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Woman of South Africa 1935 Search
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YEOMANMrs. ENID JOYCE, wife of Ian Macdonald Yeoman, of Cape Town. Born at Claremont, C.P., and educated a ...View Full Biography
YOUNGMiss JANET BROWN, S.R.N., A.R., San.I. Daughter of the late A. Brownlie Young, L.D.S. and Mrs. A. Br ...View Full Biography
YOUNGMrs. KAROLINE MARGUERITE MOULD, born King, wife of John Mould Young, in the Government Service, a fo ...View Full Biography
YOUNGMrs. LOUISE MARY, wife of John Alexander Young, C.A., Edinburgh, Scotland. Daughter of William Lenno ...View Full Biography
YATESMrs. BRENDA, was the wife of the late Prof. John Yates, and was the widow of John Forrest, manager o ...View Full Biography