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Woman of South Africa 1935 Search
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JACKMrs. NANCY, wife of Lewis George Jack. Daughter of Peter Cameron, of Huntingtower, Perth, Scotland. ...View Full Biography
JACKSONMrs. BLANCHE FLORENCE, wife of Henry Jackson, son of the late Capt. C. H. Jackson, late 86th Regimen ...View Full Biography
JACKSONMrs. FAY ESTELLE, wife of J. J. Jackson, J.P., R.M., grandson of the late Rev. Thomas Jackson, one o ...View Full Biography
JACKSONMrs. MARY BEATRICE, wife of John Jackson, M.A., D.Sc., F.R.A.S., His Majesty's Astronomer, Cape Town ...View Full Biography
JACKSONMrs. OLGA MARTHA, daughter of Rev H. Muller, Superintendent General of Union for Lutheran Missions. ...View Full Biography
JACKSONMrs. OLIVE JANE, wife of Percy Jackson, Principal of the Germiston Central School. Daughter of the l ...View Full Biography
JACKSON-LIPKINMrs. SARA, wife of Matt Jackson-Lipkin, Director of Companies. Daughter of Mr. J. M. Patley, merchan ...View Full Biography
JACOBSONMrs. BERTHA, wife of Abel Harris Jacobson, Managing Director of African Dairies and Ice Works, Ltd., ...View Full Biography
JAECKELMrs. ANNIE CAROLINE wife of Franz Otto Jaeckel, A.M.I., Mech. E. of General Mining and Finance Corp. ...View Full Biography
JAMESMrs. CHARLOTTE AUGUSTA GEORGINA, born Springorum, wife of Walter Humphreys James, son of the late Hu ...View Full Biography
JAMESLYNETTE, A.R.C.M., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. James, of Maritzburg. Born at Maritzburg and educated ...View Full Biography
JAMESONMrs. FRIEDA, wife of Mr. E. Jameson; widow of A. C. Lurie, B.Sc., Mining Engineer. Daughter of Isaak ...View Full Biography
JAMIESONMrs. BERTHA, widow of Edward Jamieson, late of the firm of Dobbin & Jaimieson, Durban. Second daught ...View Full Biography
JAMISONMrs. MARGARET, City Councillor of Johannesburg (1938), widow of Samuel Jamison. Daughter of the late ...View Full Biography
JANIONMrs. EILEEN MARY, wife of Claude Wilson Janion, D.S.O., Headmaster of Pridwin School, St. Andrew's S ...View Full Biography
JARVISMrs. MARIE, wife of Cyril Chester Jarvis, K.C., formerly Attorney-General of Natal, now Senior Law A ...View Full Biography
JECKSMrs. JEAN ISOBEL, wife of Marcel William Jecks. Daughter of Robert Howie, Bank Manager and famous go ...View Full Biography
JEFFERYSMiss AMY MAY, whose ancestors originally came from England, soon after the arrival of the 1820 Briti ...View Full Biography
JEFFERYSMiss LUCY ELLEN. Born at Grahamstown, C.P., and was educated at St. Peter's Private School and the G ...View Full Biography
JEHUMrs. GERALDINE MARY, wife of Ralph Maurice Jehu, M.Sc. (Wales), F.R.G.S., F.G.S., Lecturer-in-Charge ...View Full Biography
JENKINSMrs. KATHARINE WALDRON, born Warren, wife of the Venerable Archdeacon A. M. Jenkins, of Pretoria. Bo ...View Full Biography
JENNINGSMrs. BERTHA MAY BERRY, wife of Daniel James Berry-Jennings, who came from New Zealand to South Afric ...View Full Biography
JEPPEMrs. CICELY, wife of Harold Jeppe, Managing Director of South African Townships Mining and Finance C ...View Full Biography
JEPPEMrs. GILDA BICCARD, wife of C. W. Biccard Jeppe, A.R.S.M., D.I.C., M.Sc., M.Inst. M.M., Professor of ...View Full Biography
JEPPEMrs. LOUIE, wife of Albrecht Jeppe, youngest son of the late Julius Jeppe, of Johannesburg, and brot ...View Full Biography
JERRARDMrs. OLIVE MAUDE, wife of Edmund Paul Jerrard, retired. Daughter of the late Rubin Herbert Healy, of ...View Full Biography
JESSEMrs. KATIE HELENA, born Morris, wife of Henry Archibald Jesse. Born at Cape Town, educated at St. Cy ...View Full Biography
JEWELLMrs. LOUISE ANNLYNN, widow of Edward Jewell, who was foreman carpenter under Cecil Rhodes and knew m ...View Full Biography
