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BADENHORSTMrs. C. C. E., M.P. for Vrededorp, Johannesburg (1938), wife of C. H. Badenhorst, daughter of I. M. ...View Full Biography
BADOCKMrs. MARY FLORENCE, daughter of the late Mr. J. J. Chapman, a former Mayor of Maritzburg, and Mrs. C ...View Full Biography
BAERMiss ERNESTINE FRIEDA ANNA, N.D., M.B.A.N. daughter of Th. Baer and the late Mrs. Baer, who came to ...View Full Biography
BAERMiss MARTA DOROTHEA MARIE, N.D., M.B.A.N., the daughter of the late Mrs. Marie Baer. Born at Bloemfo ...View Full Biography
BAILIEMiss MONA, L.R.A.M., U.L.M., L.T.C.L., daughter of Mr. William Bailie, pioneer. Born in Johannesburg ...View Full Biography
BAINMrs. OLIVE, born Silby, wife of Frederick William Bain, Accounts Assistant General Manager, Rhodesia ...View Full Biography
BAIN-MARAISMrs. ANNE, wife of Colin Bain-Marais, M.P. for Boksburg North, daughter of the late Sir Thomas Culli ...View Full Biography
BALMadame HENRIETTA MlMETTE CORNELIA, formerly Mrs. Gerrit Ribbink, now widow of Johannes Bal. Born in ...View Full Biography
BAMMrs. ELIZABETH IRMA, born de Beer, wife of Dr. J. J. Bam, dentist, in Volksrust. Born in 1908 at Vol ...View Full Biography
BANKSMrs. CECILE CONSTANCE, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. William Jones, of Newnham, England; married ...View Full Biography
BARBOUREMrs. DORIS JESSIE, married to Bruce Barboure, M.I.A., architect, of Durban, daughter of the late Mr. ...View Full Biography
BARCLAYMrs. ISABELLA, born Brown, married to James Barclay, former Mayor of Kokstad, E. Griqualand. Born in ...View Full Biography
BARKERMrs. ANN, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Foden, of Whittingham, near Preston, Lancashire, ...View Full Biography
BARKERMrs. DOROTHY WARD, wife of Malcolm Barker, Managing Director of the Falkirk Iron Company of Durban. ...View Full Biography
BARLOWMadame MAUDE, the well-known South African dramatic soprano, is the wife of Roland Brereton Barlow, ...View Full Biography
BARNARDMrs. KATHERINE, wife of William Barrett Barnard, M.E.C., eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Francis, ...View Full Biography
BARNSMrs. ALICE KATE, born Edmonds, married to Ernest William Barns, Assistant Master, Durban High School ...View Full Biography
BARRASMrs. LUCY ANN, daughter of Capt. F. Thompson, M.B.E., and the late Mrs. Thompson, of South Shields, ...View Full Biography
BARRETTMrs. KATHLEEN, wife of Cyrus Rhodes Barrett, Manager of the B-S-B. Wool Brokers (Durban Branch), and ...View Full Biography
BARRYMrs. CONSTANCE WALKER, widow of Altred Walker-Barry, who died in October, 1937. The daughter of Thom ...View Full Biography
BARRYMrs. KATHLEEN CALDWELL, widow of Hamilton Barry. Born at Port Elizabeth, and educated at the Girls' ...View Full Biography
BARTHOLOMEWMrs. REBECCA CAROLINE, daughter of William Fleming, Esq., married to Joseph Bartholomew. She was bor ...View Full Biography
BASDENMrs. FROY PAXTON, wife of Albert Edward Basden, a leading citizen of Pretoria and one of the best-kn ...View Full Biography
BASSONMrs. BINA TORRANCE, widow of Dr. W. F. Basson. She is the daughter of Mr. W. and the late Mrs. Suthe ...View Full Biography
BATTISCOMBEMrs. LOUISE, wife of Victor Battiscombe, Department of Posts and Telegraphs, daughter of the late Mr ...View Full Biography
BATTLEMrs. KATHLEEN, wife of F. J. Battle, Royal Army Ordinance Corps, and daughter of James Duff, Esq., L ...View Full Biography
