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Woman of South Africa 1935 Search
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CALDECOTTFLORENCE ZERFFI, widow of Stratford Caldecott, artist. Born at London, England, and educated at Stoc ...View Full Biography
CALDERMrs LAURA LILLIAN HOPE, wife of Alexander Donald Calder. of the New King's Hotel, Kalk Bay, and daug ...View Full Biography
CALLAHANMiss FLORENCE MABEL, Principal of the Huguenot Seminary, Wellington, was born at Bedford, C.P. The d ...View Full Biography
CALVERTANNIE, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Calvert, of Maritzburg, was born in Leicester. England ...View Full Biography
CAMERONMiss ISA, daughter of Mrs. and the late Mr. W. M. Cameron, of Scotland. Miss Cameron was born in Pie ...View Full Biography
CAMPBELLMrs. EDITH MARION, wife of William Alfred Campbell, J.P., eldest son of Lady Campbell and the late S ...View Full Biography
CAMPBELLLady ELLEN, widow of Sir Marshall Campbell and daughter of the late John and Margaret Balmey, who ca ...View Full Biography
CAMPBELLMrs FLORENCE MARJORIE, wife of Alexander Fleming Campbell, son of Alexander Fleming Campbell, of War ...View Full Biography
CAMPBELLMrs. GLADYS FRANKLAND, wife of Professor William Campbell, Professor of the University of Cape Town, ...View Full Biography
CAMPBELLMrs. MARGARET HEATH (Russell), wife of Dr. Thomas G. Campbell. By birth a Canadian. Born in Dhar, Ce ...View Full Biography
CAMPBELLMrs. SOPHIA CHRISTINA, third daughter of the late J. F. Winter, who came to Natal in the 'Beta' in 1 ...View Full Biography
CANTORMrs. JANE, wife of Hyman Cantor, and daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. H. Hart, well-known pioneers ...View Full Biography
CARLSONMiss BARBARA BERNADINE, daughter of Knut A. Carlson, former Chief Conservator of Forests in the Tran ...View Full Biography
CAROUNA, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. H. Mitchell, of Australia, widow of A. Caro, was born and edu ...View Full Biography
CARRICKMrs. HELEN, widow of Dr. James Carrick and the daughter of Robert Rolfe, J.P., was born at Estcourt, ...View Full Biography
CARTERAUDREY ANNE, wife of Leonard Sydney Carter, Attorney, grandson of the late Professor James Rettie, w ...View Full Biography
CARTERMiss MARY, A.T.C.L., daughter of Mrs. and the late Mr. W. Carter, of 'Innesmore', Greytown, Natal. B ...View Full Biography
CARTERMrs. RAIE ISAACS, wife of Harry Carter, well-known Turf Accountant of Johannesburg, and a great spor ...View Full Biography
CASTEL de NAUDARYMARIE CATHERINE MARGUERITE, the eldest daughter of Captain and Madame Castel de Naudary, was born in ...View Full Biography
CASTINGNANIMrs. DORIS WINNIFRED, born Martin the wife of Cavalier Attilio Castingnani, who is the Consul for It ...View Full Biography
CAWLEYMARY H., married to Dr. George Cawley, M.R.C.S. (Engl.) L. R. C. P. (Lond.), son of the late General ...View Full Biography
CHALMERSMrs. MARJORIE HALL, born Reid, wife of Jamas Chalmers. Born and educated at Pitcaple, Aberdeenshire, ...View Full Biography
CHAMPIONMrs. DOROTHY, wife of Hillary Champion, of Bloemfontein, and daughter of the late Philip Mangold, of ...View Full Biography
CHAMPIONMrs. MARGUERITE, wife of Raymond Champion, and daughter of Mr. C. Meintjes, well-known Rand pioneer, ...View Full Biography
CHAPMANMrs. DAPHNE BARBARA, second daughter of Mrs. and the late Mr. H. von Gerard, of Maritzburg; married ...View Full Biography
