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Woman of South Africa 1935 Search
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ROGERS-JENKINSMrs. SARA KEAT, born Pierce, wife of Arthur Rogers-Jenkins, Engineer of Durban. Born at Forest, Onta ...View Full Biography
RABIEMrs. NONNIE, born Joubert, wife of Pierre Rabie, chief Government inspector under Wine, Spirits and ...View Full Biography
RABINOWITZMrs. VICKY, wife of Dr. Albert Rabinowitz, medical practitioner of Johannesburg and daughter of Mr. ...View Full Biography
RANDMrs. LAETITIA, wife of Reginald Charles Rand, and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. de Villiers of Gardens ...View Full Biography
RAPHAELYMrs. JUDITH MONTEFIORE, wife of Leo Raphaely, third daughter of the Rev. Goldreich, for 37 years min ...View Full Biography
RASMUSSENMrs. WALBORG MARGRETHE, wife of Otto Rasmussen, managing director, East Asiatic Co. (S.A.), Ltd. and ...View Full Biography
RATHBONEMrs. IRIS, wife of Christopher Greg Rathbone, a prominent farmer and one of the earliest settlers in ...View Full Biography
RATHFELDERMiss BRENDA EVELYN, daughter of Otto Rathfelder, of Belle Ombre, Constantia, C.P., and Mrs. Rathfeld ...View Full Biography
RATHFELDERMrs. EVELINE BLANCHE, wife of Otto Emanuel Rathfelder, farmer of Constantia and son of the late John ...View Full Biography
RATHOUSEMrs. MURIEL, wife of Oscar Rathouse, advocate of the Supreme Court of South Africa, Transvaal Divisi ...View Full Biography
RAVIDMrs. BERTHA, wife- of Mr. Willie Ravid, daughter of Mr. Hillelsohn. Born in Russia and educated in R ...View Full Biography
RAWBONEMrs. ANNIE CHRISTINE MURRAY, O.B.R., wife of T. Murray Rawbone. Born in Burma, India. Daughter of th ...View Full Biography
READMrs. MARTHA MATHILDA, first married to Sir Christian Felling, who died in 1928, now wife of Herbert ...View Full Biography
READERMrs. ANNE LOUISE, wife of Percy Edward James Reader, merchant; daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. W.G ...View Full Biography
REDHILLMrs. JANET, wife of S. Redhill, M.B.E., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kaplan and niece of Professor Dr. I ...View Full Biography
REDRUPMrs. GERTRUDE FENELLA, R.R.C., M.B.E. (1935), councillor of Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia, widow of Si ...View Full Biography
REEKERSMrs. ALICE MARY, wife of Andries C. Reekers, former branch manager of the Southern Life Association, ...View Full Biography
REICHEMrs. ELSE, widow of George Reiche, farmer. Daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Von Alt-Stutterheim. Bo ...View Full Biography
REIDMrs. GLADYS FISCHER ORMISTON wife of John Ormiston Reid. Daughter of H. W. Scholtz of Cape Town and ...View Full Biography
REINECKEMrs. LILIAN MAY, widow of Dr. Leopold Reinecke, Ph.D., Geologist, formerly attached to the New Conso ...View Full Biography
REISENERMrs. SYLVANA FLORENCE, wife of Otto Reisener, manager of the German Club, Pretoria, for fourteen yea ...View Full Biography
REITZMrs. A., wife of Charles Reitz, solicitor, Bloemfontein, O.F.S., daughter of Thomas Barry. Born in H ...View Full Biography
REITZMrs. ELZINE, wife of Dr. Hjalmar Reitz, L.L.B., ex-M.P. for Jeppe, son of the late President Reitz o ...View Full Biography
REITZMrs. LEILA AGNES BUISSINNE, M.P. for Parktown, Johannesburg. Wife of Col. the Hon. Deneys Reitz, Min ...View Full Biography
