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Woman of South Africa 1935 Search
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SMUTSMrs. SYBELLA MARGARETHA (ISIE), wife of the Rt. Hon. General Jan Christian Smuts, Minister of Justic ...View Full Biography
SPENCER-BROWNMARGARET ANN, married to Mr. Ernest Spencer-Brown, Civil Servant. Born at Penclawdd, South Wales, En ...View Full Biography
STANLEYMrs. MARGARET ROLLAND, wife of Charles Stanley, inspector. Daughter of Mrs. and the late W. Letham o ...View Full Biography
STARFIELDMrs. NELLIE, wife of B. Starfield, Daughter of Mrs. A. Isaacs, of Cape Town. Born at Rustenburg, Tra ...View Full Biography
STARKMrs. CHRISTINE MARIE, wife of John Powning Stark, agent of Springs, Transvaal. Daughter of C. Staude ...View Full Biography
STARKEYMrs. ELIZABETH, born Smith, wife of Roland Starkey, M.I.M.M., consulting mining engineer of Bulawayo ...View Full Biography
STARLINGMrs. BEATRICE MAUDE, wife of Percy Alfred Nainby Starling, of Saffron Walden, England, sugar planter ...View Full Biography
STEELBARBARA JOANNA, Lady, married (1) Sir James Steel, (2) Colonel Hyslop, D.S.O. Daughter of the Rev. A ...View Full Biography
STEINBERGMrs. YETTA, born Isaacson, wife of Chief Cantor S. Steinberg of the Berea Synagogue, Johannesburg, o ...View Full Biography
STENTMiss SYDNEY MARGARET, daughter of the late Sydney Stent, F.R.I.B.A., M.I.C.E., of Wiltshire, England ...View Full Biography
STEPHANMrs. WINIFRED A., wife of H.J.C. Stephan, merchant, former Mayor of Cape Town. Born at Port Elizabet ...View Full Biography
STEPHENSMrs. MARJORIE, wife of John M. Stephens, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. A. McWilliam of Durban, N ...View Full Biography
STEPHENSONMiss CATHERINE ANN, matron of the Ventersdorp Hospital since 1934. Daughter of P.P. Stephenson. Born ...View Full Biography
STERNIRMA, well-known South African painter and sculptor. Daughter of Mrs. H. and the late Samuel Stern, ...View Full Biography
STEVENSONMrs. ALISON OGILVIE STEWART, wife of Dr. Alistair G. Stevenson of Durban. Youngest daughter of Dr. S ...View Full Biography
SACKEMrs. RACHAEL (RAIE), born Brown, widow of Henry Sacke, well-known business man of Johannesburg. Born ...View Full Biography
SACKHEIMMrs. SARAH CECILIA, wife of George Sackheim of Krugersdorp, Transvaal, who came to South Africa in 1 ...View Full Biography
SAGANLEONTINE, (professional name), actress and producer; wife of Dr. Victor Fleischer, B.A., author and ...View Full Biography
ST. LEGERMiss DOROTHY LILIAN, daughter of the late Frederick St. Leger, late director of the Cape Times, Ltd. ...View Full Biography
SALESMrs. N., wife of Douglas A. Sales, of Galvin & Sales, Cape Town. Born in Lancashire, England, came t ...View Full Biography
SALMONMrs. CELIA, wife of Captain R.J.D. Salmon, M.C., of the Game Department, East African Government Civ ...View Full Biography
SALMONMrs. IVY KATHLEEN, wife of Clifford John Salmon, company director, son of Hedley Salmon, O.B.E., for ...View Full Biography
SAMPSONMrs. SARAH ADAMIA, widow of Rev. Coldstream Ernest Sampson, Rector of Wynberg Parish from 1907-1914; ...View Full Biography
SANDMrs. GLADYS, wife of Morrie Sand, of Johannesburg. Daughter of C. Chenik, of Johannesburg. Born at A ...View Full Biography
SANDELLMrs. MARY BEATRICE, wife of Frederic Charles Sandell, a director of the United Tobacco Company and v ...View Full Biography
