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Woman of South Africa 1935 Search
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HERTZOGMrs. WILHELMINA JACOBA, wife of the Hon. General James Barry Munnik Hertzog, Prime Minister of the U ...View Full Biography
HATTON-DUFFEMMA, wife of Hatton Duff, retired. Born and educated at London, and has one son, Hatton Edwin, and ...View Full Biography
HAAKMrs. CATHERINE GERTRUDE CLARISSE TRUTER, born d'Oliveira, widow of Louis Frederick Haak, of Prince A ...View Full Biography
HAAKMrs. GERTRUIDA RUIDA, born Schallies, wife of A. J. Haak, of Haak's Garages, Pretoria and Johannesbu ...View Full Biography
HAAKMrs. JOHANNA, born Thiel, wife of Pieter Bernadus Haak, of Haak's Garages, Pretoria. Daughter of a v ...View Full Biography
HAAKMrs. SUSANNA JOHANNA, wife of Klaas Doedes Haak, of Johannesburg. Born at Kroonstad, daughter of Jan ...View Full Biography
HACKLANDMrs. JANET MARY, wife of James Hackland; daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. William Payn. Born in the ...View Full Biography
HALLMiss CAROLINE LOUISA, youngest daughter of Mrs. and the late Surgeon Colonel H. G. Hall, M.D. F.R.C. ...View Full Biography
HALLMrs. CATHERINE, widow of Patrick Hall. Daughter of Mr. Fogarty. Born at Egremont, Cumberland, Englan ...View Full Biography
HALLMiss EVELYN MABEL, eldest daughter of Mrs. and the late Surgeon Colonel H. G. Hall, M.D., F.R.C.S., ...View Full Biography
HALLMrs. ROSALIE RIDDICK, wife of Dr. A. L. Hall, M.A., Sc.D. (Cantab), F.R.S., late Assistant Director ...View Full Biography
HALLAMOREMrs. EMILY, wife of Llewellyn Sherris Hallamore, Manager of the London Assurance Co. for S. Africa. ...View Full Biography
HALSEMrs. FLORENCE MAY, wife of James Thomas Halse. M.P.C.: Mayor of Krugersdorp 1929 and 1932. Daughter ...View Full Biography
HAMILTONMrs. AGNES ELSIE HUNTER, wife of J. H. Hamilton, daughter of Colonel and Mrs. Dalgarno, of 'Abercair ...View Full Biography
HAMILTONMrs. MARIA ELVIRA HANNAH LAW, born Scrutton, wife of William Henry Hamilton, Chairman of the Durban ...View Full Biography
HAMLINMrs. DOROTHY JANET, wife of Ernest John Hamlin. D.Sc. Johanneburg City Engineer. Daughter of Mr. and ...View Full Biography
HAMLINMrs. EDITH ELIZABETH, wife of Maurice E Hamlin. Daughter of the late W. T. Humphris and Mrs. Lois Hu ...View Full Biography
HAMLYNMrs. MARY IRENE, widow of Thomas Edward Hamlyn, for several years director of the Tongaat Sugar Comp ...View Full Biography
HAMMANMrs. KATHLEEN ELIZABETH, wife of Major Jacobus Christoffel Hamman, South African Staff Corps. Daught ...View Full Biography
HAMMANMARIA SUSANNA CATHERINA, wife of J. N. Hamman, retired farmer of Middelburg, Transvaal. Daughter of ...View Full Biography
HAMMARMiss ELIN MAY, eldest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. A. Hammar of Maritzburg, Natal. Born at Rork ...View Full Biography
HAMMERMrs. WINIFRED, wife of Maurice Hammer, Tobacco Manufacturer. Daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Geo. ...View Full Biography
HANBURY-KINGMrs. DOROTHY, wife of Frederick Thomas Hanbury-King, J.P., of Mount Edgecombe, Natal. Daughter of Jo ...View Full Biography
HANBURY-KINGMiss JOYCE URSULA, youngest daughter of F. T. Hanbury-King, J.P., and Mrs. F. T. Hanbury-King, of Mo ...View Full Biography
HANCOCKMrs. BARBARA, widow of John Stanley Hancock, of Johannesburg, who was a well-known Engineer and Arch ...View Full Biography