REIVEMiss JANET HERD LITTLE, born at Edinburgh, Scotland, and educated at George Watson Ladies' College. ...View Full Biography
RENAUDMrs. CECILE, born La Tarche and widow of Leon Renaud, barrister-at-law, Middle Temple, England (1901 ...View Full Biography
RENNIEMrs. ANNIE DAVIDSON, born Minty, wife of David Swart Rennie, managing director of George Stott & Co. ...View Full Biography
RENNIEMrs. ELSSIE, wife of Charles Robert Rennie, N1.P., who arrived in this country in 1882 and learned f ...View Full Biography
RESTSONIA, wife of Norman Seymour and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. Rest, of Bloemfontein, O.F.S. Born at ...View Full Biography
RETIEFMrs. ANNA HILDEGONA, wife of Pieter Rousseau Retief, attorney, town councillor, secretary to the U.S ...View Full Biography
REUNERTMrs. CATHERINE WINIFRED, wife of Philip Jamieson Reunert, director of Messrs. Reunert & Lenz. Ltd., ...View Full Biography
REYNOLDSMiss BERYL IRENE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.T. Reynolds, M.B.E. Born at Johannesburg and educated a ...View Full Biography
REYNOLDSMrs. EILEEN MARY, wife of Lewis Frank Reynolds, B.A. (Oxon.), M.P., served with the Coldstream Guard ...View Full Biography
RHODESMiss EVA MARY SAMUEL-, certificated trained nurse and matron. Born at Adelaide, South Australia, and ...View Full Biography
RHODESMrs. NELLIE, wife of C.T. Rhodes, engineer, now fruit farming at the Cape. Daughter of the late Robe ...View Full Biography
RHODES HARRISONMrs. MILDRED, wife of W. Rhodes Harrison, architect of Bloemfontein, O.F.S. Second daughter of Mr. W ...View Full Biography
RICHARDSONPHOEBE, Lady, widow of Sir Lewis Richardson, Bart., C.B.E., one of the most respected and representa ...View Full Biography
RICHTERDr. JACOMINA ADRIANA, B.Sc. (Rand), L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S. (Edin.). Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Barry Richt ...View Full Biography
RICKETTSMrs. ETHEL MARGARET, wife of C.S. Ricketts (1931), O.B.E., who is on the staff of the Agent-General ...View Full Biography
RIELLYMrs. IDA FLORENCE, wife of John Rielly, and daughter of the late William Kennedy, formerly of Edinbu ...View Full Biography
RIGGMrs. JOAN HUNTER, wife of J. W. Rigg, of Durban. Daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. J. Hunter, of Sco ...View Full Biography
RIGGMrs. LILIAN I., wife of Christopher Rigg, J.P. Daughter of John Moon, chartered accountant and audit ...View Full Biography
RILLSTONEMrs. GLADYS, wife of P.J. Rillstone, managing director of Rillstone Motors; mayor of Bloemfontein, O ...View Full Biography
RISSIKMrs. MIMMIE, widow of Johan Rissik, first administrator of the Transvaal and chairman, Railway Board ...View Full Biography
RITCHIEMiss MARY, born and educated in Edinburgh, Scotland. Studied biology and sociology at the Outlook To ...View Full Biography
ROBERTSMrs. ANNE PENRY wife of Penry Roberts, well-known business man in Johannesburg Mayor of Johannesburg ...View Full Biography
ROBERTSESTHER LINDSAY, B.A. (Hons.), M.A., African Studies, only child of Mr. and Mrs. A. Roberts, of Durba ...View Full Biography
ROBERTSMrs. MARGHERITA, widow of F.G.A. Roberts, D.Sc. (died, 1938), and daughter of William Stephens, late ...View Full Biography
ROBERTSMrs. MINNIE ELIZABETH, widow of Frank John Roberts, former City councillor of Johannesburg and M.P. ...View Full Biography
ROBERTSMrs. WINIFRED FRANCIS, widow of Walter Benjamin Roberts, C.A. (S.A.), who was president of the Natal ...View Full Biography