CHARLESMrs. CONSTANCE, wife of Thomas Charles, Managing Director of J. W. Jagger, Ltd., of Johannesburg, an ...View Full Biography
CHARNOCKMrs. GLADYS NIVEN, M.A. (Hons.), wife of Dr. Frederick Sutton Charnock, daughter of Rev. A. N. Dixey ...View Full Biography
CHASEMrs. MARY AMELIA, wife of Henry Chase, J.P., Attorney of Uitenhage, eldest son of the late H. N. Cen ...View Full Biography
CHATTEYMiss GLADYS MARY, daughter of the Rev. R. H. Chattey, M.A. Born in Sussex, England, Miss Chattey rec ...View Full Biography
CHEADLEMrs. J. N. born Vlaskamp, wife of Harry Cheadle, was born at Utrecht, S. Africa, and educated at the ...View Full Biography
CHICKMrs. WILLIAM born Andrews, Widow of William Chick, sugar planter, and daughter of the late Mr. and M ...View Full Biography
CHILDEMiss ANNE CATHERINE, daughter of Capt. E. Childe, of Hampshire, England, was born at Sydney, New Sou ...View Full Biography
CHITTENDENMrs. PHYLLIS ISABEL wife of Gilbert Chittenden, late Director of Publicity at London for South Afric ...View Full Biography
CHRISTIEEDITH, only daughter of Mr. and the late Mrs. T. Fraser, formerly of Scotland, now of Durban; marrie ...View Full Biography
CHRISTIEHELEN SCOTT, second daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hobson, of Edinburgh, Scotland, widow o ...View Full Biography
CHUBBELSIE MARY, M.D., B.S., M.D. (Lond.), D.P.H., B.A. (S.A.) daughter of the Late Rev. Theophilus Chubb ...View Full Biography
CHURCHELLEN S., B.A. (Hons.), London (English and French). Daughter of Mr. and Mrs J. Church, of London, E ...View Full Biography
CILLIERSMiss HELENE, daughter of J. P. Cilliers, was born at Paarl and educated at Mrs. Percival's Private S ...View Full Biography
CLARKMrs. MABEL ADELE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Foster and niece of the late Sir T. Scott-Foster, J. ...View Full Biography
CLARKMILDRED, M.D., wife of the Rev. O. Oberlin-Harris, M.A., and daughter of the late Andrew Clark, M.A. ...View Full Biography
CLARKEMrs. AMY ROSA, wife of George Clarke, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Allen, was born in London and educate ...View Full Biography
CLARKSONMrs. SABINA, wife of the Rt. Hon. Senator C. F. Clarkson, Minister of Posts, Telegraphs and Public W ...View Full Biography
CLAYTONSister JANE. Born and educated in London, England, she is by profession a trained London teacher. Si ...View Full Biography
CLELANDMrs. ELLA PAULINE wife of John Stockwin Cleland, Chief Government Architect and Secretary for Public ...View Full Biography
CLIFFORD-TURNERMrs. KATHERINE, wife of Norman Clifford-Turner, Solicitor in London, was born in Johannesburg, and e ...View Full Biography
CLOETEMrs. FREDA, wife of Captain Louis D'Urban Cloete, farmer, son of Louis Cloete, of Glen Dirk, Constan ...View Full Biography
CLOETEMrs. MAUD, widow of Rudolph Cloete, whom she married after the death of the late Hugh Gilmour, Born ...View Full Biography
CLOETESUSANNA J., born Van Tonder, the wife of John Henry de Villiers Cloete, was born and educated at Blo ...View Full Biography
CLOGGMrs. HELEN MARY CHURCHILL, wife of Alfred N. Clogg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Churchill Carter, ...View Full Biography
CLOWMrs. MARGARET SANDERSON, wife of Sydney John Clow, Managing Director of Sydney Clow & Co., Ltd., and ...View Full Biography
CLUNESCHRISTINA FRASER, the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Clunes, was born and educated in Durban ...View Full Biography