HANNAY-ROBERTSONMrs. DORIS MARY, the wife of Geoffrey Douglas Hannay-Robertson. Daughter of the late Sydney Cowper, ...View Full Biography
HANSELLMrs. Mabel, born Buttery, widow of J. T. Hansell, Born at Durban and educated at Miss Day's Coast Hi ...View Full Biography
HANSOMMrs. MARY BEATRICE, wife of Captain V. J. R. Hansom, Town Clerk of Springs for twenty-five years and ...View Full Biography
HARCOURTMiss ALICE MAUD, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harcourt, pioneers of Natal, who arrived from England in a ...View Full Biography
HAREMrs. FANNY EMILY KATHLEEN, wife of Captain William Daniel Hare, M.P.C., for Mowbray, C.P. Born at Lo ...View Full Biography
HARPERMrs. NAN MARY, wife of George Lorimer Harper, Builder and Contractor, of Johannesburg. Only child of ...View Full Biography
HARRISMrs. FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE, wife of James Harris, of Johannesburg. Daughrer of Mr. and Mrs. George Da ...View Full Biography
HARRISMrs. JOYCE MARY, wife of William David Harris, Managing Director of the firm of Cleghorn & Harris, o ...View Full Biography
HARRISONMrs. HELEN NOELLE CAMPBELL, wife of Lieut.-Col. G. M. Harrison, Architect and Officer commanding the ...View Full Biography
HARRISONMrs. MARGARET PHYLIS, wife of Roger Harrison, of Johannesburg. Daughter of Mrs. Watkeys, of Bloemfon ...View Full Biography
HARRISONMrs. OLIVE, wife of William Alfred Harrison, Business manager; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Cartwr ...View Full Biography
HARRISSMrs. MARY JANE, wife of Richard H. Harriss, Mech. E.M.I.M.E., Engineer, of Johannesburg. Daughter of ...View Full Biography
HARROWERMrs. ELIZABETH, widow of John Hoggan Harrower who was a partner in the firm of Harris & Harrower, Lt ...View Full Biography
HARTMiss ELAINE PERCIVAL, C.S.M.-M.G.; daughter of the late Percival Hart, granddaughter of the late Tho ...View Full Biography
HARTMrs. SOLVEIG ALBERTA, wife of George William Hart, eldest daughter of Mrs. and the late Mr. A. T. Mo ...View Full Biography
HARTFORDMrs. ELLEN LUCY KITCHENER, wife of Sultan Kruger Hartford, of the firm of Devine & Co. General Merch ...View Full Biography
HARTLEYMiss FRIDA, born at Egremont, Cumberland, England; home: Armathwaithe Hall, Cumberland; educated at ...View Full Biography
HARTMANMrs. EVELYN LUCILLE, wife of Dr. J. P. Hartman, of Port Elizabeth, whose family trace their descent ...View Full Biography
HARVEYMrs. NORA, wife of Percival William Harvey, well-known estate agent of Port Elizabeth. Daughter of C ...View Full Biography
HATCHMrs. LILA, born Hobson, a direct descendant of Captain Hobson, first Governor-General of New Zealand ...View Full Biography
HATHORNMrs. ALICE ROSAMOND, wife of Walter Blaikie Hathorn, son of the late Kenneth Hathorn, judge of the S ...View Full Biography
HATHORNMrs. VERE GYNNYDD, wife of the Hon. Justice Alexander Anthony Roy Hathorn, of Maritzburg, Natal; dau ...View Full Biography
HATTINGHMrs. NELLIE, wife of Martinus Johannes Hattingh, Solicitor, of Cradock C.P. Daughter of the late Ant ...View Full Biography
HAVEMANNMrs. LOUISE, wife of John Havemann, farmer. Daughter of the late Jose Menne, of Greytown, Natal, and ...View Full Biography
HAVENGAMrs. OLIVE, wife of the Hon. Nicholaas Christian Havenga, Minister of Finance in the Union Governmen ...View Full Biography