ROBERTSONMrs. ADELAIDE MARY McCULLOCH, widow of James McCulloch Robertson, R.B.C., landscape painter, exhibit ...View Full Biography
ROBERTSONMrs. HESTER CHRISTINA ELIZABETH, wife of Senator Francis William Reitz Robertson, daughter of Cornel ...View Full Biography
ROBERTSONMrs. JANET KENNEDY, teacher of modern languages, wife of Dr. J.P. Robertson, M.A., Ph.D., F.I.C. Eld ...View Full Biography
ROBERTSONDr. JANET McLEOD (medical practitioner). Daughter of the late Rev. J.T. Robertson, of Rurki, India, ...View Full Biography
ROBINSONALICE JOSEPHINE, Lady, wife of Sir Joseph Benjamin Robinson, Bart., ex-M.P. for Wynberg, C.P., son o ...View Full Biography
ROBINSONMrs. BERGIT, wife of Dr. Eric Maxwell Robinson, sub-director of Veterinary Services, Onderstepoort, ...View Full Biography
ROBINSONMiss FLORENCE MILDDRED, daughter of the late Sir Joseph Benjamin Robinson, Bart., one of the pioneer ...View Full Biography
ROBINSONMrs. MARGARET ANNIE, born Midgley, wife of Frank Edwin Robinson, M.P.S., mayor of Port Shepstone (19 ...View Full Biography
ROCHEMrs. VIOLET KATHLEEN, wife of Patrick John Roche. Born at Uitenhage, C.P. Has three daughters, Moya, ...View Full Biography
ROGERSMiss CAROLINE, missionary. Born and educated in London, England. Before coming to South Africa, at t ...View Full Biography
ROGERSMrs. MAUD, born at Dublin, Ireland, educated in England and came to South Africa in 1892. During the ...View Full Biography
ROGERSMrs. VERA MARGUERITE, wife of Percy Holden Rogers, a pioneer of Johannesburg. Daughter of C.A.O. Bai ...View Full Biography
ROLFEMrs. AGNES HARRIET, wife of Alfred Rolfe, retired engineer of Cape Town. Born and educated at Cape T ...View Full Biography
ROODMrs. GERTRUDA ANNA, wife of K. Rood, late member of Miners' Phthisis Board, Johannesburg. Daughter o ...View Full Biography
ROOKEMrs. EILEEN NATALIE, wife of Franklin Rooke, city librarian, Durban Municipality. Daughter of the la ...View Full Biography
ROOSMrs. DIRKIE ELIZABETH, widow of Tielman Roos, L.L.P., M.P. for Lichtenburg for fifteen years, Bethal ...View Full Biography
ROPERMrs. CHARLOTTE LYDIA, wife of Charles, Thomas Roper, of Durban. Born at Sedgefield, Durham, England. ...View Full Biography
ROSE INNESJESSIE DODS, C.B.E., wife of the Rt. Hon. Sir James Rose Innes, P.C., K.C.M.G., K.C., former Chief J ...View Full Biography
ROSEMadame M.C., born Bloch. Born in Russia and educated at Warsaw, Russia and Berlin, Germany; studied ...View Full Biography
ROSENBERGMrs. JENNY, widow of J. Rosenberg. Daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Lehr. Born at Mitau, Latvia, an ...View Full Biography
ROSHOLTMrs. ELLA, wife of Konrad Martin Rosholt, merchant, of Durban, and of Grimstad, Norway. Daughter of ...View Full Biography
ROSSSister C. L., daughter of William George Robinson. Born at Tredegar, Monmouthshire. Educated at Lond ...View Full Biography
ROSSMrs. EDITH, wife of Norman C. Ross. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.D. Armer. Born and educated at Barrow ...View Full Biography
ROSSMrs. FRANCES ANNAN, widow of Hugh Anton Ross. Daughter of D.A. Kain, an old and respected resident o ...View Full Biography
ROSSMiss ROBINA MARION (matron). Daughter of the late Archibald Ross, farmer of Zeerust, Transvaal. Born ...View Full Biography
ROUGHMiss MARY LOUISA, trained as a kindergarten teacher at Cradock Training College (1930); took up nurs ...View Full Biography
