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Surname Names Date of Birth View
ThompsettAlfred16 November 1893View
TurnerEdward John19 October 1869View
TannerHenry22 January 1868View
ThomsonGeorge13 February 1880View
TraversHorace de La Cour01 September 1867View
TraffordW.T21 August 1871View
TurtonLilla27 June 1887View
TophamJames16 January 1874View
TownsendLily25 July 1875View
TurnerR18 February 1888View
TheronRosina E08 November 1881View
ThomasG. W26 August 1883View
ThiemHerbert18 November 1892View
TyrrellKathleen31 July 1881View
TusonBernard08 August 1900View
TilbrookThos02 February 1876View
TurnerF.A19 February 1906View
TennantJames18 April 1896View
TullochBaillie JohnView
TaylorIR23 May 1856View
TorkildsenO.E22 October 1875View
TrollopeDaisy Maude19 May 1874View
TannerMary23 May 1878View
TaylorR, J04 February 1896View
ToombsJohn KS09 July 1879View
ThesenEthel20 September 1875View
ThompsonSamuel01 February 1867View
TodO16 September 1899View
TaylorG. Allen10 February 1892View
TribeThomas10 February 1858View
TedderStephen Dungey20 August 1848View
TapscottGeorge Arthur Montgomery05 February 1905View
TaylorEdwin27 October 1911View
TrotterWalter T05 October 1871View
TannerV. H16 May 1875View
TurnbullWilliam30 December 1864View
ThirdJ.A13 October 1890View
TallantireThomas George02 June 1882View
TandyGeorge Edward Albert14 April 1896View
TanneJ12 January 1904View
TannerR.B13 April 1871View
TarpeyJ22 August 1911View
TaylerEdward James11 March 1901View
TaylorAlan Boardman16 March 1893View
ThomsonMargaret22 February 1877View
TaylorEdgar Jennings16 May 1886View
TaylorJohn Douglas25 May 1916View
TaylorFrank JosephView
ThomasH.N24 April 1897View
TeagueHarry Richard22 June 1883View
TerryGeorge10 January 1885View
ThomJohn18 February 1882View
ThomasE. 'Tiny1921View
ThompsonBeryl NatalieView
TelferSamuel1 October 1885View
TinklerGeorge12 May 1886View
ThomsenMargaretha25 June 1867View
TitlestadJ.P24 April 1909View
TitlestadP.E14 January 1904View
TobiasMeyer Stratford23 December 1883View
TocknellRoger Charles17 December 1908View
TownsendIvor Frederick Hugh04 January 1910View
TregurthaMansel Thomas10 December 1888View
TroyJames Butler13 October 1910View
TunmerA.M24 November 1852View
TurnbullWilliamAugust 1863View
TurnerWilliam Henry30 March 1877View
TypeGeorge11 April 1870View
TurnerE.J13 July 1874View
TillF.W01 September 1889View
TowsonGeorge22 November 1867View
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It is a social mirror of the time and readers will get a sound idea of what Natalians were doing and thinking up to 1933.