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Surname Names Date of Death Source View
Zeederberg 28 August 1908St Peters RegisterView
ZeederbergAdrian Roelf02 March 1968St Peters RegisterView
ZeederbergAnna Magdalena Barbara09 April 1955St Peters RegisterView
ZeederbergAnnie Catherine Johanna06 June 1951St Peters RegisterView
ZeederbergEmmeline Anne23 February 1973St Peters RegisterView
ZeederbergJohannes Jacobus05 September 1885St Peters RegisterView
ZeederbergMargaretha Henrica24 September 1888St Peters RegisterView
ZeederbergRoelof Arderne29 March 1904St Peters RegisterView
ZeederbergRoelof Duncan14 July 1969St Peters RegisterView
ZeederbergSybella Johanna31 July 1933St Peters RegisterView
ZeederbergWilliam Phayer Ralph08 January 1901St Peters RegisterView
ZeederbergWilliam Roelof R.12 July 1955St Peters RegisterView
ZeemanCharles William07 June 1916St Peters RegisterView
ZeemanDaphne Florence06 October 1898St Peters RegisterView
ZeemanElizabeth M.28 March 1919St Peters RegisterView
ZeemanLilian28 June 1903St Peters RegisterView
ZeemanVictor Francis Webb28 August 1897St Peters RegisterView
ZimmermanAnna Freiderika23 May 1896St Peters RegisterView
ZimmermanElizabeth05 January 1891St Peters RegisterView
ZimmermanFerdinand17 August 1901St Peters RegisterView
ZimmermanJohn Christian31 March 1918St Peters RegisterView
ZimmermanJohn William12 November 1888St Peters RegisterView
ZimmermannCarolina W.E.10 April 1929St Peters RegisterView
ZimmermannWilliam Frederick.06 March 1886St Peters RegisterView
ZoutendykAlewina Elizabeth21 November 1886St Peters RegisterView
ZoutendykKatherina15 February 1887St Peters RegisterView
ZeederbergSibella Johanna31 Jul 1933St Peters TranscriptionView
ZeederbergRoelof Abraham21 Mar 1935St Peters TranscriptionView
ZeederbergWilliam Roelof Rogers12 Jul 1955St Peters TranscriptionView
ZeederbergAdrian Roelof27 Feb 1968St Peters TranscriptionView
ZeederbergRoelof D. (Joe)14 Jul 1969St Peters TranscriptionView
ZeederbergEmmeline A.19 Nov 1972St Peters TranscriptionView
ZeederbergJohn J.05 Sep 1885St Peters TranscriptionView
ZeederbergAnnie Catherine Johanna06 Jun 1951St Peters TranscriptionView
ZeederbergWilliam Phayer Ralph08 Jan 1901St Peters TranscriptionView
ZeederbergAnna Magdalena Barbara09 Apr 1955St Peters TranscriptionView
ZeederbergMargaretha Henrica24 Sep 1888St Peters TranscriptionView
ZeederbergSt Peters TranscriptionView
ZeederbergRoelof ArderneSt Peters TranscriptionView
ZeemanVictor Francis Webb28 Aug 1897St Peters TranscriptionView
ZeemanDaphne FlorenceSt Peters TranscriptionView
ZeemanLillianSt Peters TranscriptionView
ZimmermanFerdinand17 Aug 1901St Peters TranscriptionView
ZimmermanAnna Friederike23 May 1896St Peters TranscriptionView
ZimmermannJohan Christian31 Mar 1918St Peters TranscriptionView
ZimmermannCarolina Wilhelmina10 Apr 1929St Peters TranscriptionView
ZimmermannElizabeth05 Jan 1891St Peters TranscriptionView
ZimmermannW.F.06 Mar 1886St Peters TranscriptionView
ZoutendykKatherina 'Krijntje'15 Feb 1887St Peters TranscriptionView
ZoutendykAlewina Elizabeth21 Nov 1886St Peters TranscriptionView
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