SANERMrs. GLORIA, born Doria, a granddaughter of Marchese di Spineto Doria, a descendant of Prince Andrea ...View Full Biography
SANGMEISTERMrs. MARIA M.J.D. W., born Ehlers, wife of Col. W. Sangmeister, D.S.O., V.D., J.P. executive member ...View Full Biography
SAPHRAMrs. TONI, widow of Bernard Saphra. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Plaut. Born and educated in Germany. Ha ...View Full Biography
SARGEANTMrs. ELIZABETH ANN, wife of B.S. Sargeant, one of the pioneer business men of the Rand. Daughter of ...View Full Biography
SATCHWELLMrs. KATHLEEN THEODORA, wife of George Leslie Satchwell, manager and local director of George Angus ...View Full Biography
SAUERMiss MAGDA, architect, is a daughter of the late J. W. Sauer and was born in the Peninsula. She was ...View Full Biography
SAVAGEMiss DOROTHY E. Born at Woodford, Essex, England and educated in England. Is principal of Wyndham Ki ...View Full Biography
SAVAGEMrs. EDITH M., widow of William F. Savage, well-known merchant of Port Elizabeth. Born at Woodford. ...View Full Biography
SAWYERMrs. ETHEL CAROLINE EDITH, wife of Captain Harry Earl Sawyer, Port Captain at Port Elizabeth and Cap ...View Full Biography
SCALLANMrs. KATHLEEN M., wife of Edward John Denson Scallan, inspector of health. Daughter of the late Dr. ...View Full Biography
SCANDRETTMrs. CHARLOTTE LOUISE, wife of Arthur William Scandrett. Daughter of the late Thomas Taylor, merchan ...View Full Biography
SCHELINMrs. KAREN MARIE, wife of Carol Theodor Schelin, land surveyor; president of the Durban Town Plannin ...View Full Biography
SCHLENGEMANNMrs. JEAN CONNAL, wife of Ernst Johan Schlengemann. Daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Allister. Born ...View Full Biography
SCHMIDTMrs. ANNE MARIE WILHELMINE, wife of Mr. C.F. Schmidt, rector of the University of Pretoria. Eldest d ...View Full Biography
SCHNAIDMrs. BEATRICE, attorney, wife of Charles Schnaid, manager of Vereeniging Milling Co., Ltd., at Sprin ...View Full Biography
SCHNEIERMiss MINNA, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Schneier. Born and educated at Johannesburg (Parktown High Scho ...View Full Biography
SCHOENMrs. EMMA RHODA, wife of Herman Schoen, well-known business man of Johannesburg. Eldest daughter of ...View Full Biography
SCHOLTZMrs. ALICE DOLORES, born Gericke, wife of Gustav Adolph Scholtz, general manager and secretary of th ...View Full Biography
SCHOLTZMrs. MARLA JOHANNA, wife of Pieter Eduard Scholtz, daughter of the late Hon. G.J. de Korte, member o ...View Full Biography
SCHONEGEVELMrs. MAY, wife of Mr. Sydney A. Schonegevel, younger brother of B.O. Schonegevel, M.P.C. for Kingwil ...View Full Biography
SCHOONRAADMiss ELEANORE GEORGINA, daughter of H.J. Schoonraad, of Cape Town, formerly a well-known resident of ...View Full Biography
SCHOUMrs. BERTHA NICKOLINE, wife of Reinholdt Schou, Diamond drilling contractor. Daughter of Hans Isakse ...View Full Biography
SCHULZMrs. MURIEL WRINCH, wife of Dr. H. Schulz. Born in Surrey, England, and educated at the English Chur ...View Full Biography
SCHURMANNCouncillor GERTRUDE CLARA, wife of Johannes Carl Schurmann, of Pretoria. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sc ...View Full Biography
SCHWALBEMiss HILDA, teacher of pianoforte, coach and accompanist of repute in Cape Town. Born at Cape Town, ...View Full Biography
