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Surname Names Date of Birth View
StephensonGeorge03 June 1877View
StottClement H08 October 1878View
StewartSamuel30 October 1881View
SteenkampJ. D. G22 January 1876View
StrikeJohn, Russel30 September 1902View
StewartGeorge11 February 1873View
SweetmanWalter14 April 1892View
StansfeldH.J20 November 1880View
SnymanWillemina Maria20 March 1885View
SkinnerJ.E25 March 1883View
SpringorumW04 August 1860View
SharrattAlice Maud24 June 1883View
ShrierMarie18 April 1873View
SparksBenjamin31 October 1903View
SteadC.E03 October 1901View
ShawEllen Fannin02 March 1855View
SlatterAlfred I20 May 1885View
ShandGeorge18 July 1848View
SchumannJ. H. L05 October 1882View
ScottRobert30 April 1872View
SneddonA.W30 November 1898View
StuartJ.T26 March 1864View
SalterE12 March 1870View
SmeerAgnes08 March 1887View
SewellE.E28 March 1869View
SandersonHenry Mark06 December 1873View
ShearerJ.B28 April 1881View
ShardlowEd16 March 1891View
SherlockH08 March 1862View
StrachanDonald12 February 1877View
SutherlandBarbara Bethune15 June 1864View
StephensS.G21 September 1881View
StrappW. Russell29 March 1899View
ShaweCapt. S1867View
StantonMary Elizabeth07 October 1870View
StanleyJohn24 September 1854View
SimpsonIsabella L24 July 1855View
ScruttonDavid30 October 1879View
SprengerC F22 June 1879View
SwindellsJW21 April 1887View
SparksLucy HannahMarch 1871View
SmithMarjorie Lilian1893View
ShoresJohn Wallis24 October 1869View
SchutteChristian13 August 1881View
SonesLilian Mabel28 February 1888View
StokkelandL26 August 1890View
ScottJas09 October 1880View
SteerGeo17 August 1899View
ScottH20 August 1898View
SpenceWm11 June 1893View
SteeleWilliam05 December 1885View
SmallCharles07 March 1881View
SmithGeo03 October 1880View
SwanElsie16 February 1879View
ShawLieut25 April 1881View
SmithJames08 May 1886View
SymesOlive S28 December 1885View
SinclairJohn20 January 1894View
SinclairJoanna CampbellView
SchilloJosephine25 October 1884View
ShuterAlbert A26 June 1896View
SlackSamuel14 February 1880View
SpicerAlbert03 May 1870View
StarkeyW. H09 September 1877View
StockerEdith Mary26 March 1879View
SaundersCharles, SirView
SodahlMarit18 July 1869View
SamuelsonThorine12 October 1858View
SandersCharles Alfred28 June 1912View
SandyWilliam Allen17 June 1871View
SaundersCharles James RenaultView
SavageH30 December 1911View
SawyerRonald Ernest03 June 1883View
SynottJ15 July 1902View
SwainWalter13 July 1865View
ScottWilliam RobertView
Seals - WoodWView
SeftonGeorge Molyneux02 May 1987View
ShapiroBenjaminDecember 1878View
SharpeRobert GoodeView
SpiersAgnes Pearl06 December 1874View
ShentonJohn Lindsay03 April 1891View
ShepstoneWilliam EdwardView
ShirleyA. E31 March 1890View
ShortJoseph S26 April 1882View
SibylMorkel24 September 1892View
SilversenO01 March 1902View
SimRobert01 July 1901View
SimmondsJohn Russell17 April 1895View
SimmonsPercy Deudney24 April 1864View
SimonsH. L17 November 1901View
SimpsonAubrey Reginald23 January 1910View
SinghKunwar Maharaj1889View
SivilF. M17 August 1907View
SkellernBertram17 January 1907View
SlingsbyWilliam Ecroyd02 July 1885View
SmileyGeorge KennedyView
SmitM. T. R09 January 1888View
SmithJ. H16 September 1912View
SmithJose ChalmersView
SmithFrancis, Sidney WView
SmithLilian EthelView
SmithLindsay CliveView
SmytheC. JView
SormanyLeo09 March 1878View
SpenceArthur William07 March 1897View
StainbankDering, Lee, WarnerView
SteadWilliam JamesView
SteadL.T28 April 1911View
SteenkampBlanche21 May 1897View
StephensJohn MoyleAugust 1891View
StephensNot GivenView
StevenNorman Rees Forbes03 June 1903View
StrachanC. H15 April 1913View
StranackHenry JamesView
StranackStephen01 August 1854View
SullivanJoseph Richard1899View
SuttonW.JMay 1903View
SuttonW.JMarch 1901View
SwanJohn RennieView
SteadS08 April 1866View
SmithGertrude17 August 1880View
StevensonG.JMarch 1862View
SmithDavid27 December 1871View
ShillitoJ.H22 November 1879View
SimonClara Maria11 September 1877View
StevensonMargaret16 January 1876View
SchofieldW.J28 October 1893View
StoneE.D16 February 1872View
StarkW.E20 December 1881View
StracyC.E31 July 1888View
StottC.H28 October 1898View
StephensonA04 April 1897View
StrappSamuel04 October 1861View
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