BAUMANNMrs. ESTHER, born Howshall, married to Hermann Baumann, engineer, who came to Durban in 1898, and ha ...View Full Biography
BAUMGARTENMiss IRMA MARGUERITHA, Teacher of Dancing, daughter of Mrs. M. Baumgarten and the late Mr. H. W. Bau ...View Full Biography
BAXTERMrs. ETHEL OLYMPE, wife of William Duncan Baxter, ex-Mayor of Cape Town; elder daughter of the late ...View Full Biography
BAXTERMrs. WINIFRED BATH, daughter of the late Mr. George Morris, J.P., and Mrs. Morris, of Durban and Zul ...View Full Biography
BEAUMONTMrs. PHYLLIS GWENDOLINE, daughter of Mr. Alfred Platt, J.P., of lsipingo, and the late Mrs. Platt; m ...View Full Biography
BECKMrs. ELIZABETH FINDLEY, the wife of Dr. Frederick Elliot Lockhard Beck, M.B.,Ch.B., medical practiti ...View Full Biography
BECKERMrs. HILDA MAY, widow of Clarence Vivian Becker Johannesburg, and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Silcock, ...View Full Biography
BECKERMrs. LINTIE MAGDALENA, born Theron. wife of Dr. J. G. Becker, of the South African Institute of Medi ...View Full Biography
BECKETTMrs. JOHANNA CORNELIA, wife of Tom Beckett, son of the late T. W. Beckett. Born in Holland, daughter ...View Full Biography
BEHRMANNMrs. FLORA, wife of Abraham Behrmann, of the firm of L. H. & A. Behrmann, Estate Agents, of Johannes ...View Full Biography
BEITHMrs. FLORENCE, wife of George Russel Beith, Engineer, of Johannesburg. Born in Johannesburg and educ ...View Full Biography
BEKKERMrs. CHARLOTTE, widow of S. P. Bekker, late Administrator of the Transvaal Province; daughter of the ...View Full Biography
BELLMrs. AGNES MARGUERITE SOMERSET, wife of W. H. Somerset-Bell, Solicitor, of Johannesburg; daughter of ...View Full Biography
BELLMiss DAISY, A.R.P.S., only daughter of Mrs. E. A. Bell. Born near Sunderland, England, and educated ...View Full Biography
BELLMrs. GERTRUDE LETTIA, widow of Francis Bell, Engineer, who came to South Africa in 1880 and died in ...View Full Biography
BELLMiss LILIAN JOYCE, daughter of the late Mr. R. Bell and Mrs. Bell, Pioneers of Johannesburg, grandda ...View Full Biography
BELLMrs. MABEL, wife of Taylor Bell, Railway Inspector, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Mitchell, ...View Full Biography
BELLMrs. MAI EBDEN, widow of Harry Ebden Bell; daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. George O'Brien. Born at ...View Full Biography
BELLASMrs. AMY, born Etheridge, wife of T. S. Bellas, and great-granddaughter of Thomas Taylor, the celebr ...View Full Biography
BENHAMMrs. HELEN (NELLY), wife of Cecil E. G. Benham, son of Sir William Gurney Benham, of Colchester, Eng ...View Full Biography
BENNEEMrs. ANNIE GEDDES, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Lawson, and the wife of A. J. Bennee, M.B., Ch.B. ...View Full Biography
BENNETMrs. ANNE, wife of W. Hudson Bennet, retired, sixth son of the late Meyrick Bennet, who, from pionee ...View Full Biography
BENNETTMrs. STELLA MARIE, born Barnes, wife of Frank Randles Bennett. Born at Standerton, Transvaal, and ed ...View Full Biography
BENNIEMrs. LOUISE LORNE, wife of William Govan Bennie, late Chief Inspector for Native Education, Cape Pro ...View Full Biography
BENSONCouncillor Mrs. EDITH, wife of George Benson, and daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Brown, ol ...View Full Biography
BENSONMrs. ELIZABETH JAY, wife of T. Benson, engineer, and daughter of Mr. McAdam, was born at Kimberley a ...View Full Biography
BERGERMrs. GINNIE, born Krausey, wife of Dr. Bernard Berger, of Johannesburg. Born at Durban, Natal, and e ...View Full Biography
