Natal Whos Who 1933 Search : H
Surname Names Date of Birth View
HowdenRobert11 January 1884View
HolderPearl Mary29 October 1894View
HarfordHarry13 January 1893View
HillsEustace12 March 1882View
HopsonE. J25 January 1876View
HowseAlfred E01 October 1882View
HaynesB.C29 September 1899View
HeathcoteElizabeth Fanny19 December 1873View
HartnettFlorence Edith22 September 1865View
HarrisMarjorie12 Novenber 1901View
HansfordJames22 December 1882View
HoldernessH. Hardwicke24 December 1902View
HuttyJ.W16 October 1867View
HendersonC. L22 January 1891View
HarveyAlbert John08 July 1896View
HarrisonEdward29 June 1891View
HiggsEthel Feodora27 August 1884View
HodgsonA19 March 1872View
HarleyF06 July 1901View
HoltAnn17 May 1856View
HullCharlotte Elizabeth16 March 1872View
HeneghanMartin06 October 1854View
HargreavesH. L03 February 1891View
HarrisEllen06 August 1876View
HawkerGeo25 October 1890View
HamiltonJ.A25 August 1879View
HallJ09 December 1902View
HalletE.T25 April 1906View
HamiltonJ.S26 August 1911View
HitchinsR.L25 March 1897View
HorsleyJohn09 December 1875View
HansfordJames25 April 1878View
HardyJoseph Henry19 September 1884View
HarmerAlbert Edward27 December 1880View
HarrisEdward14 May 1903View
HarrisRobert10 September 1902View
HarrisRichard01 May 1865View
HarrisGeorge Frederick18 March 1885View
HarrisWilliam RedversView
HartWyndham30 January 1884View
HarwardA. G. N29 May 1903View
HarwinAlbert EdwardView
HarwinElla Jessie20 April 1884View
HathornKenneth Howard, K.C14 July 1880View
HattersleyF. Kilvington06 April 1893View
HaynesR25 October 1912View
HillaryGeorge12 July 1857View
HeardAlfred GeorgeView
HilderDeodata Irene27 December 1875View
HendersonJames18 December 1952View
HurstJoseph24 August 1856View
HendryJohn McleanView
HartMA16 February 1894View
HepburnGraham Alexander02 January 1903View
HeubnerAdolph21 January 1895View
HigginsHarry GordonView
HiningsWH08 March 1901View
HoddinottVernon Archibald07 November 1889View
HoffenbergSimon16 October 1882View
HofmeyrStanley Hugo19 February 1899View
HolleyEdward17 June 1906View
HolmesDaisy AliceView
HolmesEdward AView
HolmesEdward AView
HolmesJames08 October 1880View
HoltzR19 October 1908View
Hood-SymonsVivian23 March 1912View
HooperNancy Louisa Boucher15 February 1904View
HorwoodT.E03 January 1888View
HudsonHenry Rowson1896View
HancockE29 May 1864View
HurstGodfrey Thomas10 November 1871View
HutchinsonW. A. J. PView
HarteWilliam08 October 1885View
Hunter-JonesJohn Charles Hunter18 November 1912View
HamsonChas E23 August 1894View
HoijerJohan11 November 1869View
HoskinsRebecca CliftView
HarryWilliam James22 November 1889View
HollandA. K18 January 1905View
HollidayJ. D03 January 1858View
HollandA. F29 June 1864View
HughesCharles26 March 1888View
HerveyJohn06 September 1884View
HayterUrsula21 July 1911View
HineNJ14 November 1886View
HeadFred02 May 1868View
HallJex09 February 1863View
HignettJustice25 March 1893View
HoareJM27 September 1882View
HandleyThomas L11 September 1883View
HavemannJohn17 June 1902View
HopkinsThomas05 April 1878View
HazellGertrude E25 May 1886View
HardyP. P07 October 1889View
HoskenC. Victor13 December 1889View
HenwoodJoseph14 December 1891View
HawesJAugust 1897View
HooperJohn07 January 1896View
HawxbyJ06 June 1894View
HardieJL19 January 1895View
HarrisonIsabella28 March 1863View
HarveyJohn06 January 1898View
HasenpflugBertha09 November 1881View
HoskingE22 December 1876View
HarwinJohn06 August 1873View
HallJames Cochar17 August 1900View
HodgesJ.S29 April 1891View
HayesWilliam Ewart14 May 1881View
HoneywoodMarion Grace05 March 1890View
HakenCharles17 July 1897View
HobbissH.I27 January 1875View
HawkerH.E19 October 1894View
HewettR.D12 December 1882View
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