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Surname Names Date of Birth View
JonesWilliam10 May 1890View
JanksH20 May 1899View
JervoisH.N18 January 1891View
Jan 1907Mary Thackwray05 November 1867View
JenkynCharles Osborn21 May 1868View
JohnstoneWilliam Folster29 March 1890View
JenkinsNatalia Irene28 February 1897View
JawitzAlthea30 October 1905View
JonesJohn26 January 1871View
JohnsonEthel05 June 1873View
JohnsonWilliam10 July 1853View
JohnsonKenneth Addison1895View
JohnsonOwen JohnView
JohnsonSidney06 April 1892View
JolliffeGeorge Clydesdale22 July 1876View
JonesC. J1878View
JonesDavid Llewellyn27 June 1878View
JonesEdward Thomas14 October 1895View
JulsethG24 December 1870View
JolliffeChristopher Goodenough24 March 1879View
JensenT01 July 1893View
JohlJohanna29 August 1869View
JonesDora Evelyn1875View
JonesSamuel24 August 1856View
JonesL.H.S15 January 1886View
JorgensenKaren Marie03 March 1889View
JohnstonJoseph04 April 1863View
Jansen van RensburgC.P19 July 1884View
JacksonBessie01 October 1873View
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It is a social mirror of the time and readers will get a sound idea of what Natalians were doing and thinking up to 1933.