ROUSSEAUMrs. HENDRINA HELENA, widow of Willem Petrus Rousseau, D. Ref. Minister at the time of the Boer War ...View Full Biography
ROUTHMrs. ETHEL, widow of Gerald Routh, of the W.R.C. Mines. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cumming of Kingwill ...View Full Biography
ROUXMARGARET (Mrs. SUSANNE MARGARET ATKINSON), the well-known South African dramatic soprano. Wife of C. ...View Full Biography
ROUXMrs. MARIA JOHANNA (born Kloppers), wife of Willem Petrus Roux, prominent wine merchant (manager of ...View Full Biography
ROUXMrs. OTTILIE HENRIETTA, wife of Lieut.-Col. D.J. Roux, Commandant of the Military College at Robert' ...View Full Biography
ROUXMrs. SUSANNAH JUSTINA, widow of Andrew S. Roux, who in his lifetime was senior partner of Roux & Jac ...View Full Biography
ROUX-NELMrs. HENDREEN, wife of Theunis Roux-Nel, prominent resident of Greytown, Natal. Daughter of Mr. and ...View Full Biography
ROUX-NELHETTY, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Roux-Nel, of Greytown. Born at Vrede, Free State, and educated in ...View Full Biography
RUBENSOHNMrs. ANNIE, wife of R. Rubensohn and a niece of Benjamin Newman, of Birmingham, England. Born at Bir ...View Full Biography
RUDDLEMrs. HELEN MARION, widow of Henry John Ruddle, a well-known merchant of Port Elizabeth, former head ...View Full Biography
RUSSELLAGNES, treasurer, Guild of Loyal Women; member of Women's Civic Society; National Council of Women; ...View Full Biography
RUSSELLALICE (Mrs. ALICE MAUD BASSETT), wife of W.J. Bassett, retired Johannesburg Municipal Service. Daugh ...View Full Biography
RUTHERFORDMiss ANNIE FLORENCE, daughter of the late George Rutherford, C.M.G. and Marianne Fraser, who came ou ...View Full Biography
RUTOWITZMrs. LEAH ZELDA, wife of Councillor Saul Rutowitz, Pretoria City Council. Daughter of Mr. Kitay. Bor ...View Full Biography
RUXTONMrs. LAURA, widow of Captain Charles Ruston, Ardee, Ireland. Daughter of Rev. Ralph. Daly-Cocking of ...View Full Biography
RYANMrs. EFFIE FRANCES, widow of John Hall Ryan, of Johannesburg. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lewis. ...View Full Biography
RYLEYMrs. ELEANOR MURIEL STEEL, wife of Percy Ryley, M.P.C. for Newcastle, Natal. Born in Utrecht, Natal ...View Full Biography
RAATHMevr. ANNA CATHARINA, eggenote van Charles Stenens Raath, lid van Myntering raad. Dogter van M.P. Lo ...View Full Biography
REIDMrs. MARY, widow of Andrew Bernard Reid, who died during the Great War. Born and educated at Aberdee ...View Full Biography
REINECKEMrs. IRIS KATHLEEN, wife of Professor Otto Samuel Herbert Reinecke, D.Sc. (Agric., Ontario), B.Sc., ...View Full Biography
ROBERTSMrs. PHYLLIS ELAINE, wife of Lawrence Roberts, engineer of Johannesburg. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. ...View Full Biography
ROUXMrs. ANNA FRANSINA, wife of Pietrus Johannes Roux, farmer, formerly married to the late Abraham Mara ...View Full Biography
RADEMEYERMrs. HESTER CATHERINE DU BRUYNE, was the wife of the late J.M. Rademeyer, M.L.A. for Humansdorp Dist ...View Full Biography
RETIEFMrs. ANNE MARIA, was the wife of Senator the Hon. Dan Retief of Wellington, C.P., eldest daughter of ...View Full Biography
RICHARDSONMrs. FANNY GRABINSKA, was the wife of the late Kaufman Richardson, was born in Golinie, County of Ko ...View Full Biography
RUSSELLMrs. FLORENCE ONO CHEYNE, was the wife of the late Dr. W.F. Russell, formerly of Boksburg, Transvaal ...View Full Biography