SCOTTMrs. BARBARA DUFF-, wife of Dr. Duff-Scott, anaesthetist, formerly of London, now of Johannesburg; s ...View Full Biography
SCOTTMrs. EHTEL JULIA, wife of James Scott, formerly of Glasgow, mayor Port Elizabeth, 1929-30 and 1931. ...View Full Biography
SCRIVENORMrs. CHRISTINE JANE, wife of Hugh Scrivenor, secretary to Bloemfontein Board of Executors. Daughter ...View Full Biography
SEARLEMrs. LOUIE DOROTHEA ST. LEGER, wife of Frederick St. Leger Searle, advocate of the Supreme Court of ...View Full Biography
SECKERMrs. FLORENCE VICTORIA, widow of Frank Seeker, original secretary of the Durban Turf Club. Daughter ...View Full Biography
SEGELLMrs. FANNY NAOMI, wife of Mr. U. Segell, business man, one of the first purveyors of smoked meat in ...View Full Biography
SELBYMrs. ROWENA, born Moore, wife of Paul Selby. Born at Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., and educated a ...View Full Biography
SELDONMrs. EDNA NORA, wife of George Charles Herbert Seldon, chemist of Kensington, Johannesburg, well-kno ...View Full Biography
SELLEYMrs. MILDRED, director and manager of hotels at St. Lucia Bay, Zululand. Wife of Nicholas Peter Sell ...View Full Biography
SELLSMrs. MONA WINIFRED MOIREEN, widow of A.J. Sells (married, 1911), one of the first sugar planters in ...View Full Biography
SEYMOURMrs. SARAH WIGHTMAN, born Johnston, wife of Ernest Frank Seymour, retired. Born at Middlesbrough-on- ...View Full Biography
SHARMANMrs. LILIAN THERESA, wife of Frederick Arthur Sharman, well-known business man of Christ Church, New ...View Full Biography
SHARPMrs. EDITH ALICE, wife of George Walter Sharp, consulting mechanical engineer, New Consolidated Gold ...View Full Biography
SHARPEMrs. MARY ELIZABETH, widow of John Lillie Sharpe, secretary of the first of Stewarts & Lloyds, of Ve ...View Full Biography
SHAWMrs. AGNES, wife of Joseph Gower Shaw, third son of the late Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Shaw, of Karkloof, Na ...View Full Biography
SHAWLYNETTE, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gower Shaw of Karkloof, Natal. Born at Karkloof, ed ...View Full Biography
SHAWMrs. MARY, wife of Walter (Wattle) Shaw, president of the South African Polo Association, and of the ...View Full Biography
SHEILMrs. KATHLEEN MARY MAGDALENE, born Morris-Scanlon, wife of the Hon. John Devonshire Sheil of Cape To ...View Full Biography
SHEPSTONEMrs. PEGGY, wife of Denis Gem Shepstone, advocate, of Durban, grandson of the late Sir Theophilus Sh ...View Full Biography
SHIRLEYCouncillor EVA MINNIE, wife of Albert Edward Shirley, merchant. Daughter of Mr. and the late Mrs. C. ...View Full Biography
SHOOKMrs. JOYCE INGALIS WILHELMINA, wife of Harold Wilfrid Shook. Daughter of the late John Sandgren who ...View Full Biography
SHORTMrs. HILDA, widow of Dr. Clifton Short, medical practitioner of Johannesburg. Daughter of the late G ...View Full Biography
SHORTMrs. JEAN WEMYESS, wife of Wallis Short, of Northdene, Natal. Daughter of the late Captain James Mol ...View Full Biography
SHORTMrs. MAY CATHERINE, wife of Cecil L. Short (1909), director of Messrs. Syfret's Trust Co., Ltd., of ...View Full Biography
SIEBRITZMiss MARIE-ELIZE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B.J. Siebritz, View Full Biography
SIEDLEMrs. AMELIA MARY, wife of Otto Siedle, J.P., shipping agent, and daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. J ...View Full Biography
