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Surname Names Date of Birth View
WoodLilian14 March 1901View
WardB.M27 February 1879View
WrightThos22 February 1877View
WiseHenry26 November 1864View
WatersConstance23 January 1885View
WallaceW24 February 1897View
WhiteR.H23 October 1894View
WalkerEuphemia Young24 August 1872View
WaltersJohn30 April 1898View
WhiteWilliam03 September 1897View
WinterhoffH29 July 1890View
WalesJ.M12 March 1877View
WoodDorothy Elsie11 April 1881View
WardEmilie Helen04 April 1895View
WoodSamuel29 July 1898View
WhitheadJames09 May 1851View
WhiteheadJohn Dunstan18 May 1868View
WallisW.J24 April 1896View
WatersRobert FloydView
WilsonWiberforce09 May 1863View
WilcoxFlorence ElizabethView
WatsonJamesJanuary 1875View
WiumD.J27 February 1883View
WoodJames Francis18 January 1895View
WestJamesJuly 1868View
WiddicombeMary Maude08 August 1862View
WrightJohn16 November 1876View
WhiteheadJack13 April 1883View
WarnerT. A22 June 1897View
WoolleyHelen Mary05 June 1802View
WinchesterJohn02 January 1866View
WilkensonKathleen25 July 1903View
WattsG.EJune 1883View
WalkerC.H21 September 1894View
WattsGE25 August 1886View
WatermanGeorge16 May 1874View
WiidLouis August27 October 1888View
WiggishoffCharles29 December 1888View
WilliamsM. ENovember 1854View
WillisMargaret21 March 1861View
WilsonWilliam13 August 1875View
WolfsonI28 December 1880View
WatsonJames23 May 1856View
WaltonDora27 June 1894View
WagenaarJan Henri29 April 1892View
WifeKathleen Natalie26 July 1897View
WilliamsGeorge Brouard25 January 1877View
WinkleyMary AtkinsonSeptember 1853View
WadeJ.H24 January 1866View
WalbridgeLouis Chester26 November 1893View
WorsleySarah16 March 1889View
WallbridgeA30 August 1905View
WallesvardGustaf07 April 1896View
WanlessWm23 November 1904View
WardA. TView
WaringRobert09 September 1896View
WatkinsFrederick Kinsey Crutchley15 April 1885View
WatkinsWalter George Robert08 July 1882View
WayneMavis ElaineView
WebberJohn07 September 1835View
WelsfordNorman29 November 1891View
WelshJohn WishartView
WesselsPieter Jurie25 July 1878View
WestbrookGeorge18 October 1875View
WilsonRobert25 June 1886View
WestonB. Ronald1912View
WhiteheadThomas Calder05 January 1905View
WhitingPatricia Paget14 November 1910View
WibberleyArthur15 October 1914View
WillisG. W24 February 1876View
WilkinsJ.J15 February 1876View
WilksArthur Sydney29 April 1886View
WilksEdward Craven12 July 1899View
WilliamsJames28 June 1909View
WilliamsR. JApril 1912View
WillliamsonJohn23 November 1867View
WillisJames30 May 1859View
WilskerQenia KreigerApril 1899View
WilsonE. F. BView
WilsonJohn Ernest JamesView
WilterFrank29 September 1892View
WoodHarry JView
WoodPiedwell22 January 1900View
WoodrowE. J. CView
WinifredeMary23 May 1865View
WoodsArthur Phillips14 December 1903View
WoodsWilliam Medlicott20 January 1882View
WoolleyPhyllis MaryView
WrightWilliam George Wood01 May 1902View
WrightWilliam Robert1871View
WymanCharles Henry1903View
WymanJohn19 August 1906View
Wynne - ColeHerbert CeaserView
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It is a social mirror of the time and readers will get a sound idea of what Natalians were doing and thinking up to 1933.