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  • Army arrives at Cullinan Station
  • Desmond Tutu at a UDF rally
  • Eastern Cape newspaper
  • Gandhi with some colleagues
  • Grahamstown
  • Hiscocks Wellington 1934
  • Jewish immigrants arriving in Cape Town
  • Jewish smouse (pedlars) doing their rounds on farms
  • Kimberley
  • Lutheran church
  • Michael Hurwitz selling a watch
  • Sekhukhune and his wives on a wagon
  • Settlers camping near the Fish River
  • Slaves being sold by auction
  • Soldiers saying goodbye to their loved ones at Cape Town station
  • The Battle of Vegkop
  • The Cape Times announces the war
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  • The Star - Frontpage
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Help on searching our Databases

As we have such diverse records with huge tables and it is impossible to display every name from every field of every record, so we have a search facility that covers all the data entered in our database.

  1. Start by “entering a surname or name” in the search field and select a category - it will search the records of the Database table/s in that category and display a results page where the name exists.
  2. If a name or names and surname are entered, the results page will display all records that have all of them in the record. We have more fields than just a surname and names field, but also father, mother and maiden names. You can enter name and surname or surname and name.
  3. The results page will only display Surname and First names, click on the 'Click Here to View More' to view the full record.
    E.G. If you enter in the search field David Smith, the result page might show Alex Smith. By viewing the full record, David could be the fathers' name
  4. Another option is to search for a surname, e.g. Smith, then on the results page, enter the first name in the 'Filter' field. Note: this will only filter the results on the results table fields being displayed.

Happy searching

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