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Woman of South Africa 1935 Search
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KEMPEMrs. BERTHA EMMA MARIA, wife of Alwin Kempe. Born at Koschmin, Posen, Germany, and educated at Dresd ...View Full Biography
KEMSLEYMrs. ROSINA, wife of Clifford Basil Kemsley, son of the late J. C. Kemsley, M.B.E., J.P., Mayor of P ...View Full Biography
KENNARDMrs. MARGARET, wife of R. W. Kennard, Contractor. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ellis. Born at Stroud, En ...View Full Biography
KENTMrs. ETHEL, wife of Victor Kent, Merchant of Johannesburg. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Close. Bor ...View Full Biography
KERRMiss YVONNE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Kerr, of Johannesburg, was born at Johannesburg and educ ...View Full Biography
KERSHAWMrs. KATHLEEN WINIFRED, wife of Henry David Kershaw, of Burton-on-Trent, International Rugby player, ...View Full Biography
KETCHENELIZABETH, widow of Dr. Arthur Dickson Ketchen. Born in Ireland and educated at Chester, England. Th ...View Full Biography
KIDWELLMrs. KATE, wife of the Rev. A. A. Kidwell, of Germiston, Transvaal. Daughter of Henry Hollidge, Corn ...View Full Biography
KILROEMiss FRANCES CATHERINE, B.Sc. (Lond.), Professor of Chemistry and Acting Principal of the Huguenot U ...View Full Biography
KIMBELLMiss OLIVE MARGARET, L.R.A.M., daughter of N. P. Kimbell, of Walgrave, Northampton, England, and Mrs ...View Full Biography
KING-HALLMrs AGNES HELENA GRAHAM, widow of Colonel Charles Augustus King-Hall, R. Munster Fusiliers. Daughter ...View Full Biography
KINGMrs. ESTELLA ANNE, daughter off. B. Rankine, Architect and Consulting Engineer, and at one tinge Gov ...View Full Biography
KINGHENRIETTA ANNIE, born Pyle, wife of Francis Richard King, farmer, second son of the late Dick King, ...View Full Biography
KALMANSONMrs. EMILY, wife of W. L. Kalmanson. Daughter of Mrs. S. Gordon and the late S. Gordon. Born at Ladi ...View Full Biography
KALMANSONMrs. JANE, wife of I. D. Kalmanson. Daughter of Mrs. Osrin and the late Abel Osrin, of Russia. Born ...View Full Biography
KANNEMEYERMrs. JANE ELIZABETH. wife of D. Victor Kannemeyer, daughter of the late Donald Strachan. M.C.C. for ...View Full Biography
KAPLANSOPHIE HANNAH, M.B., Ch.B., eldest daughter of A. Kaplan, a pioneer of the Rand, having arrived ther ...View Full Biography
KASTRUPMrs. FRANCES EDITH, born Gee, wife of Odin Kastrup, Consul for Denmark. Born at Pendlebury, Lancashi ...View Full Biography
KAYSERMrs. VIOLET MAUD, born Webber, widow of C. F. Kayser, formerly a partner in the firm of Phillip Bros ...View Full Biography
KEATINGMrs. KATE, widow of Frank Keating. Daughter of the late E. L. Lazarus and Mrs. R. Lazarus, of Johann ...View Full Biography
KEATINGMrs. WINIFRED STANGER, born Hayler, wife of W. T. Keating, M.P.S., of Johannesburg. Her grandparents ...View Full Biography
KELFKENSMrs. CLAUDIA ADELAIDE, wife of Willem Constantyn Kelfkens, well-known builder and contractor of Joha ...View Full Biography
KEMPMrs. BEATRICE MAUDE, widow of Andrew Kemp, of Rosemarkie, Inverness, Scotland. Daughter of the late ...View Full Biography
KEMPMiss RUTH, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Kemp, of Johannesburg. Born at Johannesburg, was educated in ...View Full Biography
KINGMrs. REBECCA CLIFT, A.R.A.M. (Honoris causa), L.R.A.M., wife of L .A. T. King. Daughter of the late ...View Full Biography
KIRCHOFFMrs. EMMA AUGUSTA, born Raatz, wife of C. Kirchhoff, merchant, of Johannesburg. Born at Zippnow, Wes ...View Full Biography
KIRKPATRICKMrs. MARGARET, wife of A. C. Kirkpatrick, M.R.C.V.S., Assistant Director of Municipal Abattoirs, Joh ...View Full Biography
KIRSHONMrs. GERTRUDE, wife of Jacob Kirshon, merchant. Daughter of the late P. Z. Schulmann and Mrs. M. Sch ...View Full Biography
KISCHMiss KATHARINE FLORENCE MAUDE, Civil Servant, daughter of the late D. M. Kisch, who came to this cou ...View Full Biography
KLENERMANPAULINE, M.D., born at Kimberley, C.P., and educated at the Kimberley Girls' High School; studied me ...View Full Biography
KLERCKMrs. ANNA TOBIA, wife of George William Klerck. Born at Koeberg, Cape, and educated at the Bloemhof ...View Full Biography
KLEUMrs. GABRIELLE IRIS, wife of Edwin Basil Kleu. Daughter of the late Sir Theodore and Lady Fry, of Be ...View Full Biography
KLIPPERTMrs. HELEN, wife of Louis Klippert, of Johannesburg. Daughter of Herman and Sophie David, old pionee ...View Full Biography
