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Surname Names Date of Birth View
RoeMabel03 May 1904View
RankinJoan Laura04 September 1900View
RodsterI03 December 1872View
RostronMarie31 December 1882View
RossJ.H23 March 1887View
RyderAlfred13 November 1882View
RobinsonThomas07 June 1857View
RossWH16 August 1898View
RoseW H24 November 1866View
RanceE.G06 October 1902View
RaathsSusan Magdelene09 May 1866View
RidleyMary Florence13 August 1895View
RhindRobert17 August 1878View
Rattray - MacfarlaneJ24 April 1897View
RaineRobert02 April 1867View
RaymondAlpha Mary08 August 1879View
RedknapH02 May 1883View
RosenthalS24 August 1867View
RichesWilliam14 August 1902View
RobertsonI.J08 April 1878View
RennerH05 September 1884View
RobertonArthur W13 March 1896View
RitchieFWM23 January 1903View
RichardsAnnie Howarth16 April 1889View
RudolphJ.B04 February 1881View
RathboneA.L22 October 1892View
RobinsonMilinda Mary09 October 1892View
RYLEYEdward28 February 1871View
ReidHenry Gordon18 May 1867View
RicciMarcella14 March 1877View
Rostron-OkeJohn07 September 1898View
RobertsonJohn20 August 1879View
RyndFleetwood02 April 1887View
RaaffFredrick Clarence19 November 1906View
RamsayDavid M1883View
RasmussenOtto27 March 1897View
Read (late)J. H06 June 1887View
ReeceJ. Sadler30 July 1906View
Rees (late)James1866View
RiedelHedwig12 April 1897View
RethmanJ. FView
RawlingW.N24 December 1905View
RichardsonJ24 June 1873View
RamsayNatalie Ada04 September 1873View
RobbinsWilliam ClarkView
RobbinsSterling Mansfield27 July 1989View
RobertsMargaret18 July 1906View
RobinsonEsther08 April 1880View
RobinsonCharles Phineas1883View
RobinsonC. P24 April 1907View
RodneyCharles MatthewView
RodneyC. M06 May 1908View
RodneyC. M13 February 1910View
RodwellFrederick Guy24 April 1904View
RoperCharles ThomasView
Rev Canon RoseJosephMay 1877View
Rai Bahadur Maya DasRai Bahadur Maya Das17 May 1878View
RodsethP. A. Rev28 September 1885View
RottcherOtto24 August 1890View
RuncimanJ.A15 December 1871View
ReidTelford Martin21 February 1899View
RoweJohn Jones27 December 1860View
RottcherH14 October 1864View
RamsayJohn26 July 1865View
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It is a social mirror of the time and readers will get a sound idea of what Natalians were doing and thinking up to 1933.