CLUVERMrs. EILEEN DORIS, wife of Dr. Eustace Cluver, Secretary for Public Health, former Director of Medic ...View Full Biography
COAKERMrs. VERA LOUISE, wife of Norwood Coaker, Barrister, grandson of Rear-Admiral J. Coaker, and daughte ...View Full Biography
COCHRANEEILEEN NORAH, the younger daughter of the late Hon. Sir O'Grady-Gubbins, married to Lieut. Arthur Ce ...View Full Biography
COCHRANEHelen Mary-Hayward, daughter of Robert Reid Cochrane, (late of His Majesty's Customs) came to Natal ...View Full Biography
CODDINGTONMrs. BERTHA VIOLET MARY, widow of A. A. Hudson, M.D., wife of Colonel H. A. Coddington, D.S.O., O.B. ...View Full Biography
COETZERMrs. MARTHINA WILHELMINA, wife of Dr. Hendrik Lodewicus Coetzer, L.D.S., R.C.S., and daughter of the ...View Full Biography
COGHILLTERESA AUGUSTA, wife of Duncan Joseph Coghill, AnalyticaI Chemist, whom she married in June, 1918, a ...View Full Biography
COHENMiss ALTHEA ETHEL JUNE, daughter of Mrs. S. and the late Samuel Cohen, pioneer of Johannesburg, was ...View Full Biography
COHENMrs. E. H. A., widow of E. H. A. Cohen, Pioneer Mining and Consulting Engineer of California, Canada ...View Full Biography
COHENMrs. MYRA, L.T.C.L., U.P.L.M., wife of B. Cohen, and daughter of Mr. T. A. Goldberg and the late Mrs ...View Full Biography
COLCLOUGHMiss MARY HELEN, the daughter of Henry Colclough, was born in Guernsey, Channel Islands, and educate ...View Full Biography
COLEMrs. CHARLOTTE BEAN (SHIRLEY), M.B., B.S., M.Sc., A.I.C., wife of Dr. Alfred Herbert Cole, of Wynber ...View Full Biography
COLEPEPERANNIE EMILY, daughter of the late Rev. S. Rowe and Mrs. Rowe, of England, and widow of Francis Colep ...View Full Biography
COLEPEPEREMMA ELIZABETH, widow of William Colepeper, Accountant, and daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Stainb ...View Full Biography
COLE-ROUSMrs. LAURINE ALICE, wife of Mr. M. Cole-Rous, F.R.C.A. (Eng.), daughter of Mr. P. W. Day, Cape Town. ...View Full Biography
COLLINSMrs EILEEN MARJORY wife of Percy Collins, and daughter of the late P. W. S. Birnie, a well-known bui ...View Full Biography
COLLINSMrs. GLADYS ELSIE, wife of Ernest Ewen Collins (motor supplies) and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert ...View Full Biography
COLLINSMARGARET A. G. L. CHURTON, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. William Caldwell, of Edinburgh, married ...View Full Biography
COLLIOUDMrs. DAISY WINIFRED born STEVENS, widow of Richard Theodore Collioud, well-known sportsman and art c ...View Full Biography
COLTMANMrs. ETHEL MATHILDA, widow of Walter J. Coltman, of London, whom she married in 1891, was born in Lo ...View Full Biography
COLTMANMrs. EVELYN, the wife of Charles Henry Coltman, Justice of the Peace, and a prominent farmer in the ...View Full Biography
COMAYMrs. CLARA, born Ochberg, wife of Alex Comay, one of the most prominent citizens in George, C.P. Bor ...View Full Biography
COMINSEDITH ELIZABETH, wife of Henry John Comins, J.P.; wattle grower; the daughter of the late Mr. and Mr ...View Full Biography
COMRIEMARY JANET, born Hackland married to Alexander Comrie, farmer. Her grandparents and Mr. Comirie's pa ...View Full Biography
CONNELLMrs. FRANCES BEATRICE, wife of Harry Connell, wool merchant, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Frank ...View Full Biography
CONRADIEDr. ELIZABETH J. M., is op Tulbagh, K.P. gebore en het haar opleiding geniet aan die Hugenote Univer ...View Full Biography
