jacobus08 May 1927View
VertuinMaria08 November 1914View
VilanderSophia Margaret08 March 1903View
ViljoenJohn David28 April 1925View
ViljoenJohn George11 April 1926View
ViljoenJoseph15 October 1922View
ViljoenTabitha09 July 1922View
VisageDavid Johannes01 November 1903View
VisatieDaniel Floos25 October 1908View
VisatieStephanus09 January 1910View
VlinkKatriyn Elizabeth22 October 1911View
VlinkLena Helena Engela26 March 1916View
VlinkPetrus08 January 1911View
VlinkValentyn Simon22 October 1911View
VolgraafSarah10 December 1910View
VoljoenAnna01 October 1921View
VoljoenTabitha Johanna13 March 1921View
VolteinMaria Magdalena23 December 1923View
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