The South African Jewish Year Book

Directory of Jewish Organisations
Who’s Who in South African Jewry
1929, 5689-90
Edited by
MORRIS DE SAXE, B.A. (Cape), LL.B. (Witwatersrand),
(Advocate of the Supreme Court of South Africa).
Associate Editor : I. M. GOODMAN.

An Official Record of Matters Jewish in the
Southern Portion of the Continent of Africa
Compiled and issued under the joint auspices of
The South African Jewish Historical Society
The South African Jewish Board of Deputies
Published by
P.O. Box 2711, Johannesburg.
Printed by
Radford, Adlington, Ltd., cor. Fox and Von Brandis Streets, Johannesburg.

Committee of the South African Jewish Year Book 1929

Committee of the South African Jewish Year Book

Sitting (left to right): Mr. SIEGFRIED RAPHAELY, J.P.; Mr. MAX GEFFEN, B.A., LL.B. (Chairman);
Adv. M. DE SAXE (Editor).
Standing (left to right); Adv. L. PINSHAW (Hon. Secretary); Mr. ALFRED L. COHN;
Mr. BERNARD PATLEY (Hon. Treasurer). –
Absent: Mr. I. M. GOODMAN (Associate Editor)., Capetown.

Copy of cable received from the Very Reverend Dr. J. L. LANDAU, M.A., Ph.D., Chief Rabbi of the Federated Synagogues of the Witwatersrand, President of the S.A. Jewish Historical Society (who was in Germany at the time of our going to press):
The first South African Year Book is an important historical milestone. It is a fountain of information, and will be a source of moral pride. Perfection is impossible in first effort, but the effort is deserving of whole-hearted praise. It will improve with communal progress and support. Maseltov.

Photograph by Henry Treisman.

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