CONRADIEMevr. JOHANNA, veduwee van oorlede Frans Willem Conradie, en dogter van oorlede Dirk Jacobus van der ...View Full Biography
CONRADIEMevr. JOHANNA ELIZABETH, gebore Brink, eggenote van Sy Edele die Administrateur, Mnr. J. H. Conradie ...View Full Biography
COOKSON-ARMITAGEHILDA L.R.A.M., U.T.L.M., A.T.C.L., daughter of the late Mr. J. Cookson-Armitage and Mrs. Cookson-Ar ...View Full Biography
COPEMrs. SUZANNE MILLAR, pioneer of Springs, widow of Thomas Alfred Cope. Born at Harrington, Cumberland ...View Full Biography
COPELANDMrs. HENRIETTA, wife of Herbert Copeland and daughter of the late William Zeiss, pioneer of Kimberle ...View Full Biography
COPELANDMiss MABEL. Born at Cape Town and educated at St. Cyprians, Cape Town, England and Germany; took up ...View Full Biography
CORDERMrs. ANNIE MARY, wife of Frederick Herbert Simomons Corder, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, England, daughter ...View Full Biography
CORNWALLMrs. ALICE, wife of Mr. J. P. Cornwall, Government Land Surveyor, and daughter of the late Mr. and M ...View Full Biography
CORSERMrs. KATHLEEN ANTOINETTA, Wife of Colin John Corser, Resident Magistrate, for eight years citrus far ...View Full Biography
COUGHLANMrs. SARAH MARY, born Tyndall, widow of Leo Angelus CoughIan, of Durban and Dublin, Ireland, was bor ...View Full Biography
COULDRIDGEMiss VIOLET FOOKS, A.T.C.L., a daughter of John W., founder of a business firm at Uitenhage, and Hel ...View Full Biography
COULTERMARY, born Williams, wife of Thomas Coulter, Consulting Engineer for Vereeniging Estates. Born at Gi ...View Full Biography
COWIEBEATRICE MARY, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. O'Leary, of London; married to Charles Campbell Cow ...View Full Biography
COWPERMARJORIE, widow of Charles Richard Cowper, M.C., and daughter of Henry Ernest Attwood, of Mitcham, S ...View Full Biography
CRAGEWINIFRED LASS, wife of Mr. Norman Redvers Crage, the second son of Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Crage, who are ...View Full Biography
CRAIBMrs. ELIZABETH WELLS, wife of Dr. Ian Craib, Forestry Department, and the daughter of Dr. Philip Pat ...View Full Biography
CRESWELLMrs. MARGARET PHILIPPA BINGHAM, wife of Colonel F. H. P. Creswell, and daughter of Rev. H. J. Boys a ...View Full Biography
CRICHTONDr. MAY CECILE, widow of R. H. Crichton, only daughter of the late Mrs. Butler and of the late John ...View Full Biography
CROCKARTMiss EILEEN, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Colin Allan Crockart. She was born in Port Elizabeth, and educ ...View Full Biography
CROCKERELSIE EVELYN, M.B.E., daughter of the late E. Lionel Stanley, Solicitor, and Nurse Rose Stanley, of ...View Full Biography
CRONJEMrs. ENID, wife of Stephanus Nicholas Cronje, solicitor, Rhodes Scholar, and 1912 Springbok. She is ...View Full Biography
CROOKESELIZABETH GOUK, the daughter of the late Mr. J. A. and Mrs. Burnett, of Montrose, Forfarshire, Scotl ...View Full Biography
CROOKSMiss EDITH TUDOR, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Crooks. She was born at Walmer, Port Elizabeth, a ...View Full Biography
CROWEMrs. EMILY CHARLOTTE, widow of James Crowe, farmer, and third daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Thom ...View Full Biography
CROWEMrs. MARY MABEL LONDI, the wife of Cyril James Jasper Crowe, and a daughter of the late Captain P. P ...View Full Biography