SIGGSMiss OLIVE, principal of Rhenish Girls' High School, Stellenbosch, C.P. Born at Lichfield, Sussex, E ...View Full Biography
SILBERBAUERMARY ELIZABETH CROWCHER, wife of Conrad Christian Silberbauer, J.P., solicitor, etc., Provincial Cha ...View Full Biography
SILKETHEL, wife of A. W. Silk, real estate agent, Cape Town, and daughter of Mrs. A.M. Kirsten. Is a fre ...View Full Biography
SILOVEMrs. MOLLY, B.A. (1929, Witwatersrand University), wife of Dr. I. Silove, M.B., Ch.B. Daughter of Mr ...View Full Biography
SILVERMANMrs. GOLDA, widow of Myer Silverman of Birmingham, eldest daughter of the late Lewis Nathan of Pears ...View Full Biography
SIMENHOFFMrs. CHRISTINA SUSANNA MAGDELENA, born du Toit, wife of L. Simenhoff, B.A., principal of a large pri ...View Full Biography
SIMPSONMiss ANNE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. Simpson, of Florida, Transvaal. Born at Roodepoort, Transvaal ...View Full Biography
SIMPSONMrs. FLORENCE, wife of John Mercer Simpson, councillor of Vereeniging, Transvaal. Daughter of the la ...View Full Biography
SIMPSONMrs. GLADYS CATHERINE FRANCES, wife of Reginald Simpson, solicitor of Cape Town, son of the late Jam ...View Full Biography
SIMPSONMrs. GLADYS MARY, born Stephens, wife of J.M. Simpson, born at Port Alfred, C.P., and educated at Gi ...View Full Biography
SIMPSONMrs. MAJORIE, wife of David Simpson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tevendale. Born at Bellshill, Scotland ...View Full Biography
SIMPSONMrs. RITA CLARE, wife of Montagu Simpson, the well-known breeder of Ayrshire cattle and large white ...View Full Biography
SIMSMrs. CLARA, born Graumann, widow of David Walter Sims, dentist, late of Johannesburg, pioneer of Kim ...View Full Biography
SINCLAIRMrs. JULIA KATE, wife of Duncan Macdonald Sinclair, architect and quantity surveyor, of Johannesburg ...View Full Biography
SINOVICHMrs. MARY, wife of George Anton Sinovich, M.P.C., mayor of Hercules, Transvaal in 1936. Consul for Y ...View Full Biography
SIVEMrs. MARGARET, wife of S.L. Sive, well known business man of Johannesburg, partner in the firm of Si ...View Full Biography
SKILLICORNMrs. SARAH ANN, wife of William James Kinlay Skillicorn, manager of Rhodesian Railways, formerly ass ...View Full Biography
SLADEMrs. JEANNETTE CORBET, wife of H.M. Slade. Born at Porterville, C.P., and educated in South Africa a ...View Full Biography
SLEEMANMrs. FLORENCE, Matron, Springkell Sanatorium, Johannesburg. Born near Launceston, Cornwall, England, ...View Full Biography
SMALBERGERMiss S., Matron, Germiston hospital, received her training as nurse in Pretoria and three years in l ...View Full Biography
SMARTTSIBILLA ANNIE, Lady, O.B.E. (1915), widow of the Rt. Hon. Sir Thomas William Smartt, P.C., K.C.M.G., ...View Full Biography
SMERDONMrs. ELIZABETH ANNE, wife of George Pinwell Smerdon. managing director of the firm of Wintons Limite ...View Full Biography
SMITMrs. JACOBA SOPHIA PETRONELLA, widow of J.P. Smit, solicitor, formerly of Dordrecht, C.P. Born at No ...View Full Biography
SMITMrs. LILLIAN AMELIA, wife of Gordon H. Smit, daughter of the late Dr. Richard Selden Anthony M.D., o ...View Full Biography
SMITHFRANCES Lady, wife of Sir Charles George Smith, K.C.M.G., J.P., Knight of Grace of St. John, son of ...View Full Biography
SMITHERSMrs. MARGARET BLAKE, M.A., LL.B., wile of Reay Henry Noble Smithers of the South African Museum, Cap ...View Full Biography