BERMANMrs. ESTHER KANE, Chief Commandant of the South African Red Cross, wife of Myer Berman Born at Dunde ...View Full Biography
BERTRAMMrs. ELIZABETH MAUDE, the wife of Robertson Fuller Bertram who has estates at Constantia, Johannesbu ...View Full Biography
BERTRAMMiss NELLIE, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. P. D. Bertram, of Queenstown, Cape Province. Born in ...View Full Biography
BERTWISTLEMiss JOAN, photographer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Bertwistle, of Johannesburg; her father was a w ...View Full Biography
BEVERLEY-CLARENCEMrs. EVA CATHERINE, widow of Beverley Clarence, of Pietermaritzburg, Natal; eldest daughter of the l ...View Full Biography
BEYERSMrs. ENGIE, wife of Alfred Theodore Beyers, Licensing Department, Johannesburg Municipality; daughte ...View Full Biography
BEYERSMrs. FREYA MARIA, wife of Dr. Jan Marthinus Beyers, and daughter of the late Rev. G. W. Wagener, Min ...View Full Biography
BEYERSMrs. INEZ MAUD, born BorgstrView Full Biography
BINIMme. ALBINA, wife of Alberto Bergamasco. Born at Florence, Italy, and educated at Rondebosch Convent ...View Full Biography
BIRDMiss MURIEL HARTLEY, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bird, of the Cape Province. Born in Do ...View Full Biography
BIRRELLMrs. NATALIE WARD, wife of Harry Birrell, Civil Engineer, B.Sc., S.A.R. Born at Durban, daughter of ...View Full Biography
BIRTMrs. ALICE SOPHIE, wife of the Rev. R. H. Birt, Principal of the Diocesan College, Rondebosch, CP.; ...View Full Biography
BISSETLady GLADYS VIOLET, born Difford, wife of Sir Murray Bisset. Born at East London, South Africa, and ...View Full Biography
BLACKMrs. MARION, wife of James Black, master builder, Rustenburg. Is a member of several local bodies, a ...View Full Biography
BLELOCHMrs. JEAN MARGARET, born Denny, wife of William Bleloch. Ph.D. (Lond.), M.Sc., F.G.S., A.I.C., Chemi ...View Full Biography
BLINCKMiss MAUD LILIAN. Matron of the Military Hospital. Roberts Heights. Transvaal. Born at Port Elizabet ...View Full Biography
BLUMBERGMrs. EDITH, wife of David Abraham Blumberg; daughter of Ellia Marks, of Messrs. Lewis & Marks, Johan ...View Full Biography
BLUMBERGMrs. SYLVIA, B.A., B.Ed. the wife of Dr. Louis Blumberg. B.A., M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H., was born at Cape ...View Full Biography
BODENMrs. LOOLOO, widow of Ernest Oscar Boden, well-known export grape and wine farmer, of Constantia; da ...View Full Biography
BOEHMKEMrs. HELEN GOSS, the wife of Matthias Boehmke, M.A., Ph.D. who is the principal of the Teachers' Tra ...View Full Biography
BOGUEMrs. LILLIAN MAY, wife of MajorJames Yule Bogue, Veterinary Surgeon, and daughter of the late Mr. an ...View Full Biography
BOLTONMrs.ALIDA NAUDE, wife of Johannes Frederick Martinus Woulton Bolton; daughter of Andries Naude, who ...View Full Biography
BOLTONMiss ANNIE, daughter of Benjamin and Ann Bolton, of Cape Town. Born at Harrismith, O.F.S., and recei ...View Full Biography
BOLTONMrs. VIVIENNE FLORENCE, wife of Edgar John Stanley Bolton, (London, 1905), and daughter of Mr. and M ...View Full Biography
BONDMadame HELEN (Fife, Jean Drummond Millar A.R.San.I.). Daughter of Alfred Millar and Andrina Linklate ...View Full Biography
BORLASEMrs. EMILY ANNE, widow of Henry Herbert Borlase, Bank Manager, and daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. ...View Full Biography
BOSMANMevr. ELZABE WILHELMINA CHRISTINA, is die eggenote van Jacobus Johannes Bosman, en dogter van die oo ...View Full Biography
