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Woman of South Africa 1935 Search
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ABBOTTMiss CONSTANCE MARY. Born at Exmouth, South Devon, England, and educated in England, Miss Abbott is ...View Full Biography
ABRAHAMMiss FLORENCE. Licentiate and Fellow of Trinity College of Music, London, for elocution and dramatic ...View Full Biography
ACUTTMrs. NANCY COURTNEY (Annie Florence), wife of Renault, 1888 pioneer of Johannesburg, now farming, th ...View Full Biography
ADAM-DALLMrs. JANE (formerly Mrs. Dawson), widow of Alfred Adam-Dall, and daughter of the late John Grant, of ...View Full Biography
ADAMMrs. ELIZABETH JEAN, born Drunsfield, married Mr. James Adam, farmer, fifty-four years ago. Born in ...View Full Biography
ADAMSMrs. J. A., wife of Rev. Henry Adams, of Pretoria, daughter of the late James Melville, of Perthshir ...View Full Biography
ADAMSMrs. NORA, B.A., wife of Eustace Victor Adams, Solicitor and Patent Agent, of Pretoria, and the daug ...View Full Biography
ADNAMSMrs. SOPHIE ELEANOR (Effie), the wife of Thomas Percival Adnams, for many years a member of the staf ...View Full Biography
AHLBOMMrs. RYKIE KATHERINE, born Le Sueur, wife or Carl Erik Ahlbom, son of the late Erick Ahlbom, Collect ...View Full Biography
ALBERTYNMrs. MARIA MARGARITA, born Petzch, widow of J. D. Albertyn, farmer. Was born and educated in Germany ...View Full Biography
ALBERTYNMevr. NELLIE JOHANNA, geb. Hugo, weduwee van Ds. Albert Rowan Albertyn van Worcester, K.P. Gebore te ...View Full Biography
ALBRECHTMrs. MARGARET MAY, wife of Charles William Albrecht, J.P., of Constantia, and daughter of William an ...View Full Biography
ALBULady GERTRUDE FREDRICA, widow of Sir George Albu, Bart., Johannesburg; daughter of Max Rosendorff, o ...View Full Biography
ALDUMMrs. EDELWEISS, wife of Julius Bastiaan Aldum, Chief Surveyor, Luipaards Vlei Estates. Born in the K ...View Full Biography
ALEXANDERMiss BELLA GORDON, ex-matron of the Johannesburg General Hospital. Born at Brechin, Angus, Scotland, ...View Full Biography
ALEXANDERMrs. ELLA LOUISE, wife of Leonard Cecil Rubidge Alexander, mining contractor, who served through the ...View Full Biography
ALEXANDERMiss EMILIE JANE, B.A., born in Hampstead, England, and educated at Chelsea, London. Adopted the tea ...View Full Biography
ALEXANDERMrs. MINNIE GERTRUDE RUBIDGE, wife of Frederick Augustine Alexander, connected with mining all his l ...View Full Biography
ALINGMevr. KATERINA WILHELMINA JACOBA, dogter van oorlede Dirk de Vos, skaap-boer te Worcester, K.P. en v ...View Full Biography
ALLAN-KINGMrs. ALICE SARA, widow of Captain Allan-King, Native Commissioner of Pretoria, and daughter of G. J. ...View Full Biography
ALLAN-KINGMrs. JOHANNA ELIZABETH, wife of Lieut. Gilroy Allan-King, Roberts' Heights, and only daughter of Lie ...View Full Biography
ALLENMrs. MARGARET, wife of Albert Victor Allen, organ builder; daughter of Mrs. and the late Mr. C. C. M ...View Full Biography
ALLISONMrs. ANNA ELIZABETH CHRISTINA, wife of John Schiller Allison, Under-Secretary for Native Affairs, bo ...View Full Biography
ALLISONMrs. RUBY, wife of Albert T. Allison, and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Carlsen, of Maritzburg. Bor ...View Full Biography
ALTSONMrs. DORIS MARGUERITE, the wife of B. T. Altson, who is manager of the City Deep Gold Mine, and a so ...View Full Biography
AMOSMiss VERA, M.R.C.V.S., daughter of Mr and the late Mrs. S. T. Amos. Mr. Amos, F.R.C.V.S., came to Du ...View Full Biography
ANDERSENMrs. MABEL BERTIE, the wife of Ernest Theodore Andersen, and the daughter of the late Samuel James W ...View Full Biography
ANDERSONMrs. ADRIENNE JOHANNA, daughter of the late P. J. M. von Maltitz, J.P., Member of the Divisional Cou ...View Full Biography
ANDERSONMrs. ANNIE, wife of Stanley Anderson, Managing Director of National Motors and Colonial Motors. Born ...View Full Biography
ANDERSONMrs. BARBARA ROSE, born Fawcett, wife of Maxwell Anderson, J.P., farmer. Born and educated in Maritz ...View Full Biography
ANDERSONMiss CHERRY, daughter of S. W. Anderson, was born and educated at Brighton, England. Miss Anderson i ...View Full Biography
ANDERSONMrs. JENNIE, born Hendry, wife of Charles Anderson, M.A., Principal of the Boys' High School, Sea Po ...View Full Biography
ANDERSONMiss JOSE, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Pieter Anderson, of Dordrecht, Cape Province, and of Ch ...View Full Biography