CRUDENELIZABETH CUFF, wife of William Alexander Scott Cruden, daughter of David Link and the granddaughter ...View Full Biography
CUBITTDAPHNE, wife of Lewis Bickley Cubitt, Transvaal Manager of the Southern Cross Assurance Co., Ltd., d ...View Full Biography
CURRIERBEATRICE, fourth daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Bolland, of Stratford-on-Avon, England, and ...View Full Biography
CURSONMAGDELENE, wife of Herbert Henry Curson, Veterinary Surgeon, Onderstepoort. Born at Worcester, C.P., ...View Full Biography
CURTINWINIFRED (Palmer), B.A., wife of Frederick H. W. Curtin, of Stafford Mayer Co., and only daughter of ...View Full Biography
CYRUSGLADYS MAUD, wife of George William Cyrus, and only daughter of Mr. Fleming Johnston, Mayor of Durba ...View Full Biography
CAMPBELLMrs. ZARA JEANETTE KENNEDY REID, wife of Dr. S. Reid Campbell and daughter of Capt. J. Sloan of the ...View Full Biography
CARTWRIGHTMrs. DOROTHY MAUD WOOLHOUSE, born Dixon, widow of J.D. Cartwright, M.P., prominent business man of C ...View Full Biography
CARTWRIGHTMrs. ESTHER, wife of Walter James Cartwright (1925), merchant. Daughter of the late Mr. J. Ros and M ...View Full Biography
CAVERSMiss DOROTHY LILIAN, M.A., B.Litt., B. Ed. Daughter of Mrs. and the late L.J. Cavers of Cape Town, C ...View Full Biography
CHAPPEMrs. PENELOPE LUISE, O.B.E. (1918), C.B.E. (1919), born McEwen, widow of J.L. Chappe. Born at Durban ...View Full Biography
CHILVERSMrs. ALICE MABEL HAY, born Haysmith, wife of Hedley Arthur Francis Chilvers, well-known author of a ...View Full Biography
CLOETEMrs. HESTER MAY, widow of Jacobus M. Cloete, late principal of Newlands A.M. School; author and comp ...View Full Biography
COBBLEDICKMrs. EMILY HOBHOUSE, wife of Alfred Cobbledick, representing the Dunlop Rubber Company of Durban. Da ...View Full Biography
COHENMrs. DORA, wife of Samuel Cohen, Managing Director of the O.K. Bazaars, Johannesburg. Born and educa ...View Full Biography
COHENMrs. LOTTIE (born Smith), wife of Harry Cohen, manufacturer of Johannesburg. Born at London and educ ...View Full Biography
COLLIERMrs. STELLA NATALIE, wife of Walter Balfour Collier, Capt., R.N.V.R., South Africa, V.D., Hon. A.D.C ...View Full Biography
CONCHIEMrs. JEAN, M.B.E., widow of Robert Conchie, retired (S.A.R.). Daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. MacA ...View Full Biography
CONYNGHAMMiss ALICE BERYL, R.R.C. Born at Ifafa, Natal, South Africa, and educated at Girls' College, Durban. ...View Full Biography
COONEYMrs. LYDIA CECILIA (born Mantegani), wife of John Riley Cooney. Born at Wisbeck, Cambridge, England, ...View Full Biography
COWIEMrs. PHYLLIS, wife of Hilton Cowie, Civil Servant. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Bourhill of Barbert ...View Full Biography
CURLEWISMrs. JOYCE MARIE, widow of Advocate Ivan Curlewis, son of Mr. Justice Curlewis of Pretoria. Daughter ...View Full Biography
CURRYMrs. OLIVE MAY, wife of Norman Oswald Curry, engineer, Johannesburg. Daughter of Capt. T.E. Jackson, ...View Full Biography
CALDECOTTMrs. HARRY STRATFORD born Saner, was married to H.S. Caldecott, a well-known solicitor of De Beers, ...View Full Biography
COTTERELLMrs. ISABELLA MARGRETHA MARIE, born Buitendach, was married to the late Arthur Stanford Cotterell. B ...View Full Biography
CRAIBMrs. MARTHA CHARLOTTE LOUISE, late wife of R. Craib, consulting mechanical and electrical engineer ( ...View Full Biography