BOSMANMrs. EMMERENTIA PETRONELLA MARX, born in Waterberg District, Transvaal; educated in Pretoria; daught ...View Full Biography
BOSMANMevr. FROUWEIN REINA, die eggenote van Prof. D. Brink Bosman van die Universiteit van Kaapstad, en d ...View Full Biography
BOSMANMrs. GWEN MYFANWY, John Roos Bosman, who has practised for many years in Stellenbosch; daughter of A ...View Full Biography
BOSMANMrs. JUANITA, wife of Professor A. M. Bosman, of Pretoria, and daughter of the late General Daniel J ...View Full Biography
BOSMANMrs. MAZOE LEONORA, wife of Dr. Jacobus Malan Bosman, M.B., Ch.B., O.P.H., daughter of the late Lieu ...View Full Biography
BOTCHERMrs. CLARE ELIZABETH, widow of T. R. C. Botcher and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Brooke, was born ...View Full Biography
BOTHAMrs. ELIZABETH, wife of Louis Botha, farmer, son of the late General C. Botha, a brother of the late ...View Full Biography
BOTHAMrs. GRACE MILDRED, born Everitt, wife of L. J. Botha, Secretary of the Colonial Orphan Chamber and ...View Full Biography
BOTHAMrs. JOHANNA, wife of J. J. Botha, Principal of the Burgershoop School, was born at Bloemfontein, O. ...View Full Biography
BOTTOMLEYMiss AVERIL MAUD, daughter of George Alfred and Isabella Bottomley, granddaughter of George Bottomle ...View Full Biography
BOTTOMLEYMrs. EMMA HELENA, widow of Col. H. Bottomley, C.M.G. Born at Southsea, Portsmouth, England, and educ ...View Full Biography
BOUSTREDMrs. ELIZABETH JEAN, wife of William Frank Boustred, Managing Director of W. R. Boustred, Ltd., Joha ...View Full Biography
BOUWERMrs. MARIANNE EVELINA, wife of General B. D. Bouwer, D.T.D., D.S.O., and the daughter of Mr. Evert R ...View Full Biography
BOWENMrs. ELEANOR LILLIE, wife of Advocate R. W. Bowen, M.P., of Cape Town, and the daughter of Robert Gi ...View Full Biography
BOWEN-DAVIESMiss SYBIL, daughter of Mrs. and the late Mr. T. Bowen-Davies, of Maritzburg, Natal. Born at Bergvil ...View Full Biography
BOWESMrs. ETHEL E., wife of W. A. J. Bowes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Simmen, of London, Born and ed ...View Full Biography
BOWLESMrs. FLORENCE ELIZABETH BEARCROFT, wife of Captain Ernest James Bowles, O.B.E., retired Magistrate. ...View Full Biography
BoyesMrs. Getrude Elizabeth, wife of George Birrell Boyes, and the youngest daughter of the late Mr. F. J ...View Full Biography
BRADLOWMrs. ANNIE REBECCA, wife of David Adolph Bradlow. Born at Glasgow, Scotland, the daughter of Mr. and ...View Full Biography
BRADSTREETMrs. MABEL, born Stone, married in 1907 to R. W. Bradstreet, A.Sc., M.I.C.E., son of the late Capt. ...View Full Biography
BRAMMERMrs. MARY ALICE, wife of W. W. Brammer, pioneer of 1889, and daughter of the late James Saunders. Bo ...View Full Biography
BRANDMrs. DORIS GERTRUDE, L.T.C.L., wife of Harold Frank Brand, M.C., Tuneller, Royal Engineers, at prese ...View Full Biography
BRANDTMrs. JOHANNA, born Van Warmelo, wife of the Rev. L. E. Brandt, for twenty years Moderator of the Dut ...View Full Biography
BRAYSHAWMrs. NANCY GRAEME CURRIE, wife of Dr. Harold Currie Brayshaw, M.D., F.R.C.S., London and Edinburgh, ...View Full Biography
BREHMThe Misses IDA LAURA and EDITH MARY, are great-granddaughters of the late Joachim Brehm. They were b ...View Full Biography
BREMRIDGEMrs. FLORENCE MAY, born Freeman, wife of Alwyn Francis Bremridge, of the firm of J. T. Hutton & Co., ...View Full Biography
