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Woman of South Africa 1935 Search
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FAIRBRASSMrs. ADA LOUISA, wife of Frederick Vernon Fairbrass, Transvaal Manager of the Sun Life Assurance Com ...View Full Biography
FAIRBRASSMrs. WINIFRED, born Perren. Born and educated at Bath, Somerset, England. By profession a Civil Serv ...View Full Biography
FANNERMrs. ANNIE MARIE, widow of Henry Walter Fanner, well-known wine and brandy expert and director of th ...View Full Biography
FANNINMrs. NELLY, wife of John Gower Fannin, late Mr. Justice J. E. Fannin and Retired Major in the Union ...View Full Biography
FARRERMrs. ALICE ROBERTA, wife of Frederick Arthur Farrer, ex-Judge in the Native High Court. Daughter of ...View Full Biography
FARRERMrs. LUCY, wife of J. B. K. Farrer, J.P., retired magistrate, and eldest daughter of the late Peter ...View Full Biography
FAUREMiss HERMIONE STEPHANIE LOMBARD, Speech Therapist; daughter of the late Jacobus C. Faure, Assistant ...View Full Biography
FEATHERSTONEMrs. HELENA W. C., wife of David R. H. Featherstone, and daughter of the late William Hume, M.P., an ...View Full Biography
FEITELBERGMrs. AUGUSTA, wife of Solomon Feitelberg; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Levy, Born at Mossel Bay, C ...View Full Biography
FEITELBERGMiss HETTY, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. Feitelberg, of Johannesburg. Born at Johannesburg and educat ...View Full Biography
FELDMANMrs. BESSY LEA, widow of Abraham Feldman, merchant, of Johannesburg. Daughter of the late Mr. and Mr ...View Full Biography
FELLOWESFLORENCE LUNDI, wife of the late Peregrine Paul Fellowes, who died in 1935, and daughter of the late ...View Full Biography
FENWICKMrs. ELIZABETH, wife of A. C. Fenwick, and daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Miller, of Perthshire. ...View Full Biography
FERNIEMiss ELLEN ORD, daughter of the late Rev. John Fernie, Congregational Minister in Durban and Maritzb ...View Full Biography
FERNIEMiss RHODA RUBIDGE, L.I.S.D.T., Principal of the Fernie Dancing Academy of Port Elizabeth; second da ...View Full Biography
FICKMrs. ANNIE wife of the Rev. M. L. Fick, M.P., who was in charge of the United Dutch Reformed Congreg ...View Full Biography
FIELDMrs. NATALIE, daughter of Mrs. Florence Secker, and the late Frank Secker of Johannesburg. Born at L ...View Full Biography
FINDLAYMrs. MADGE, wife of K. B. Findlay, Senior Control Engineer, V.F.P., Germiston, daughter of Mr. and M ...View Full Biography
FINNEMOREMrs. ELLEN JANE, born Higgins, wife of John Hadley Finnemore, late of Staffordshire, England. Born a ...View Full Biography
FIRSTMrs. RACHAEL, wife of Louis First, Manager and Secretary of Lewis & Marks. Born in Russia, daughter ...View Full Biography
FISHMiss CHARLOTTE, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Chas. McDonald Fish. Born and educated in Cape Tow ...View Full Biography
FISHERALICE MARY, widow of Herbert Alfred Fisher, Manager of Barclays Bank for many years, and second daug ...View Full Biography
FISHERMrs. MABEL FANNY, wife of Leonard Noel Fisher, D.D., Bishop of Natal (1928); eldest daughter of the ...View Full Biography
FITZ-GERALDFLORENCE MARY, belongs to that Ancient Leinster family of Fitz-Geralds, being the eldest daughter of ...View Full Biography
FlTZSIMONS (F.Z.S.London), Mrs. HENRIETTA, wife of F. W. Fitzsimons, Director of the Port Elizabeth Museum and Snake P ...View Full Biography
FLETCHERMrs. MAUREEN CLARKSON, born Mulock Bentley, wife of John Clarkson Fletcher, Mining Engineer of the f ...View Full Biography
FLETCHER-WHITEMrs. ETHEL MINNIE ADAIR, wife of Henry Ernest Fletcher White, Magistrate of Umtata and A.C.M. of the ...View Full Biography
FLOYDMrs. AGNES SUSAN, widow of Walter Floyd, L.D.S. (Eng.); elder daughter of John Chamberlain and the l ...View Full Biography
FLOYDMrs. FRIEDA, wife of Thomas Floyd, of Whitcutt & Floyd, Durban. Daughter of the late R. Lauth, Schoo ...View Full Biography
FOORDMrs. PETRONELLA, wife of R. G. Foord, Solicitor, of Vryheid, Natal. Daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs ...View Full Biography
FORBESMrs. OLIVE GERALDINE, wife of Dr. Alastair Gordon Forbes, M.C., V.D., late Colonel of the S.A. Medic ...View Full Biography
FORBESMrs. PENELOPE JANE, M.B.E. (1934), wife of Lachlan Rose Forbes, Rhodesian Manager for African Explos ...View Full Biography
FORSYTHMiss BARBARA ROBERTA, daughter of John George Forsyth. Born at Cape Town and educated at Cork Conven ...View Full Biography
FOTHERINGHAMMrs. ELIZABETH LIVINGSTONE, wife of John Sibbald Fotheringham, Master Baker and Confectioner, Mayor ...View Full Biography
FOURIEMrs. MABEL MADOLINE , Wife of Mr. Louis Fourie, M.B.E., M.B., D.P.H., F.Z.S.; daughter of the late A ...View Full Biography
