Natal Whos Who 1933 Search : D
Surname Names Date of Birth View
DijksterhuisB28 February 1891View
DibbenI.A19 November 1876View
DuncanHarford09 January 1882View
DicksAlice EvelynView
DeanViolet G13 November 1855View
DicksI.W24 February 1878View
De VilleJ.C18 January 1884View
DugganC06 October 1881View
de HaasHubert Willem21 May 1895View
DruryCharles Samuel30 November 1879View
DickW07 July 1888View
du ToitE.C23 September 1900View
DunsmoreHenry08 January 1899View
DalbyFrancis Arthur1876View
Dalton nee BrokenshaLily02 December 1900View
DalyWilliam29 May 1885View
DavenportJ. EView
DaviesGeorge Herbert20 October 1886View
DixonT13 August 1860View
DawsonWilliam Henry29 December 1887View
DayA HView
De CharmoyArmand1884View
De KockP J02 August 1895View
DellArthur EdwardView
DementR.A18 August 1900View
DentonMarjorie LillianView
DickDavid CraigView
DickGodfrey WatsonView
DickieHugh17 September 1865View
DicksI.W28 April 1884View
DitzLouis Sidney17 March 1907View
DixonEdwin25 November 1879View
DosiLuigi10 October 1864View
DownhamJohn18 April 1878View
DruceThomasDecember 1896View
DrummondJames de Souza15 November 1903View
du ToitA. P. N23 October 1896View
Du ToitPieter Jacobus13 May 1889View
DumatHenry Aylmer01 February 1889View
DuncanJames Bartlett22 July 1881View
DonaldsonA.B29 July 1877View
DaveyWilliam Parkes16 May 1871View
DansieCrown23 January 1878View
DrewFrank12 February 1901View
DuxburyT.A07 January 1905View
DyerGrace25 May 1895View
D'AubreyRGS05 December 1883View
DickinsonWJ18 July 1871View
DykesZillah Marguerite25 November 1899View
du PlooyMagdil18 November 1896View
DaintreeRichard19 September 1873View
DavisArthur13 May 1856View
DowlingEva05 May 1889View
DownardW.G26 July 1868View
DawsonW.A17 October 1879View
du ToitJ.J12 October 1888View
de BeerMona21 May 1888View
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It is a social mirror of the time and readers will get a sound idea of what Natalians were doing and thinking up to 1933.