BRESLERMrs. KATHLEEN RAY, Advocate of the Supreme Court of South Africa, wife of C. P. Bresler, also Advoca ...View Full Biography
BREYTENBACHMrs. EVELYN FRANCES, born Tiffin, wife of P. P. B. Breytenbach, Principal of the Technical College, ...View Full Biography
BRIGDENMrs. KATHLEEN, wife of John William Brigden, His Majesty's Trade Commissioner. Born in London, the d ...View Full Biography
BRIGHTMrs. ELFRIEDA PENELOPE, widow of Captain W. F. L. Bright, and daughter of the late Gustav Baumann, l ...View Full Biography
BRINKMrs. ALETTA CECILIA, born de Villiers, wife of George Brink, a member of one of the oldest Montagu f ...View Full Biography
BRINKMrs. BABS wife of H. C. Brink, Department of Union Education, Pretoria. Born in Pretoria, only daugh ...View Full Biography
BRINKMrs. IRENE MAY, born Skinner, wife of P. A. M. Brink, who is Principal of Dagbreek School, Springs, ...View Full Biography
BRINKMrs. LILIAN ALICE, wife of Col. George Edwin Brink, D.S.O., Director of Army Training for South Afri ...View Full Biography
BRINKMrs. MAGDALENA CATHERINE, widow of Johannes Cornelius Brink, who after the 1880-1881 war was appoint ...View Full Biography
BRISKERMrs. EVA LILLIAN, born Brokensha, married to Senator the Honourable S. S. Brisker, born in Durban, M ...View Full Biography
BRITSMrs. ALETTA, widow of General Conraad Jacobus Brits, who died in July, 1932, and was founder of the ...View Full Biography
BRODIEMrs. IRENE, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Michaelson, of Edinburgh, Scotland; married to D ...View Full Biography
BROKENSHAMrs. JUDITH, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Turner, formerly of England, now of Maritzburg. M ...View Full Biography
BROOKSTONEMrs. STELLA, wife of David Brookstone, Stockbroker, ofJohannesburg, and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dav ...View Full Biography
BROOMEDr. E. MARY, Medical Officer in charge of Maternity and Child Welfare, City Health Department, Cape ...View Full Biography
BROWDEMrs. IDA, wife of Isaac Browde, Produce Merchant, of Johannesburg, and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. L ...View Full Biography
BROWNMiss ELEANOR MALLOCH, B.A., M.A., Rhodes University College. Daughter of Advocate J.H.M. and Mrs. Br ...View Full Biography
BROWNHARRIETE. E. (IDA), born Johnson, widow of Frederick Brown. Born and educated in Macclesfield, Chesh ...View Full Biography
BROWNMrs. H., daughter of the late H. Meyer, of 'Black Hill', Adelaide, C.P., and of Miss S. Niland, of ' ...View Full Biography
BROWNMrs. MADGE FRANCES, born McNeill, wife of Ernest William Brown, director of the Vacuum Oil Company, ...View Full Biography
BROWNMrs. REBECCA, born Lurie, wife of Maurice Brown. Born at Wynberg, C.P., and educated at the Girls' H ...View Full Biography
BROWNMrs. VIOLET DAISY GERTRUDE DEHANE, wife of Herbert David Ivan Dehane Brown, Director in the United T ...View Full Biography
BROZINMrs. ROSY, wife of Nahum Brozin merchant. Born at Durban and educated in Johannesburg. She is a daug ...View Full Biography
BRUWERMevr. JOHANNA ELIZABETH, vrou van H. J. Bruwer, Ch. M., F.R.C.S. (Edin.), wie benewens sy praktyk te ...View Full Biography
BUCHANANMrs. HILDA, wife of Professor William Buchanan, B.Sc., Whit. Sch., M.I.E.E., A.R.C.S., and daughter ...View Full Biography
BUCKLEMiss AUDREY, daughter of F. A. Buckle, Headmaster of Boys' School at Stoke, England, and Mrs. Buckle ...View Full Biography
BULLMrs. MARGARET PETRIE, M.A. (born McGregor), the wife of Arthur Barclay Bull, L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., L.R ...View Full Biography
