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Surname Names Date of Birth View
Valentine-BarnesEdward James24 October 1907View
van RooyenF.E07 October 1884View
Van ZylJA18 February 1879View
VelkoopH24 January 1880View
van RooyenH.P09 July 1898View
van WijkMiss C1875View
van ZylLettie20 March 1884View
van der WesthuizenJ.P03 August 1886View
VoltzKathleen22 April 1880View
v.d. MerweHendrik Jacobus22 May 1893View
von BroembserBeatrice01 July 1896View
VoigtF.C.M10 June 1880View
VowlesHilda Gladys07 June 1890View
VallunRose, Gillings07 June 1883View
van BoetchotenJ.G09 June 1896View
vam ZijlCecilia GeorginaView
Van Der BruggeH.W.J14 May 1903View
Van Der HeeverJ.L31 July 1901View
Van Der MerweH.P03 September 1899View
Van der MolenCornelius1911View
Van DiggelenS.H05 December 1885View
Van RippenNene05 January 1882View
van RooyenE.J18 February 1887View
van RooyenJohnView
van RooyenE. J25 February 1906View
Vann - HallWilgeforde F. AView
VersterPhilip23 January 1903View
VincentEdward15 September 1860View
Vipan - TheedGView
VisserDirk Smit21 April 1906View
VoglerA. EView
Von BroemsenH.HView
Vicar of S. James' Church, Dbn., then known as Parish of Lower UmgeniGoodwin08 December 1862View
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It is a social mirror of the time and readers will get a sound idea of what Natalians were doing and thinking up to 1933.