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Surname Names Date of Birth View
NivenW.S.R30 March 1891View
NelsonJoseph14 March 1878View
NelThomas J08 November 1881View
NewthRuby Aldridge25 May 1879View
NeussberFritz07 May 1900View
NicholJ.M14 February 1892View
NaylorA28 September 1885View
NicholsonHenry19 October 1881View
NearJacob03 December 1864View
NarbethW.A16 October 1886View
NybergElin Elizabeth17 June 1868View
NaudeDavid14 September 1883View
NarbethJohn HView
NaudeFrancois Egbert24 June 1897View
NeilsonNorman09 November 1904View
NewtonHerbert ErnestView
NicholsonFrederick Fitzmaurice25 August 1904View
NicolDairy John11 December 1887View
NoakesWalter12 July 1904View
NordenAnnie10 March 1996View
NorthBen24 January 1895View
NuttallE. E14 October 1903View
Noble AcuttR08 February 1878View
NobleH29 April 1880View
NixonF.A04 Octpber 1906View
NewmanGeorge A10 October 1885View
NutleyE. P07 May 1883View
NaakeC.H01 May 1885View
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It is a social mirror of the time and readers will get a sound idea of what Natalians were doing and thinking up to 1933.