BURCHMrs. EILEEN, widow of W. R. Burch, who represented Uitenhage in Parliament; youngest daughter of the ...View Full Biography
BURCHARTHMlle. GEE, daughter of the late A. D. Burcharth, manufacturer, of Kolding, Denmark, was born at Kold ...View Full Biography
BURGERMevr.MARIA MAGDALENA, dogter van 'n welbekende boer, Mnr. J. S. Bruwer van Ladismith, K.P. en getrou ...View Full Biography
BURGERMrs. MARJORIE BURCHELL, Artiste Impersonator, wife of B. J. J. Burger, great-nephew of the late Pres ...View Full Biography
BURNEMrs. MABEL GOLLAN, married to F. W. Burne, F.I.S.S.A., and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Scott, of ...View Full Biography
BURNETTMrs. AURELIA IRENE, wife of Alexander Burnett, Accountant; daughter of the late Rev. J. P. Jooste, o ...View Full Biography
BUSHMrs. EVELYN ROOKSBY, wife of H. H. Bush, Assistant Mechanical Consulting Engineer of the Johannesbur ...View Full Biography
BUSHMrs. MILDRED HARDWICKE, B.A., daughter of Mr. H. H. Holderness, B.A., and Mrs. Holderness, of Durban ...View Full Biography
BUTLER SMITHMrs. LOUISE CATHERINE, the wife of Thos. Butler Smith, Cape Town, and daughter of P. W. M. Botha, wa ...View Full Biography
BYRONMrs. MARJORIE, married to Capt. Lewis Byron, M.P.C. (1918), Solicitor, the daughter of the late Mr. ...View Full Biography
BROWNLEE-WALKERMrs. ELIZA, wife of James Brownlee-Walker, Business Manager; daughter of Mr. Rabbie. Born at Clova, ...View Full Biography
BAYNEMrs. EDITH MAY, wife of Alexander Allan Sinclair Bayne. Daughter of Jack Lalor, South Africa's popul ...View Full Biography
BLANEYMrs. LILIAN MAY, wife of Senator the Hon. Col. John Halbert Blaney, D.S.O. and D.C.M., Natal, 1912. ...View Full Biography
BORLANDMrs. ELAINE BLANCHE, wife of Charles Borland (Mr.). Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Batchelor. Born an ...View Full Biography
BOSHOFFMrs. WILHELMINA MYRA, wife of Petrus Phillipus Boshoff. Born at Cape Town and educated at the Girls' ...View Full Biography
BRASCHMrs. DOROTHY, widow of Emanuel Brasch. Born at the Cape and educated in London. Descended from early ...View Full Biography
BRIERSMrs. JACOMINA ALLETTA GERTRUDE born Van Niekerk, wife of Phillip Albertus Briers, farmer and promine ...View Full Biography
BRINKMANMrs. GERTRUIDA HENDRIKA (born Siemerdink), Batchelor of Architecture, wife of J.F. Brinkman. Born at ...View Full Biography
BRINKMrs. OLIVE BESTER, wife of Leslie Adrian Brink, a well-known farmer of Constantia, a son of the late ...View Full Biography
BROWNINGMrs. CHRISTINA, born Aitkenhead, wife of J. Browning (1919) underground manager, Langlaagte Estate, ...View Full Biography
BRUWERMrs. AGNES S. BARBARA, wife of J.P. Bruwer. Born on the farm 'Stettyn', Worcester, Cape, and educate ...View Full Biography
BURNSIDEMrs. VERA (born Joubert), city councillor of Durban, Natal, wife of Duncan Campbell Burnside, M.P. f ...View Full Biography
BAIKIEMrs. MAGGIE BLAIR HOUSTON (died 30th January, 1933), wife of R. Baikie, auditor of Pretoria and of K ...View Full Biography
BOTHAMrs. Annie Francis Bland born Emmet, widow of the Rt. Hon. Louis Botha, P.C., L.L.D. (Edin, Oxon.). ...View Full Biography
BREDELLMrs. STEFANETTA JOHANNA PAULINA, wife of Lt.-Col. H.C. Bredell, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. F. ...View Full Biography
BROWNMrs. PAULINE CAROLINE, wife of John Frank Brown, daughter of Philip Cooke, of the Paddock, Glouceste ...View Full Biography