HAVIKMrs. JANET ISOBEL, wife of William Havik, Government Surveyor. Daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Jam ...View Full Biography
HAWLEYMrs. EILEEN EDITH ADELAIDE, born Ashley Cooper, widow of George William Hawley. Born at Queenstown, ...View Full Biography
HAWLEYMiss PAMELA MARCIA, daughter of Mrs. E. E. A. and the late George William Hawley. Born at 'Kelston', ...View Full Biography
HAWORTHMiss EUGENIE MERCIA (professional name), wife of Ronald Burnett, of Bulawayo, S. Rhodesia. Daughter ...View Full Biography
HAYMrs. KATHERINE VICTORIA (KITTY) wife of Erroll Hay. Daughter of Gertrude, Lady Albu and the late Sir ...View Full Biography
HAYCROFTMiss LYNETTE, only daughter of J. C. Haycroft, a well-known local preacher in Natal, and Mrs. Haycro ...View Full Biography
HAYMANMrs. JENNIE, wife of J. Hayman. Daughter of Israel Trakman. Born at Ponives, Lithuania, educated in ...View Full Biography
HAYTONMrs. ISABEL RUTH wife of Col. A. A. Hayton, V.D. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Chaplin, of Mowbray, Ca ...View Full Biography
HAYWARDMrs. VERA CATHERINA, wife of William Louis Hayward, daughter of J. E. A. Volschenk, the very well-kn ...View Full Biography
HEALDMrs. ALICE ELIZABETH, formerly married to the late John Walter Sydney Rolt, of London, eldest son of ...View Full Biography
HEANMrs. AGNES IRONS, wife of Commander H G. Hearn of Cheshire, who had a distinguished war career. Born ...View Full Biography
HEATHERMiss SARAH, Lady, Health Visitor, daughter of E. E. H. Heather, of Pretoria. She was born and educat ...View Full Biography
HECKROODTMrs. HELENA GERTRUDE wife of William Hendrik Lategan Heckroodt, System Manager on S.A. Railways. Dau ...View Full Biography
HEMMINGSONMrs. WILHELMINA CHARLOTTE, wife of Ulrich Hemmingson, late of the staff of Nestle's Branch, Constant ...View Full Biography
HEMPHILLMrs. DULCIE, widow of James Townsend Hemphill. Daughter of the late Mrs. W. Wade and Mr. W. Wade, wh ...View Full Biography
HENDERSONMrs. E. HARRIET, born Sherwin, wife of Major William Plowman Moyese Henderson, Electricity Supply Co ...View Full Biography
HENDERSONMrs. ISABEL LAIRD, wife of E. J. W. Henderson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Laird Hendry, of Scotla ...View Full Biography
HENDRYMrs. MIMI, wife of Joseph John Moore Hendry, Chief Rates Officer, S.A.R., Cape Town. Daughter of Mr. ...View Full Biography
HENNESSYMARGARET ISABELLA, Lady, wife of Sir Alfred Theodore Hennessy, K.B.E., Chartered Accountant of S. Af ...View Full Biography
HENREYMrs. WINIFRED, wife of Major James Osler Henrey, M.B.E., V.D., of the Rand Light Infantry, and of th ...View Full Biography
HENRICIMARGUERITE GERTRUD ANNA, D.Sc., Ph.D., Sen. Research Officer of Department of Agriculture, Physiolog ...View Full Biography
HERDMrs. ISABELLA, wife of R. Herd, son of T. Herd, of KelIs, County Meath, Ireland. Daughter of J. Rams ...View Full Biography
HERSOVMrs. GERTRUDE, wife of A. S. Hersov, Chairman of the Anglo-Transvaal Consolidated Investment Co., Lt ...View Full Biography
HEWATMrs. EMILY BLANCHE, wife of Dr. David Bennie Hewat, Knight of Grace of the Order of St. John of Jeru ...View Full Biography
HEWSTONMrs. CONSTANCE WOMBLE, wife of Raoul Livingston Hewston, Manager of Tarquah and Abso Gold Mine, Gold ...View Full Biography