SMOLLANMrs. SOPHIE (widow). Studied at the South African College, Cape Town. Member of the Cape Jewish Boar ...View Full Biography
SMUTSMrs. EDITH IVY (mezzo-contralto), wife of Dr. Phineas Smuts, of Cape Town. Granddaughter of the late ...View Full Biography
SMYTHEMrs. PHILLIPENA MAY, wife of David William Smythe, eldest son of the late Hon. S.J. Smythe, Administ ...View Full Biography
SNEDDONMiss ELIZABETH, M.A., L.R.A.M., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Sneddon of Durban. Born and educated ...View Full Biography
SOLLYMrs. JULIA FRANCES, widow of Hubert Le Gay Solly, A.M.I.C.E., formerly Government Engineer. Daughter ...View Full Biography
SOLOMONM.P. Mrs. BERTHA, advocate of the Supreme Court of South Africa. Transvaal Division; M.P. for Jeppe ...View Full Biography
SOLOMONMrs. ELIZABETH JOHANNA SUSANNA, wife of Charles Benjamin Solomon, probation officer. Daughter of the ...View Full Biography
SOLOMONMevr. ELIZABETH JOHANNA SUSANNA, eggenoot van Charles Benjamin Solomon, proefbeampte. Dogter van wij ...View Full Biography
SOLOMONMiss EMILY JANE, daughter of the late Rev. Edward Solomon and Mrs. Solomon, and youngest sister of t ...View Full Biography
SOLOMONMrs. HILDA M., wife of Duncan Ross Solomon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Macleod of Shireham, Suss ...View Full Biography
SOLOMONMrs. LILIAN, wife of Ivan Solomon, M.P.C., mayor of Pretoria for the years 1932-3-4-5. Daughter of M ...View Full Biography
SOLOMONMiss MOLLY MARGUERITE, government teacher, born at Johannesburg, educated at Parktown Convent, gaine ...View Full Biography
SOLOMONMrs. WILDING, wife of Justice Saul Solomon. Daughter of the Rev. John Robertson. Born at Anwoth, Gat ...View Full Biography
SOUTHWELL JONESMrs. BERTHA LOUISE, wife of Percy Deerden Southwell-Jones. Born at Cape Town and educated at the Goo ...View Full Biography
SOUTHWELLMrs. ERICA, wife of Bailey Southwell, consulting engineer to Sir Abe Bailey, Bt. Daughter of Durban ...View Full Biography
SOUTHWOODMrs. MABEL LUCY, wife of Walter B. Southwood, commercial agent. Daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. J. ...View Full Biography
SPEARSMrs. DOROTHEA, wife of Frank Spears, artist, Cape Town. Born at Webster City, Iowa, U.S.A. and educa ...View Full Biography
SPENCERMrs. ETHEL, wife of Arthur Spencer, late town clerk of Johannesburg (retired) and daughter of the la ...View Full Biography
SPENCERMrs. JEAN, wife of George William Spencer, chief account-ant's office, Railways and Harbours. Daught ...View Full Biography
SPILHAUSMrs. JOSEPHINE MARTHA, born Muller, wife of F.F. Spilhaus, senior director of Messrs. Spilbaus & Co. ...View Full Biography
SPILHAUSMrs. MARGARET WHITING, F.R.G.S., wife of Ludolph Spilhaus, second son of Wilhelm Spilhaus of Constan ...View Full Biography
SPIROMiss SYBIL, estate agent and broker of Cape Town. Born in Lithuania; educated at Cape Town Normal Co ...View Full Biography
STAINBANKMiss MARY, A.R.C.A., eldest daughter of the late Dering Lee Warner Stainbank, who came to South Afri ...View Full Biography
STEVENSONMrs. DOROTHY MAY LUCY, wife of Dr. R.E. Stevenson, who studied medicine at the Cape Town University ...View Full Biography
STEWARTMrs. ALICEDALE, born Sheldon, wife of Dr. Robert Alexander Stewart, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., Cape Town, ...View Full Biography