JOELMrs. PEGGY, wife of Geoffrey J. Joel, Director of Companies, etc., of Johannesburg. Daughter of Davi ...View Full Biography
JOHNSONMrs. DAISY, widow of Johnny Johnson, merchant. Eldest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Kerby. ...View Full Biography
JOHNSONMiss ELEANOR ALICE, born at Chester, England, and educated at Dee Convent House, Chester. Adopted th ...View Full Biography
JOHNSONMrs. MARGARET AMELIA, born Granger, wife of Percy Hugh Johnson. Born at London and educated at Miss ...View Full Biography
JOHNSTONMrs. FLORA, wife of James Johnston. J.P., Vice-President of the Ratepayers' Association, Durban. Sec ...View Full Biography
JOHNSTONMrs. JANET, wife of Reginald, Noel Johnston: M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Moodie. Bo ...View Full Biography
JONESMrs. EDITH BEATRICE RHEINALLT, born Barton, wife of John David Rheinallt Jones, Senator, Advisor to ...View Full Biography
JONESMiss ELAINE ATHILDA (BILLIE), daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Jones, of Cape Town. Born at Sea Point ...View Full Biography
JONESMrs. EVELYN ALICE, widow of Charles Arthur McDonough Jones; daughter of the late Frederick Nyce and ...View Full Biography
JONESMrs. FRANCES VIVIAN MARY CARLETON, wife of Guy Carleton-Jones, Joint Manager and Consulting Engineer ...View Full Biography
JONESMrs. GWYNYTH CONSTANCE DOROTHY, wife of the Hon. Justice Percy Sidney Twentyman Jones, K.C., B.A., L ...View Full Biography
JOOSTEMrs. DOROTHY ADELINE, wife of Erasmus Jooste, Attorney and an ex-mayor of Klerksdorp, Transvaal. Dau ...View Full Biography
JORDAANMrs. ELIZABETH JOHANNA, widow of G. J. Jordaan. Daughter of Pieter Daniel de Wet and Elsie Carolina ...View Full Biography
JORDAANMrs. HELENA MARIA, wife of P. J. Jordaan, Director of K.W.V. Daughter of the late Mr. Brink, formerl ...View Full Biography
JORDAANMrs. JOHANNA SUSSANA, wife of P. J. Jordaan, formerly M.P. for Ladismith, C.P., progressive farmer i ...View Full Biography
JORDAANMrs. RACHEL WILHELMINA, wife of Abraham Jordaan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Burger, prominent fa ...View Full Biography
JORISSENMrs. MARY ADELINE, wife of Judge S. G. Jorissen, son of the late Dr. E. P. Jorissen. Daughter of the ...View Full Biography
JOUBERTMrs. ENID (FRANK), wife of Captain Frank A. Joubert, M.P. for Mowbray, C.P. Daughter of Mrs. H. P. a ...View Full Biography
JOUBERTMrs. HESTER, widow of P. J. Joubert, a member of one of the oldest and best respected families in th ...View Full Biography
JURGENSMiss SOPHIA ALETTA, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Cloete Jurgens, of the farm 'Weltevred ...View Full Biography
JUSTICECONSTANCE DOLORES, wife of James Chappel Justice, B.S., daughter of H. P. Rudds, director De Beers C ...View Full Biography
JANOVERMrs. LENA QUEENIE, estate agent, wife of Joseph Janover, attorney of Pretoria, Transvaal, and daught ...View Full Biography
JENNINGSMrs. IRENE, wife of Hubert Jennings, B.A. (Aberystyh), Wales. Headmaster of the Stanger Intermediate ...View Full Biography
JOHNSTONMrs. AMY, wife of D.G. Johnston, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. James Anderson of Co. Angus, Scot ...View Full Biography
JOUBERTMrs. ELIZABETH, widow of J.A.B. Joubert, Greytown, Natal (1909), a well-known solicitor of the firm ...View Full Biography
JUDSONMrs. KATHLEEN, wife of Harry Judson, retired banker. Daughter of the late T. Sheffield, journalist a ...View Full Biography
JUSTICEMrs. ALETTA JANE, born McCabe, widow of Bertram Henry Justice (1910), and a descendant of a well-kno ...View Full Biography
JOELMrs. ESTHER, born Barnett, was married to the late David Mark Joel. Born at Warsaw, Poland, and educ ...View Full Biography
JONESMrs. MARGARET JOSEPHINE, was the wife of Edgar Lawrence Twentyman Jones, solicitor, of Cape Town. Yo ...View Full Biography