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Ancestors South Africa

Researching your Ancestors

Family: Cornelis Janse Theodorus UYS / Maria Elizabeth le ROUX (F31258)

Family Chart 

Petrus Johannes UYS
Male (1784-1872)
Dirk Cornelis UYS
Male (1814-1880)
Petrus Johannes UYS
Male (1821-1893)
Jacobus Albertus UYS
Male (1823-1900)
Gert Cornelis UYS
Male (1828-1896)
Gideon Willem UYS
Male (1830-1902)
Petrus Johannes UYS
Male (1873-1944)
Eduard Christiaan UYS
Male (1876-1951)
Cornelis Johannes UYS
Male (1877-1953)

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