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Surname Names Date of Birth View
McGregorJ16 December 1879View
McCullumG16 March 1886View
MartinJane Alberta03 March 1876View
Mrs WestburyWilliam Henry22 December 1886View
MackayWilliamina Elizabeth Cameron16 December 1881View
MartensS.J29 October 1901View
MillaJno02 January 1901View
MilneJean Lyall16 March 1879View
MurrayA.M11 October 1879View
MarshallAlex19 September 1881View
MacCorquodaleMay19 December 1878View
McEwanWilliam01 November 1881View
MurdochAlex31 October 1864View
MasonLH08 January 1878View
MathesonRev. MJC14 May 1896View
McQueenThomas28 June 1895View
MilneRev. DM02 July 1894View
MeyerC M1875View
MickelsonK O17 July 1895View
MasonFlorence Dulcie06 April 1897View
Mc QueenTView
MurrayHerbert25 October 1897View
MarxD.H29 July 1888View
MeyerPetronella25 July 1883View
MurrayThomas K26 November 1873View
McKenzieThomas21 May 1900View
MeadeFlorence25 June 1880View
MalabarR.O07 January 1883View
MillerJ H K23 August 1892View
MellandDr28 June 1895View
MillarA. D27 April 1887View
MartinGeo10 June 1882View
McLachlanJospeh27 July 1887View
McNameeT19 October 1898View
MarillierGE30 March 1885View
MoonWalter04 July 1890View
MeakerC. Maxwell31 January 1879View
MatthewsMaynard12 April 1888View
MoolmanW.A09 June 1904View
MarkotterHeinrich12 April 1881View
McKenzieAlexander04 December 1889View
MeihuizenWiebe24 April 1900View
MorkelGertrude09 April 1894View
MapstoneJ. EdwinView
MillerW.N03 October 1904View
MacDonaldGeorge Munro18 June 1867View
MacDonaldWilliam Kepnoch28 June 1902View
MacduffMadame Beatrice12 December 1909View
MacKenzieRobert RoyView
MacKeurtanGeorge26 February 1884View
MackeurtanHarold GrahamView
MacKroryHenry Alfred1886View
MacNabJames Crawford GibbView
MacPheeAlexander Stewart1850View
MacPhersonEvan28 September 1902View
MöllerD.C.S29 July 1895View
MandyRaymond Humphrey Barnett23 March 1911View
MannL. V04 February 1902View
MannW. H1870View
MansfieldC. B. HView
MaritzS. SView
MarriottWalter James22 April 1906View
MarshallAlbert William HughView
MarshallA. W. H13 June 1908View
MartinH12 March 1911View
MarwickJohn16 December 1899View
MasonErnest EdwardView
MorganA.H20 August 1895View
MathewJohn EdwardJanuary 1859View
MayWalter George25 July 1915View
MayPaul Henwood16 November 1851View
McConkeyJames11 January 1898View
McDougallPercy10 December 1905View
McGibbonHenry18 January 1865View
McKechnieJames08 December 1893View
McKenzieDuncan19 May 1887View
McKenzieReginald K.J.PView
McLartyWilliam25 June 1858View
McLeanAlan Percy Douglas17 October 1902View
McMurtreKenneth Francis03 January 1882View
McRaeDonald06 January 1908View
McSwaineJ.F16 February 1870View
MellorAlbert19 April 1894View
MenkinJoseph Barnatt1864View
MenziesAndrew Asgood07 April 1906View
Maj. V Hoad-SymondsFlorence21 March 1891View
MeyerStorjord, Fanske, Norway03 September 1905View
MichelAlbert31 July 1874View
MurrayHugh C01 February 1901View
MillarHarold05 July 1908View
MILLSH.B28 July 1908View
MitchellAlbert Henry1884View
MolyneuxL.L. (The late)16 March 1873View
Moody-StuartKenneth31 January 1881View
MooreJack18 January 1888View
MullIrene Constance03 December 1902View
MorrisonC.W06 November 1901View
MathesonMiss J.AView
McMasterP05 March 1871View
MarshallW.JJuly 1871View
MullerJohn B1892View
MurrayGeorge Ethelbert23 June 1904View
MurrayAndrew22 July 1870View
MurrayStanley Sheffield06 October 1905View
MuntonJohn13 April 1883View
MissonAnnie Susan14 December 1854View
MerrittMiriam09 August 1889View
McKenzieT12 February 1878View
MasseyJ. C03 April 1872View
MullerC. H13 April 1890View
MayAurthur14 September 1998View
McArthurAlexander27 December 1865View
McHughAlice21 January 1875View
MurrayRobert10 September 1904View
MurdockR30 August 1891View
McPhersonA11 January 1903View
MacKenzieThomas FergursonView
MoolmanHans J11 February 1889View
MeyerJ.H.F15 August 1887View
MorrisH.L29 March 1885View
MansfieldE11 October 1863View
MylesJohn Coutts07 January 1881View
MurgatroydM12 November 1881View
MudieAdele Marguerite20 January 1857View
McLarenWilliam11 July 1878View
MerrinW13 September 1884View
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