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Surname Names Date of Birth View
PosseltN10 November 1880View
PughEdmund Glanville27 October 1880View
PocockJohn02 January 1897View
PerkinsJApril 1889View
PallentA.B08 January 1900View
PenroseW.H10 July 1897View
PowdrellAlfred12 June 1881View
PringleJames Scott17 September 1856View
PetersenElisabeth23 August 1885View
PantinR. G15 October 1895View
PatonJames30 September 1892View
PhillipsT.B19 October 1898View
ParksJas16 November 1886View
PlattE.A21 January 1880View
Peel MassyRev. X05 March 1878View
PierneefLie23 August 1881View
PaynJ.S27 October 1900View
PalmerE21 September 1897View
PiperJames Henry26 October 1869View
PuddicombeT09 May 1879View
ProctorHenry06 June 1854View
PotgieterH.J10 May 1894View
PageSidney Maynard30 March1881View
PalairetLCH26 May 1896View
PalmerJE19 January 1898View
ParkerAnthony ScottView
PatersonJ.O21 April 1890View
PatlanskyIda FlorenceView
PaynJames Herbert24 March 1892View
PayneSamual H. C19 January 1909View
PayneWilfred StonehouseView
PearsonLionel Edward Walter21 April 1900View
PeelEdmund Yates20 August 1868View
PeelLennox G06 July 1857View
PenningtonMaurice Edgar10 February 1899View
PerfectGeorge NortonFebruary 1853View
PettyA.E08 January 1909View
PeyckeJohn HenryView
PinnigerAlbert EdwardView
ParkinW.A27 April 1886View
PlattAlfred29 August 1881View
PriskW. EView
PikeAda Isabel21 July 1879View
PyesmithAJune 1880View
PurvisThomas04 December 1877View
PowerW.M03 August 1899View
PierceW.H11 August 1873View
PaddisonJosephFebruary 1867View
PaulusMeta Emily19 December 1902View
PlowesGeorge07 September 1861View
ProcterHenry03 April 1853View
PirrieCharles28 October 1889View
PaulW17 July 1892View
PetersA.H18 September 1893View
PrestageF10 June 1866View
PoultneyJ.F19 April 1886View
PittawayWentworth28 November 1876View
PaverFlorence Maud26 March 1886View
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It is a social mirror of the time and readers will get a sound idea of what Natalians were doing and thinking up to 1933.