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NAPIERMrs. ISOLINE, wife of Francis Napier, O.B.E., L.L.D., F.R.C.S., eldest son of the Honourable William ...View
NATHANMrs. BERTHA, born Lipkin, wife of Alexander Nathan, contractor of Johannesburg. Born and educated at ...View
NATHANSONMrs. EFFIE, wife of Jacob Nathanson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joffe. Born in Russia and educated at ...View
NAUDEALETTA ADELE, B.A., wife of David Francois Hugo Naude, B.Arch. (Lvpl.), A.R.I.B.A., Architect of Cap ...View
NAYLORMrs. ETHEL MAY, wife of Peter C. Naylor, Business Manager, daughter of John Crabbe Chalkley, Buildin ...View
NEETHLINGMrs. MARIA ELIZABETH, wife of Jan Hendrik Neethling and daughter of J.J. van Graan. Born at Hopetown ...View
NEIFELDMrs. REBECCA, wife of Max Neifeld and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Libeskind. Born and educated at Lodz, ...View
NEILSONMrs. AGNES TWEEDALE, wife of Alexander Neilson, Chairman and General Manager of Safco, Limited, Durb ...View
NELMrs. ALETTA, J.E., Mayor of Potchefstroom, wife of John Peter Nel, Solicitor, Notary, Conveyancer, e ...View
NELMrs. JOSE, wife of Philip Nel, Farmer and well-known Natal Springbok Rugby player, daughter of Mr. a ...View
NELMrs. MABEL AGNES MARY, wife of Rev. Paul Nel, Dutch Reformed Church Minister, and daughter of Mr. an ...View
NELMrs. THEODORA GERTRUDE, wife of O.R. Net, M.P. for Newcastle, Natal. Daughter of the late Mr. and Mr ...View
NELSONMrs. ANNIE CATTANACH, wife of George W. Nelson, J.P., M.P.C., City Councillor, Johannesburg and daug ...View
NESTADTMrs. CELIA, wife of Morris Nestadt, Member of the Provincial Council and ex-Mayor of Benoni. Daughte ...View
NEWALLMiss AMY, daughter of Mr. and the late Mrs. Frank Newall of England, who came to South Africa in 190 ...View
NEWBOULTMiss GLADYS, L.R.A.M. Daughter of Prof. H. Newboult, Mus. B.A.C. (Cantab.), F.R.C.O. Born at Bradfor ...View
NICHOLSONMrs. JUDITH JOHANNA SUSAN, widow of Major R. Granville. Nicholson who represented Waterberg in the f ...View
NICHOLSONMrs. KATE, born Findlay, wife of Robert Nicholson, Farmer, whose family came to S.A. in 1851. Born a ...View
NICOLSONMrs. EUGENE WINIFRED, wife of Malcolm Graham Nicolson, Town Clerk of Pretoria. Daughter of P.J.J. Kr ...View
NIVENMrs. CECILY, wife of John Penny Mackie Niven and daughter of Sir Percy Fitzpatrick, who was one of t ...View
NIXONMrs. AMY ISABEL, wife of Charles Eugene Nixon, LL.B. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Martin. Born at Dover, ...View
NOBBSDr. PHYLLIS, wife of Eric Arthur Nobbs, Ph.D., B.Sc. Fifth daughter of W.A. Hutchinson, J.P., for 9 ...View
NORGARBMrs. NELLIE, wife of Emil Norgarb of Johannesburg. Daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Johannes Botts. ...View
NORMANMrs. CHRISTINA, NATALIE, wife of Frederick William Norman, Licensing Officer, Johannesburg Municipal ...View
NORRISMrs. RUTH wife of Hector Norris, City Councillor and Engineer. Daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Jam ...View
NORTONMrs. ANNIE ELIZABETH, wife of George Norton, Ex-Mayor, of Krugersdorp, Transvaal, and daughter of Wi ...View
NORTONMrs. ELSE ELIZABETH, born Otto, widow of Philip Norton of Greytown, Natal, farmer. She was born at P ...View
NORVALMrs. ESTELLA JEANETTE, wife of Willem Dixon Norval, Under-Secretary for Labour and Social Welfare, P ...View
NOYCEMrs. DOROTHY, wife of Gordon Noyce, Accountant of Durban. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Oliver of Jo ...View
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