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Surname Names Date of Birth View
LettmanJack24 February 1882View
LongMuriel06 June 1871View
LangGeorge21 September 1869View
LoftheimTrine03 August 1864View
LargeElizabeth19 January 1852View
LansdownChester02 July 1862View
LamontJohn01 April 1877View
LilburnJames15 August 1867View
LiversageA. J25 May 1889View
LeaOliver25 January 1893View
Late Thos. Lock of Dorchester; EnglandEdith06 May 1857View
LambornAdelaide Stansfeld12 December 1870View
LucasSEJanuary 1890View
LeisenbergF17 January 1863View
LedlieNorman Douglas29 May 1899View
LileJessie03 March 1878View
LabuschangnePaul Nicolaas02 April 1895View
LaidlawJohn William22 September 1900View
LamontKB22 May 1911View
LamplughKenneth Edward NormanView
LucasHK13 June 1858View
LangtonErnest Chas16 May 1904View
LansdownCharles W.HView
LarsenAbraham EmilView
Le LouetCorentin-Marie21 October 1870View
Le SueurGeoffrey EustaceView
LearyWilliam03 February 1871View
LeeAlbert William22 July 1879View
LeftwichCharles Gerrans31 July 1872View
LeppanWilliam Aubrey27 November 1906View
LeveyLeonard Thomas08 May 1898View
LevyE. MView
LeeAlice16 March 1870View
LewisHorace11 January 1896View
LewisMartha Littlewood09 August 1888View
LindenbergFrederickApril 1888View
LindsayWilliam Emslie17 April 1891View
LindsayJ. D15 March 1889View
LindsayRobert FortuneView
ListerAlfredAugust 1905View
LloydA. N. M24 March 1901View
LombaardH.A16 December 1907View
LottThomas16 january 1883View
LowAlfred Andrew20 February 1884View
LoweF.H18 April 1906View
LumsdenAgnes Julia1876View
LyleLeonard Vacy21 June 1924View
LynchFrank Stewart1861View
LyonNorman Geoffrey02 July 1906View
L'EstrangeWilliam27 March 1869View
LevleyCharles J07 August 1878View
LeeET23 July 1906View
LangIsobel Stirling18 August 1883View
LightburnaOliva May1877View
LowAgnes Isabel28 April 1887View
La TarcheCecilaView
LysterFrances Maud28 July 1901View
LeroyRaymonde Josephine Mauricette09 January 1891View
LeesEP21 January 1873View
LaymanF.A.M17 January 1891View
LundR.J30 November 1889View
Lady StantonH.EMay 1905View
LaneG.H07 October 1888View
LellyettC.W13 June 1880View
LundieJohn24 April 1870View
LucasC.H.G19 January 1899View
LuckhurstFred14 August 1886View
LyonJohn17 July 1898View
LathburyR.H05 August 1878View
LeathernWilliam03 January 1885View
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It is a social mirror of the time and readers will get a sound idea of what Natalians were doing and thinking up to 1933.