HEYNIKEMrs. AGNlTA MARIA, wife of Johannes Christoffel Heynike, daughter of the late J. H. Maartens, for se ...View Full Biography
HEYNIKEMrs. ALIDA CORNELIA, widow of Paul M. Heynike, who was one of the oldest and best known residents of ...View Full Biography
HEYWOODMrs. MABEL ALICE wife of Frank Heywood, As sistant Superintendent Prisons Department, Johannesburg. ...View Full Biography
HICKLINGMiss MAVIS MAUD, second daughter of H. B. Hickling, of Maseru, Basutoland. Born at Mafeteng, Basutol ...View Full Biography
HIGGERTYMrs. ANNE PARKHILL, wife of John Thomas Higgerty, retired civil servant. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Th ...View Full Biography
HILLMrs. DORA ANNA, B.A., wife of Francis George Hill, Sectional Manager Modderfontein G.M. Co., Ltd.; d ...View Full Biography
HILLMrs. DOROTHY PERKINS, born French, wife of Philip Perkins Hill, Assistant General Manager of United ...View Full Biography
HILLEVELYN MARGUERITE PEGGY, wife of Thomas Edward Brassington Hill, farmer, and second daughter of Mr. ...View Full Biography
HILLIARDWINIFRED ANN, wife of Harold Norman Hilliard, son of the late Mr. Hilliard, who was partner of one o ...View Full Biography
HILLSMrs. ALICE ANN, wife of William Hills, journalist, Director, Amalgamated Press (S.A.) Ltd., Editor o ...View Full Biography
HINDSMrs. EDITH REBECCA, widow of Thomas Hinds, daughter of the late Samuel Dorrington and Saragh Ana Wed ...View Full Biography
HINDSONMiss MAUDE BEATRICE, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Hindson, of Clifton, pioneers and tea p ...View Full Biography
HIRSCHMrs. SELINA, B.A., widow of H. D. Hirsch, Resident Engineer for South Africa for the United States S ...View Full Biography
HITCHINSMrs. ANNIE ATHALIE, born James, widow of Charles Hitchins, who was a member of the Natal and Union P ...View Full Biography
HOADLEYMrs. ALICE MARGARET, born Wood, wife of the Rev. A. A. Hoadley, of Umtata, Transkei. Born at Kinell, ...View Full Biography
HOBKIRKMrs. HARRIETT, born Game, widow of Joseph Allison Hobkirk, the well-known undertaker, of Johannesbur ...View Full Biography
HOBSONMrs. MILLICENT JOYCE, L.R.A.M., Wife of John Edwards Robson, prominent sheep farmer, a descendant of ...View Full Biography
HOCKEYMrs. MAUD JORIE ANGELA FLORENCE, wife of R. H. Hockey. Daughter of the late E. L. Burwell, U.S.A., a ...View Full Biography
HOCKRIDGEMrs. EMMA HARRIET, widow of Thomas Hockridge and daughter of the late Ernest William Estment, of Kim ...View Full Biography
HODSONMrs. THEODORA, wife of Bernard Hodson, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Hodson, who came out to So ...View Full Biography
HOEKMej. ANNA MARIA, B.A., is in die Krugerdorpse distrik gebore; het aan die Hodr Volkskool, Heidelberg ...View Full Biography
HOERNLEMrs. AGNES WINIFRED, wife of Professor R. F. A. Hoernle, Senior Lecturer Witwatersrand University, J ...View Full Biography
HOFFMANNMrs. SARAH, wife of Abraham Nissen Hoffman, daughter of Henry White. Born at Birmingham, England. Ha ...View Full Biography
HOFMEYERMrs. MARIA CECILIA, widow of Henry John Hofmeyer, Vice-Chancellor of Witwatersrand University. Daugh ...View Full Biography
HOFMEYRMrs. BESSIE JANE, Matron-in-Chief of the General Hospital, Johannesburg, widow of N. J. Hofmeyr, M.B ...View Full Biography
HOFMEYRMrs. JOEY, wife of Dr. Harold Hofmeyr, eldest son of the Hon. G. R. Hofmeyr, C.M.G., J.P., formerly ...View Full Biography
