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Surname Names Date of Birth View
KingDick19 December 1852View
KinsmanFarrar28 February 1897View
KendeA31 May 1910View
KirkJ29 August 1861View
KleinJ02 July 1881View
KritzingerW. H12 August 1895View
KingEvelyn Gertrude21 July 1873View
KearsS.S.B17 February 1897View
KristoffersenE04 February 1901View
KermodeMargaret15 December 1850View
KingC.W09 May 1885View
KrugerJohanna16 November 1863View
KeyterJohn30 May 1890View
KeyzorEdith24 April 1865View
KeyterA. P22 February 1863View
KingMary, Grace08 August 1893View
KeyesGeorge Watson13 January 1880View
KamnitzMarcus21 May 1893View
KaplanS.J12 January 1894View
KayRichard Edward Joseph11 September 1878View
KellawayElaine AshleyView
KempHymie19 October 1913View
KentArthur R12 January 1889View
KirkeFrancis Ffranch09 February 1883View
KerrWm. ArthurJanuary 1907View
KingCharles27 December 1877View
KliemErnst04 December 1898View
KlingenbergOtto09 November 1891View
KnowlesGeorge05 March 1906View
KnubleyEdward MilesView
KochH.J25 May 1907View
KrugerFred20 December 1910View
KrauseC18 December 1900View
KenedyWH22 December 1889View
KellyJames26 September 1890View
KirkEmily Elizabeth30 April 1862View
KeelerAJ17 April 1888View
KritzingerJ. A16 February 1891View
KingR13 May 1879View
KilkennyAndrew16 March 1896View
KatzerRudolph18 January 1892View
KrantzJ01 November 1880View
KingCharles03 May 1875View
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It is a social mirror of the time and readers will get a sound idea of what Natalians were doing and thinking up to 1933.