FOWKESMrs. ELIZABETH, wife of Walter Fowkes. Born at London and educated at Gravesend High School. Has two ...View Full Biography
FOWKESMiss PRISCILLA MARY, daughter of Councillor and Mrs. Walter Fowkes. Born in Kent, England, and educa ...View Full Biography
FOWLIEMARGARET ELSIE. LL.A. (Hon.), wife of Patrick Fowlie, Agriculturalist S. African Sugar Association E ...View Full Biography
FOXONMrs. EDITH ELEANOR, wife of Col. F. E. Foxon, ex-Chief Magistrate of Pietermaritzburg, Natal. Daught ...View Full Biography
FOXONMiss MARGUERITE E., daughter of the late George Foxon. Born at London. Trained for the nursing profe ...View Full Biography
FRAMEMrs. MURIEL BUCHANAN, wife of Ian Kay Frame. Daughter of Mrs. and the late Mr. R. B. Brown. Born at ...View Full Biography
FRAMESMrs. HENRIETTA, born Harmer, widow of Charles Frames, who was born in Port Elizabeth, where his whol ...View Full Biography
FRAMESMrs.LINDA ROSS, wife of Percival Ross Frames, late chairman of De Beers Co., Kimberley, one of the p ...View Full Biography
FRANCISMrs. LOUIS ALICE MAUDE, wife of Mr. Clavis Francis, Engineer, and daughter of the late Mr. Francis J ...View Full Biography
FRANKMrs. ANNA SUSANNA, wife of William Frank, born at Lorraine, District Worcester, Cape Province, and e ...View Full Biography
FRANKMrs. HOPE ASKEW, born Becker, wife of William Hughes Bowker Frank, of Johannesburg; granddaughter of ...View Full Biography
FRASERMiss GRACE EUNICE, daughter of the late Sir John Fraser, who was secretary to the late Sir John Bran ...View Full Biography
FREAKESMrs. BLANCHE ELIZA Wife of Benjamin Freakes, F.I:S.A., and daughter of the late Arthur Dainton and M ...View Full Biography
FREEMAN(born Marks), ADA, 37 Tyrone Avenue,Parkview, Johannesburg; born at London, England. Married to Maur ...View Full Biography
FRIEDMANMrs. EDITH FANNY, widow of P. Friedman, business man, whom she married in 1881 and who died in Septe ...View Full Biography
FRIEDMANMrs. MADELEINE, wife of Louis Friedman, J.P., Town Councillor of Krugersdorp, Transvaal, daughter of ...View Full Biography
FRIENDMrs. JOHANNA., widow of W. M. Friend, farmer. Daughter of the late W. H. Uys, farmer. Born at Wakker ...View Full Biography
FRONEMANMiss ELIZABETH MAUDE, daughter of Mrs. and the late P. J. Froneman, of Cathcart, C.P. Born at Cathca ...View Full Biography
FROSTMrs. AMY ADELAIDE, wife of Jesse Frost; daughter of the late Edwin Aukett, printer and publisher of ...View Full Biography
FROSTMiss BETTY EILEEN, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Frost. Born at Port Elizabeth, C.P., and educated ...View Full Biography
FROSTMrs. SUSAN, wife of Daniel George William Frost (Prospector); daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Symingt ...View Full Biography
FRUDDMrs. ELLEN, wife of Henry William Duncan Frudd, manager of the Union-Castle at Durban. of the late M ...View Full Biography
FULFORDMrs. DORA MARGARET LOVEBAND, wife of Col. John M. Loveband-Fultord, retired Deputy-Commissioner of P ...View Full Biography
FULLERMrs. NATALIE JANET, wife of Ernest Robert Fuller, son of Robert Fuller, an old resident of Maritzbur ...View Full Biography
FLEMING-ORRMrs. JANE BAIRD wife of John Fleming-Orr, CA., Glasgow, Scotland, and daughter of the late Mrs. and ...View Full Biography
FINEMrs. BERTA, widow of Marc Fine, merchant, founder of the Jewish Benevolent Society in Johannesburg, ...View Full Biography
FITZGERALDMrs. ALYS T. (born Cuntin), wife of Reginald Patrick Fitzgerald. Born in Natal and educated then and ...View Full Biography
FOSTERMrs. MARGARET LETITIA, born McCaldin, wife of William Charles Foster, director of Foster, Stevenson ...View Full Biography
FOURIEMrs. ZETA GRACE, wife of Col. M.E. Fourie of the Central Flying School, Roberts' Heights, Transvaal. ...View Full Biography
FRAMESMiss POPPY, well-known dancer and teacher of dancing in Johannesburg. Born at Johannesburg and educa ...View Full Biography
FRANKELMrs. ETHEL, wife of Ludwig Frankel, president of the Chamber of Commerce; president of W.E.A. and vi ...View Full Biography
FRANKLINMrs. SUSAN, born Siebert, wife of Harald Victor Franklin, accountant, Natal Estates, Mt. Edgecombe. ...View Full Biography
FRASERMrs. OLIVE C., wife of John George Fraser, eldest surviving son of the late Sir John Fraser of Bloem ...View Full Biography
FROSTMrs. FLORENCE MARGARET, born Eriksen, wife of Alfred Frost (geologist). Born at Cape Town. Educated ...View Full Biography
FAGGEMrs. ELIZABETH MARGARET, born Harris, deceased. Was married to Edward David Fagge. Was born in Kingw ...View Full Biography
FITZPATRICKMrs. BESSIE, was married to the late Gerald Coleman Fitzpatrick, formerly a lawyer of Johannesburg, ...View Full Biography