STEWARTMrs. DOROTHY MAY, wife of Job Stewart, well-known member of the South African Turf Club and Milnerto ...View Full Biography
STEWARTMrs. GEORGINA, wife of Thomas Stewart, M.I.C.E., a prominent civil engineer of South Africa. Widow o ...View Full Biography
STEWARTMrs. IDA CONSTANCE MARTHA, wife of J.H. Stewart, staff superintendent to general manager of railways ...View Full Biography
STEWARTMrs. MARY MARJORY SHEWAN, wife of Dr. J.P. Stoker Stewart of Krugersdorp, Transvaal. Daughter of Mr. ...View Full Biography
STEWART-WYNNEMrs. ALWINA EMILY, widow of Colonel Oscar James Henry Stewart-Wynne, who saw many years' service wit ...View Full Biography
STEWART-WYNNEMiss RUTH PHYLLIS, daughter of Mrs. A.E. Stewart-Wynne and the late Colonel O.J.H. Stewart-Wynne, fo ...View Full Biography
STEYLMiss BERNICE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Steyl of the farm 'Mystery' in the Thaba 'Nchu (O.F.S.) ...View Full Biography
STEYNMevr. ANNA, eggenote van Dr. H.A. Steyn, M.A., M.Ed., D.Ph., die bekende hoofonderwyser en leksikogr ...View Full Biography
STEYNMrs. BARBARA CIPRIANA, wife of P.T. Steyn, System Manager of South African Railways and Harbours at ...View Full Biography
STEYNMrs. GERTRUDE LOUISA, wife of Irving Steyn, J.P., M.P.C.; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.J. Fouche, prev ...View Full Biography
STEYNMevr. SUSANNA JACOBA, getroud met Gideon Francois Steyn, wat op die oomblik op die staf is van die P ...View Full Biography
STEYTLERMrs. FELICITY MURIEL, Doctor of Medicine. Daughter of Mrs. H.P. Goldman and the late Alfred Goldman; ...View Full Biography
STOCKSMrs. JEAN C., wife of Arthur Temperley Stocks, son of the late Ernest Decimus Stocks, watercolour ar ...View Full Biography
STOLZEMrs. HELENA CATHERINE, wife of W.L.N. Stolze, both pioneers of Rustenburg, Transvaal, who founded an ...View Full Biography
STONEMANDr. BERTHA, Ph.B, D.Sc., daughter of Byron Stoneman. Born in Jamestown, Chantantqua County, New York ...View Full Biography
STORMMrs. AGNES BARBARA, wife of Arthur Storm, managing director of Coronation Brick and Tile Company. Da ...View Full Biography
STORMMrs. GLADYS FLORENCE, wife of John Harrison Storm, Shipping Agent of Durban, son of Charles Storm, D ...View Full Biography
STRACHANMrs. DOROTHEA ELIZABETH, wife of David Strachan, accountant of Aberdeen, Scotland, held a commission ...View Full Biography
STRACHANMrs. MARGARET S., married in Cape Town in 1898 to Dr. Robert Strachan, J.P., M.B.E. and M.P.C. of Ge ...View Full Biography
STRACHANMrs. SELINA, married William Thomas Strachan (deceased), on August 26th, 1873, who did such wonderfu ...View Full Biography
STRATFORDMrs. LOUISE MARY GENEVERE, wife of the Hon. James Stratford, K.C., M.A., B.C.L., Chief Justice of th ...View Full Biography
STRATFORDMrs. MARJORIE MITFORD, wife of Robin Stratford, K.C., only son of the Hon. James Stratford, K.C., M. ...View Full Biography
STRAUSSMrs. JOY, wife of Jacobus Gideon Nel Strauss, Advocate of the Supreme Court of South Africa; M.P. fo ...View Full Biography
STRAWBRIDGEMrs. ROSE, widow of Frederick Strawbridge, formerly of the Public Health Department, Nairobi, East A ...View Full Biography
STROHMrs. FLORENCE, wife of Johan David Paul Stroh, formerly of the National Bank, now farming in the Rus ...View Full Biography