HOFMEYRMrs. MARY, wife of Percy G. Hofmeyr, solicitor, partner in the firm of Hofmeyr & Sons, Cape Town, an ...View Full Biography
HOFMEYRMrs. YDIE, wife of the Hon. Gys R. Hofmeyr, C.M.G., J.P., formerly Administrator of the mandated ter ...View Full Biography
HOLDENGARDEMrs. MAUDE IRENE wife of Theodore Albert Edward Holdengarde, daughter of the late Mr. T. H. and Mrs. ...View Full Biography
HOLGATEMiss GEORGINA LAURA, born at Pietermaritzburg, Natal, educated at a private school and at the Conven ...View Full Biography
HOLLIDAYMiss MAVIS, WA., daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Frank Holliday, of Maritzburg, Natal. Born and ed ...View Full Biography
HOLLINSMrs. HAZEL DENHOLM, C.S.M.M.G., wife of Richard Roger Hollins. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Haw, o ...View Full Biography
HOLLISMrs. ELIZABETH SARA, wife of Johan George Hollis, builder, of Durban (built Durban City Hall). Daugh ...View Full Biography
HOOGENHOUTMrs. ELIZABETH EMMA, wife of P. I. Hoogenhout, Chairman of the National Roads Board. Daughter of the ...View Full Biography
HORNBYMrs. SARAH HANNAH, wife of Charles Robert Hornby, of Blackpool, England, daughter of the late John W ...View Full Biography
HORTONMrs. METTE MURIEL POPE, wife of C. M. G. Horton, farmer; daughter of Mrs. and the late James Crowe, ...View Full Biography
HORVITCHMiss GERTIE, Attorney Notary and Conveyancer, partner in the firm of Jack Behrman & Horvitch, of Joh ...View Full Biography
HORWOODMrs. HETTY CHRISTIANA, wife of Arthur Ebden Horwood (1911). Daughter of Thomas Henshall Ward, of Lus ...View Full Biography
HOSSACKMrs. FLORA POWDITCH wife of Dr. Frederic Albert Hossack, L.D.S., R.F.P.S., Glasgow (on Council and E ...View Full Biography
HOWMrs. MARION COMYN, wife of Douglas Walsham How, First Assistant Secretary, Basutoland; son of the la ...View Full Biography
HOWARDMiss LILY, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Howard, Jeweller. Born at Bedale, Yorshire, England, was ed ...View Full Biography
HOWARDMrs. MURIEL LILLIAS, born Edmonds, wife of Donald Robert Howard. Born at Burghersdorp, C.P., and edu ...View Full Biography
HOWELLMrs. MARY, widow of Benjamin Howell, late Manager of financial department of Messrs. Randles Bros., ...View Full Biography
HOWSEMrs. CAROLINE FRANCES, wife of G. S. B. Howse, Eidtor and Proprietor of the Printing and Publishing ...View Full Biography
HUBBARDMrs. ETHEL HARTWELL, wife of Wreford Dale Hubbard, Director of Eastern Province Building Society, da ...View Full Biography
HUBBERMrs. RUTH, wife of G. C. Hubber, ex-mayor of Randfontein (1936), daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fidler. Bo ...View Full Biography
HUDSONMrs. FLORENCE HANHAH, widow of Col. Ernest Hudson F.R.C.S., I.M.S., daughter of the late Arthur Flow ...View Full Biography
HUDSON-HUGHESMrs. MATTIE, wife of John Hudson-Hughes, only daughter of R. H. Lawrence, one of the Rand Pioneers. ...View Full Biography
HUGOMrs. ANNA CECILIA, wife of Jacobus Benjamin Hugo, Solicitor, of Krugersdorp, Transvaal. Born at Carn ...View Full Biography
HUGOMrs. ERMINA DOROTHEA, wife of the Rev. Jean Francois Hugo, B.A., daughter of the late Paul Roux, of ...View Full Biography
HUGOMrs. GLADYS ELIZABETH, wife of Dr. Cornelius Johannes Hugo, M.B., C.M. (Edin.), L.M.R.C.P. (Ire.), M ...View Full Biography
