Natal Whos Who 1933 Search : G
Surname Names Date of Birth View
GreenSybil Clare Montague25 January 1900View
GrahamJohn24 June 1901View
GidsonF.J02 October 1889View
GodwinErnest Edward19 October 1885View
GrayR24 April 1891View
GeilsGeorge13 June 1902View
GrayOlive MurielView
GreenE.H24 June 1898View
GreerJosephine Mary16 May 1878View
GordonA.W12 August 1883View
GilesWilliam James1860View
GroomAlfred09 December 1891View
GrayMarion22 February 1874View
GibsonJohn17 January 1857View
GrahamVerner10 July 1886View
GressonGeorge Reynell03 January 1881View
GalletFrederic James11 November 1903View
Guy CharletonC1868View
GeertsClifford EdwardView
GeogheganJames M16 January 1908View
GeshenBarnett15 May 1908View
GibsonJohn S08 March 1908View
GibsonThos07 November 1905View
GiffordWilliam22 May 1884View
GilbertKatherine25 December 1870View
GlassW.G05 September 1902View
GobleAlfred Sydney24 September 1865View
GodfreyDan21 May 1893View
GodfreyA.H26 December 1914View
GoodrickeJohn24 August 1900View
GordgeW.W30 January 1904View
GoudingR L11 January 1902View
GrahamStephen Henry1850View
GrahamJohn William ErnestView
GrantT J13 January 1893View
GrantCormack19 June 1865View
GrantJames A1896View
GreatheadJ.B15 July 1885View
GrayJoseph Bage08 August 1912View
GreavesFrancis EView
GreenJoseph Wells20 May 1882View
GreenbergCharles L1878View
GregoryMorgan18 May 1886View
GriffinArthur CharlesView
GruzelierF.P02 October 1900View
GrahamThomas18 July 1895View
GushRichard31 March 1877View
GuthrieJoseph Fenton31 July 1886View
GuyIsabelle26 November 1884View
GwilliamArchibald06 November 1894View
GylesJohn Herman22 August 1879View
GarlandT.W28 February 1863View
GodfreyAJ08 January 1875View
GarsonPeter07 December 1897View
GaleElsie GertrudeView
GreenR. J21 September 1883View
GriceJack30 May 1903View
GoldS. J02 SeptemberView
GriffithsW08 December 1906View
GriffithsFlorence May1878View
GoodwinThomas01 March 1865View
GoodwinEva18 November 1876View
GreenJessie14 December 1888View
GrantJohn16 July 1905View
GroomRichard11 June 1856View
GrantTJ30 March 1877View
GilesJohn W1864View
GoslettKatherine Florence Emily18 February 1851View
GibbonsJames A20 August 1875View
GobleLaura, Julia1862View
GreenMorton25 March 1850View
GutridgeM.H31 May 1902View
GutridgeMichael16 May 1907View
GreenLucy Mildred21 February 1858View
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It is a social mirror of the time and readers will get a sound idea of what Natalians were doing and thinking up to 1933.