ANDERSONMrs. MARY JANE, born Kirk, wife of William King Anderson, farmer. Born in Rose Cottage, Pinetown, Na ...View Full Biography
ANDERSSONMrs. DOROTHY ELEANOR, wife of Vivian Andersson, son of Sir Llewellyn Andersson. Born at Portsmount, ...View Full Biography
ANDREASENMrs. MARIE ELIZABETH, wife of Arthur Hjalmar Elliott Andreasen, who is on the staff of the Chamber o ...View Full Biography
ANDREWMevr. LABBERDINA HENDRIKA, vrou van J. L. Andrew, B.A., M.Sc., en dogter van Mnr. en Mev. J. J. van ...View Full Biography
ANDREWSMiss AGNES MARY, wife of Captain Marcus Graham Young. Born at Capel, England, and educated privately ...View Full Biography
ANKAFrau ANKA VON KNOBLAUCH, born von Mengersen, married to M. von Knoblauch, officer, in 1920. born at ...View Full Biography
ANSTEYMrs. CAROLINE (BOBBY), wife of Ernest Norman Anstey, of Johannesburg. Born in Aberdeen, Scotland, da ...View Full Biography
ANSTEYMrs. MARY, wife of William Anstey. Born at Tiverton, Devonshire. England, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P ...View Full Biography
ANSTEYMrs. VIVIENNE INEZ, the wife of Hugh Manley Anstey, of Johannesburg. Born in Johannesburg, and educa ...View Full Biography
APSEYMiss EVERLIE CONSTANCE, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Apsey, Kenilworth, Cape Town. Was born at ...View Full Biography
ARBUTHNOTMrs. ADA JANE, widow of Philip Stuart-Mackenzie Arbuthnot, of Pretoria, and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ...View Full Biography
ARBUTHNOTMrs. MARIE EMILIE, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. J. Maby, of Lytes Carey, Somerset, England, and ...View Full Biography
ARCHER-ISAACMiss EILEEN FRANCES, daughter of Dr. William Archer-Isaac, District Surgeon of Molteno, C.P. Born in ...View Full Biography
ARCHIBALDMrs. LILIAN IRVING, wife of A. S. Archibald, Iate of Manchester, England, and proprietor of Messrs. ...View Full Biography
ARGOMiss SYLVIA LAUGHTON, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Argo, of Durban. Born in Durban and educated at ...View Full Biography
ARMSTRONGMrs. Helen Jane Stewart, wife of Lt.-Colonel B. F. Armstrong, Coast Artillery Brigade, before her ma ...View Full Biography
ARMSTRONGMrs. HENRIETTE, born Oberholzer, wife of J. A. Armstrong, banker. Born at Fauresmith, O.F.S., and ed ...View Full Biography
ARMSTRONGMrs. HESTER ANNA MARY, wife of the Rev. C. B. Armstrong, M.A., B.D., Headmaster of St. Andrew's Coll ...View Full Biography
ASCHMANMiss PEARLE, daughter of Mrs. K. Aschman and the late M. J. Aschman. Born at Oudtshoorn, C.P., and e ...View Full Biography
ASHERMiss JESSIE ANNE, daughter of Mrs. and the late Mr. William Asher, of Aberdeen, Scotland. Miss Asher ...View Full Biography
ASHERMrs. MARY, professor of languages, wife of Bernard Asher, and second daughter of Mrs. and the late M ...View Full Biography
ASHLEY COOPERMrs. HELENA CARRIE BAZETT, Wife of Austin Henry Ashley Cooper of Cooper Hill, Drogheda, Ireland, and ...View Full Biography
ASSEMAINEMrs. MERCIA BERTHA, wife of Raymond Assemaine, woolbuyer, of Port Elizabeth, and the daughter of Mrs ...View Full Biography
ATKINSONMrs. ELLEN SYLVESTER, the wife of William Atkinson, Managing director of the well-known motor house ...View Full Biography
ATKINSONMrs. SUSANNE MARGARET ROUX, the well-known South African Dramatic Soprano known as MARGARET ROUX. (S ...View Full Biography
ATTERIDGECouncillor Mrs. MYRTLE PATRICIA, born Wood, wife of William Henry Atteridge, M.A., Principal of Hami ...View Full Biography
ATTWOODMrs. CATHERINE HAZEL, the wife ofMajor Arthur James Attwood. Union Defence Force (retired), and the ...View Full Biography
AURETMrs. M. D., the wife of C. S. Auret, J.P. Born at Uitenhage, educated at Riebeck College, and subseq ...View Full Biography
AUSTINMrs. MARIE KATHLEEN, wife of R. G. L. Austin, M.A., late of Cheltenham College and Oriel College, Ox ...View Full Biography
AUSTRINMrs. SUSANNA ELIZABETH, wife of Ernest Austrin, daughter of the late Daniel Godfried Hartmann of Uit ...View Full Biography
AYTONMrs. AGNES STUART, wife of Robert Ayton, Accountant, and daughter of Mr. Macleneghen, was born and e ...View Full Biography
ACUTTMiss ALICE, daughter of the late Mr. John Acutt, of London. Born at London and came to South Africa ...View Full Biography
ANDREW-COHENMrs. MIRIAM, born Prager, late wife of Jack Andrew-Cohen, Chairman of the Johannesburg Stock Exchang ...View Full Biography