STRUBENMiss LAVINIA, born at Kenilworth, C.P., and educated at Herschel College, Cape Town, C.P.; St. Andre ...View Full Biography
STUARTMrs. BERYL KATHLEEN, wife of Alan Arthur Mackenzie Stuart, third son of the late Charles Mackenzie S ...View Full Biography
STUBBSMrs. MAGDALENA FRANCES MARY, widow of Harry Stubbs, formerly resident master for many years at Wesle ...View Full Biography
STUBBSMrs. ALICE MITFORD, wife of E.T. Stubbs, retired president of the Native Appeal Court (Natal and Tra ...View Full Biography
SUTHERLANDMiss JESSIE, superintendent school nurse; daughter of the late John Sutherland, of Sutherlandshire, ...View Full Biography
SUTTONMrs. DAISY ADELINE, wife of Walter Herbert Sutton, Government Civil Servant. Daughter of Mrs. K.L. K ...View Full Biography
SUTTONMrs. FLORENCE ETHEL, wife of Samuel Sidney Sutton, M.P., J.P., retired builder, an old member of the ...View Full Biography
SUTTONMiss MARY ELIZABETH, daughter of Sir George Sutton, one time Prime Minister of Natal, and of Lady Su ...View Full Biography
SWAINMrs. MARIE LOUISE, born Snauwaert, wife of Vic. L. Swain, accountant. Born and educated at Hulste, B ...View Full Biography
SWANMrs. FRANCES LOUISE, born Withiel, wife of William Henry Swan, late of the firm of Shepherd Swan, fu ...View Full Biography
SWANMrs. ISABELLA, born Carmichael, widow of John Rennie Swan. Born and educated in Argyllshire, Scotlan ...View Full Biography
SWARTMrs. M.E., wife of Lt.-Col. J.J.A. Swart, Mayor of Bredasdorp, C.P., for sixteen years; officer of t ...View Full Biography
SWARTMrs. MARIA ELIZABETH, wife of Jacobus Nicholas Swart, J.P., Mayor of Humansdorp, C.P.; partner in th ...View Full Biography
SWARTMrs. MARIA SUSANNA, wife of Lt.-Col. Ben Swart, handcraft teacher. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M.J. de ...View Full Biography
SWINGLERMrs. ELIZABETH JANE, wife of George H. Swingler, City Electrica Engineer, Cape Town. Daughter of W. ...View Full Biography
SYKESMrs. KATHLEEN OTTOLIE, wife of Lt.-Col. F.M. Sykes, V.D., who fought in France throughout the Great ...View Full Biography
SYMINGTONMrs. SOLDINA VAN SAASFELDT VAN RHEEDE VAN OUDTSHOORN, widow of James John Symington of Beaufort West ...View Full Biography
SCOTTMrs. SYDNEY GREEN, wife of Robert Scott, of Johannesburg. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cochrane o ...View Full Biography
SHEARERMrs. ANNE LOVE, wife of Vernon Lyall Shearer, L.D.S., R.C.S., M.P., 1938., youngest son of the late ...View Full Biography
SMITSMrs. MABEL, wife of Hennie Smits of Rustenburg, Transvaal, son of the late Rev. G.W. Smits, who came ...View Full Biography
STODELMrs., wife of H.J. Stodel, well-known business man of Cape Town. Born at London in 1872. Has five da ...View Full Biography
SUSSKINDMrs. MARGUERITE DOROTHY, wife of Manfred John Susskind, stockbroker of Johannesburg, Transvaal. Daug ...View Full Biography
SWARTZMANMrs. CYNTHIA, wife of Jack Swartzman, merchant of Wakkerstroom, Transvaal. Daughter of the late Mr. ...View Full Biography
SCHOONRAADMrs. JESSIE GEORGINA, born Reynolds, was married to Hendrik Jacobus Schoonraad, a well-known busines ...View Full Biography
SOLOMONMrs. MARY, was the wife of Alfred Solomon of Johannesburg and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Horwitch of H ...View Full Biography
STRUBENMiss EDITH FRANCES MARY, daughter of the late H.W. Struben and niece of the late Fred Struben of who ...View Full Biography