HUGOMrs. MARIA SUSANNA, wife of F. D. Hugo, Superintendent of Education, Natal (1909). Daughter of Mr. a ...View Full Biography
HUGOMrs. THELMA, wife of Pierre Jean Hugo, Dental Surgeon, of Krugersdorp, Transvaal. Daughter of Mr. an ...View Full Biography
HULETTMrs. ADA, wife of Albert Sax Liege Hulett, eldest son of Sir J. L. Hulett, who helped considerably i ...View Full Biography
HULETTMrs. EILEEN ETHEL TAYLOR, wife of Guy Meredith Hulett, Assistant Manager of the firm of Sir J.L. Hul ...View Full Biography
HULETMrs. GUINEVERE LAURA, A.T.C.L. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Osborne, of Timely Manor, Natal. Born ...View Full Biography
HUMPHREYMrs. THELMA, wife of Russel Humphrey director of Humphrey Executors and Trust Company Ltd. of Port E ...View Full Biography
HUMPHREYSMrs. MAUDE ELIZABETH, wife of W.B. Humphreys, M.P. for Beaconsfield C.P. Daughter of late Mr. and Mr ...View Full Biography
HUNTMrs. MADGE VICTORIA, born Tait, wife of John Herbert Hunt. Born in the Isle of Man, educated at Phil ...View Full Biography
HUNTERMrs. MARGARET, wife of the Rev. David Hunter. Daughter of Mr. Hugh Stewart and Ann Ledingham. Born a ...View Full Biography
HUNTERMrs. MAUDE, widow of Dr. W. Harry Hunter, of Edinburgh, and Turffontein, Johannesburg. Daughter of t ...View Full Biography
HURDMrs. ELIZABETH, wife of Percy Leopold Hurd, Estate Agent, founder of the firm of Hurd & Co., the lon ...View Full Biography
HURDMrs. LILY, wife of Herbert Hurd, eldest daughter of the late Capt. and Mrs. Kinnersley. Born at Hull ...View Full Biography
HURWITZMrs. ESTHER ROSE, wife of Herman Hurwitz, M.P.S. (Lond.). Only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I. Abrahams, ...View Full Biography
HUTTONMrs. ANNIE LOUISA, M.A., wife of Horace William Damant Hutton, one of the Sundays River Settlers and ...View Full Biography
HUXTABLEMrs. MARY FLEEN, wife of O. Huxtable, late Manager United Tobacco Co. Daughter of Mr. John Connolly. ...View Full Biography
HYAMPHYLLIS CHAPPELL, I.S.D.T, S.A.D.T.A., daughter of Mrs. M. E. and the late S. C. Hyam (born at Wimbl ...View Full Biography
HYSLOPLady MARGARET, widow of Sir Thomas Hyslop. Daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Torrance, of Glas ...View Full Biography
HAMMANNMrs. EVA MABEL, born Daniels, widow of Hugh Corbit, McGregor, now married to Dr. J.H. Hammann. Born ...View Full Biography
HANDSMrs. SYBIL JOYCE, wife of Philip Albert Myburgh Hands, accountant, director of the firm of Hands & S ...View Full Biography
HARRISMrs. MURIEL PENRUDDOCKE, wife of Robert Henry Thomas Penruddocke Harris, director, Tsetse Fly Contro ...View Full Biography
HEINXMiss GERTRUDE, daughter of F.J. Heinx, designer for the ex-German Royal Court. Born and educated at ...View Full Biography
HODSDONMrs. ANNA, wife of John Hodsdon, merchant. Daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Regenass of Germany. Bo ...View Full Biography
HOLDSWORTHMrs. ENID ELEANOR CHARLOTTE, born Brooks, wife of Frank Holdsworth, who has been with the 'Star' for ...View Full Biography
HUNTERMrs. C.A., wife of David Hunter, banker, son of late Sir David Hunter of Natal. Born in Worcestershi ...View Full Biography
HILLMrs. MARY, was the wife of the late Samuel Hill, pioneer who came to South Africa in the very early ...View Full Biography
HOWARDMrs. EMILY STRINGFELLOW formerly Harding, was the wife of William Ernest Howard. Was the daughter of ...View Full Biography