KNIGHTMrs. DORA ANNIE, wife of T. C. Knight, co-general manager of Messrs. T. W. Becket & Co., Pretoria. B ...View Full Biography
KNIGHTMrs. M. E., wife of Cecil Knight, Mayor of Krugersdorp, Transvaal, 1934-5. Daughter of J. J. Tremeer ...View Full Biography
KNIPHOUSEMrs. CONSTANCE HELEN, Principa of 'Abington Kindergarten' Mayfair, Johannesburg. Wife of William Cha ...View Full Biography
KOCHMERCY EVELYN, the wife of August Christoffel Koch and daughter of George Fraser. Born and educated a ...View Full Biography
KOHLERMrs. ETHEL, daughter of Archibald Beadle. Her grandfather came out to South Africa in 1817 with Col. ...View Full Biography
KOHLERMrs. RUBY PEARL, wife of C. W. Kohler, J.P., Chairman of K.W.V., Director of S.A. Mutual Assurance C ...View Full Biography
KOHNMrs. HANNAH, wife of Dr. Salo Kohn, resident at Lichtenburg, Transvaal, for over forty years, was Di ...View Full Biography
KOLBEMrs. MARTHA SOPHIA, wife of C. A. Kolbe, farmer, whose grandparents came to South Africa from London ...View Full Biography
KOSSUTHMrs. BELLA, born Aschman, widow of Joseph Kossuth, son of Henry Kossuth, pioneer of Kimberley, C.P. ...View Full Biography
KOSTERMrs. MAY MARGARET ELIZABETH, born Scherneckau, wife of John Peter Koster, one of the few remaining e ...View Full Biography
KOTZEMARGARETHA JELDINA, Lady, wife of the Hon. Sir John Gilbert Kotze, former chief justice of the Trans ...View Full Biography
KOTZEMARIA BEATRICE, Lady, wife of Sir Robert Kotze, M.P. for Springs and Vice-Chancellor of the Universi ...View Full Biography
KRAUSEDr. EMILIA, wife of Dr. Raymond Theron, of Bloemfontein, O.F.S. Daughter of Dr. Otto Krause, the wel ...View Full Biography
KRAUSEMrs. MARGARET, widow of Ferdinand George Krause, Mining Engineer. Daughter of the late R. Hamilton, ...View Full Biography
KRIGEMrs. ALIDA, born Gie, wife of Johannes Edmund Joubert Krige, Member of Parliament for Worcester, C.P ...View Full Biography
KRIGEMrs. SUZAN, wife of William Adolph Krige. Daughter of the late A. C. Koch, well-known merchant and f ...View Full Biography
KROGHDr. GRACE, Medical Practitioner, of Johannesburg. Daughter of the late John C. and J. M. Krogh. Born ...View Full Biography
KROHNMrs. ALICE, O.B.E., wife of Herman Alexander Krohn, son of Nicholas Peter Krohn, of Grahamstown, C.P ...View Full Biography
KRONEMrs. FRANCES ELIZABETH KOLBE, wife of Nicholas Charles Krone, Manager of the Luipaardsvlei Estate,Tr ...View Full Biography
KRYNAUWMrs. BERTHA, wife of Anthony H. Krynauw, B.Sc., General Manager of the East Rand Proprietary Mines, ...View Full Biography
KUFALMrs. BEE GERTRUDE ANNE, widow of Albert Kufal, well-known solicitor of Maritzburg, Natal. Daughter o ...View Full Biography
KUSCHKEMrs. MARTHA MARGARETHA MARIA, wife of George A. C. Kuschke, formerly Director of Education in the Tr ...View Full Biography
KUSSELMiss SALLIE, daughter of Mrs. and the late Mr. M. Kussel, of Oudtshoorn, C.P. Was born at Oudtshoorn ...View Full Biography
KUYSMiss ENID BLANCHE, daughter of H. R. van Lier Kuys, late of Surveyor-General's Department of the Uni ...View Full Biography
KEYTERMrs. KITTY, wife of P.I. Keyter, farmer, Mayor of Aberdeen, C.P., since 1932. Daughter of Mr. C.J. V ...View Full Biography
KINCAID-SMITHMrs. MARGARET CRAMOND, wife of Aurel Kincaid-Smith, (1921), son of the late Thomas Hector Smith and ...View Full Biography
KLOPPERSMiss MARIA, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. B.J. Kloppers of Robertson, Cape. Born at Ladismith, C ...View Full Biography
KNAUPPMiss HILDA KATHERINE, daughter of Leonard Knaupp and Mrs. Knaupp, who came to South Africa in about ...View Full Biography
KNIGHTMrs. JOYCE GWENDOLINE, wife of James Joseph Knight, merchant of Cape Town, C.P. Daughter of Percival ...View Full Biography
KOCHMrs. DEBORAH MAGDELENA, born Smuts, widow of A.C. Koch of Malmesbury, C.P., one of the best-known bu ...View Full Biography
KOLBEMrs. FRIEDA, wife of John Gerson Kolbe (farmer). Born at Cape Town, C.P., and educated privately and ...View Full Biography
KORTEMrs. GRACE, wife of Johannes Korte, builder of Cape Town. C.P., who was responsible for the building ...View Full Biography
KELLYMrs. MARY ANN, was the wife of James Kelly, master builder, pioneer who came to South Africa in 1893 ...View Full Biography
KLERCKMrs. ANNA M., was married to John Rheynold Klerck, retired manager of the Standard Bank of South Afr ...View Full Biography
KUHNMiss DINA MAREE, musician and historian, L.C.N.M., L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M., M.R.S.T., A.R.C.M. (Eloc.). B ...View Full Biography