Natal Whos Who 1933 Search : A
Surname Names Date of Birth View
AbernethyG.A20 December 1910View
AbrahamRalph Lee01 April 1884View
AbrahamsS08 January 1904View
AbramsSidney John29 November 1892View
AdamsWilliam Albert31 October 1894View
AdamsonJohn18 April 1892View
AdcockClifford03 August 1902View
AdlamE. A29 May 1895View
AdrainAlan Gordon12 January 1900View
AgarCharles22 May 1909View
AggFrank George11 September 1869View
AkersEdward Sydney16 September 1881View
AlboroughJames RView
AlderA. M08 January 1907View
AlexanderM05 August 1888View
AlexanderJohn StruanView
AllansonHerbert Evelyn07 June 1882View
AllawayWilliam Newton14 June 1899View
AllisonAlbert Thurlow26 May 1893View
AllsoppJohn Geoffrey01 December 1900View
AltmannHendrik02 January 1875View
AltyKirkoi02 May 1910View
AndersenH. A20 June 1903View
AndersonAllan26 November 1908View
AndersonJean Elizabeth17 September 1908View
AndersenH.A26 September 1897View
AndrewWilliam WoodView
AndrewsLucy Ann1883View
ArbuckleR.O13 July 1908View
AndersonThomas Scott29 July 1877View
ArmstrongWilliam10 August 1855View
ArmstrongJohn23 April 1870View
AskewHenryJanuary 1865View
AttwoodAlbert Edward13 June 1870View
AubreySidney ErnestView
AustinWilliam PercivalView
AttwellG.R06 July 1886View
ArmstrongGeorge05 July 1880View
AddisonW.H.B07 October 1905View
AldershotFrancis Durracott22 November 1876View
ArchibaldT18 September 1875View
AnderssenE. C31 August 1894View
AdamsWilliam30 October 1860View
AndersonD30 November 1887View
AllisonKatherine Forsyth02 October 1875View
AbercombyAlexander14 July 1865View
ArmstrongJohn21 September 1901View
AshwellC21 October 1891View
AbbottWH28 March 1875View
AntelEleanora Maud27 April 1868View
ArbuthnotFitz-JamesJuly 1888View
AshburyViolet Florence13 June 1903View
AcuttLeonard21 May 1874View
AndersenW.P14 August 1870View
Armitage RostellEmily24 June 1879View
ArendtFredrika14 March 1858View
AdendorffMignonette Alice14 February 1890View
AdendorffG.F20 May 1883View
AtkinsonJohn14 December 1876View
AllanJames24 March 1883View
AndersonAnnie22 May 1883View
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It is a social mirror of the time and readers will get a sound idea of what Natalians were doing and thinking up to 1933.