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Surname Names Date of Birth View
BernardGertrude maude13 March 1881View
BatholomaiMartha13 September 1889View
BackenstoeWilliam AlfredView
BalanceA. D23 July 1909View
BallantineT.R04 July 1864View
BallantyneJames05 April 1862View
BantingWalter SView
BarbourE. A25 July 1900View
BarbourTheophilius HenryView
BainAndrew07 May 1887View
BardenFrancis Phillip William15 July 1883View
BarkerNoel19 March 1906View
BarrettE. JView
BartonHorace Dale22 November 1891View
BartonR.A14 May 1908View
BeattieThomas OliverView
BechetFrance Joseph30 December 1887View
BellC. T26 September 1861View
BellA. C11 December 1897View
BellEric Bertram1894View
BuckleyH.W18 April 1870View
BellJ. JView
BelnerVictor25 March 1877View
BenjaminMaurice Arthur10 July 1883View
BennettSamuel Hall13 February 1875View
BensonGeorge V. RView
BentleyMark CView
BergendorffP21 October 1898View
BiggsCharles Edward Langley1 October 1891View
BilmarkAmon02 May 1894View
BirdJohn15 June 1858View
BishopPercy CookView
BlakeJohn HenryView
BeynosJ.C.S09 September 1900View
BlameyFred. C03 March 1879View
BohmWilliam18 July 1898View
BoothWilkins13 January 1890View
BordersWilliamDecember 1866View
BorlandA. F13 December 1901View
BorlaseW20 June 1863View
BoshoffI. J09 September 1903View
BowenWilliam Patrick17 March 1857View
BowkerJoseph03 January 1905View
BradfordAnton31 May 1898View
BradleyJohn Lade23 April 1865View
BradleyJ. WallaceStenographerView
BradshawV. EView
BuchananJane Ann05 September 1898View
BrandThomas29 March 1866View
BrokenshaF.C11 December 1881View
BrokenshaE StanleyView
BuchananEbenezer29 August 1854View
BudgeCharles William SinclairView
BulleyAAW30 March 1906View
BulmanGerald19 June 1893View
BurdonJ.R18 March 1890View
BurgerJacobus01 March 1902View
BurgessFlorence EdithView
BlakewayHillian RossJuly 1872View
BurneG. Ray27 April 1910View
BurnsC.N.H15 August 1872View
BurrowsEdward John12 December 1861View
BussJas. F20 August 1882View
BusschauJ.G19 November 1908View
ButcherThomas14 November 1858View
ButlandJohn03 October 1856View
ButlerC. J. H02 September 1904View
ButterworthA .EView
ByalaMax20 February 1898View
BoydW.J30 April 1882View
BaldockJohn25 March 1868View
BurrJohn10 May 1856View
BaxterJames24 July 1856View
BallThomas06 July 1897View
BackJ F21 December 1891View
BosseEuphemia19 April 1872View
BallFrances19 July 1869View
BrokenshaLily18 January 1876View
BernsteinPhillip02 August 1880View
BirrellD.D14 May 1891View
BoothHerbert12 May 1878View
BrenchleyF E CView
BurnsideJA18 January 1894View
BrickW.E11 March 1891View
BalcombInigo25 January 1867View
BalcombInigo19 June 1871View
BlackFrancis John06 October 1886View
BannermanJohn04 June 1876View
BaxJ S1 August 1855View
BoastEdwin17 July 1901View
BrownW.TNovember 1874View
BristowAlfred25 April 1879View
BroomfieldRF05 July 1881View
BealeW03 January 1877View
BestJames Andrew17 August 1885View
BridgesMonica27 October 1883View
BurgerBetty23 January 1910View
BlockJoseph06 January 1892View
BlackJohn15 March 1894View
BosmanMartha Margaretha17 November 1884View
BokweJohn Knox20 October 1900View
BraceyBeatrice Louise16 Mar 1870View
ButlerJohn C22 September 1876View
BairdBernardNovember 1863View
BarnettThomas16 July 1868View
BriceS.H05 March 1884View
BaytoppA22 May 1870View
BARTONR.A04 February 1898View
BrandJohn William1859View
BurnamP.R05 February 1896View
BruceCharles08 September 1883View
BodenClara13 January 1890View
BentleyE.W04 September 1884View
BurgessP. Geo12 November 1890View
BennettRandles F22 September 1846View
BahrJ.K04 July 1886View
BorainCV14 January 1886View
BorlandA18 August 1894View
ByrdThomas28 November 1851View
BrownT04 February 1896View
BarnettDorothy, Mary, Blanche23 January 1883View
BoothA.P07 October 1882View
BoshoffJ.N05 October 1903View
BakerIris Sylvia14 July 1902View
BrownJohn20 September 1873View
BathClara12 December 1883View
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