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151 1. 12141 Lieutenant. SA Air Force. Grave XXXII a 14 El Alamein War Cemete ry
2. He died on active service at El Alemain and is commemorated on his pare nts' double grave in the Glen Avon farm cemetery
3. 01 09 1942 was the last date he was seen in operations and he was ofici ally posted as "Killed in Action" on 17 04 1943 
BROWN, William Hubert Hart (I26296)
152 1. 13 children of whom only three reached adulthood SWART, Maria Johanna (I62440)
153 1. 1820 Settler
2. Government resident for Sebastian's Bay (Port Beaufort0
3. Estate 6/9/18 R3853 
DUNN, William (I36734)
154 1. 1820 Settler who arrived in Swellendam FULLARD, John (I65160)
155 1. 1820 Settler who first lived at Salem but moved to Graaff-Reinet OCHSE, Christian George (Ochs) (I66066)
156 1. 1968 genealogy by valerie Ward gies marriage 20 9 1912 WIGGILL, Sarah Ann Miles (I27666)
157 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. WESTERBERG, Ivan Matthew (I41222)
158 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. HESSE, Karen (I39878)
159 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. GIE, Helena Catharina (I38703)
160 1. 229421 Sapper. S A Engineering Corps
2. Never married
3. Died on active service.
4. Estate 6/9/10598 R89826 
GROENEWALD, Mattheus Lukas (I53203)
161 1. 68859. Able Seaman. Royal Navy
2. Estate 6/9/9306 F80645 
VERSFELD, Peter Henry Swift (I2871)
162 1. A family legend tells that after a few months she walked back to her fa mily farm only to be brought back by her husband STEYN, Cornelia Christina (I64740)
163 1. A farmer from Louterwater at Uniondale
2. Sometimes Gert 
RADEMEYER, Gerrit Hendrik (I36126)
164 1. A leading Cape Attorney who in 1888 resided at The Hill, Claremont. S ee The Ardernes and their Garden. Arderne Tredgold. 1990. KAB QR 929.21 AR D
2. Lived and died at Claremont
3. Estate 6/9/762 F2167 
ARDERNE, Henry Mathew (I2904)
165 1. A refugee who sailed from Holland on 21 December 1687
2. Owned Slange Rivier at Wellington
3. Also owned Zeekoedrift and Gourits Rivier 
FOURIE, Louis (I39587)
166 1. A single page of notes found with his papers gave inspiration for th is genealogy.
2. He was born on the farm Glencoe, Somerset East. Educated to matric at G ill College, Somerset East. BA degree in languages from Stellenbosch Unive rsity and HED from Rhodes University in Grahamstown.
3. His education was paid for by his uncle Jacobus Hercules who, accordi ng to evidence from various sources, was probably his father.
3. Taught at schools in Excelsior and Villiers (Free State), Balfour and I dutywa (Cape), Mansfield High (Natal) and Morija Teacher Training Institu te (Lesotho)
4. Retired (1969) to Village of Happiness in Margate, Natal.
5. Died in Addington Hospital, Durban
6. Birth records. Cape Archives MOOC 5/126 
ENGELA, Jacobus Hercules (I38266)
167 1. A stock inspector who never married.
2. He died in the Midland Hospital
3. Estate MOOC 6/9/463 R4208 
NESER, Charles Hart (I11632)
168 1. Abraham John Peter in birth register HENN, Abraham Johannes Petrus (I43713)
169 1. Absconded and never traced WESSELS, Hendrik (I2131)
170 1. Accidental death - details unknown SWART, Gerhardus Paulus (I12028)
171 1. Accoding to SA Genealogies she was married at Cradock on 09 01 1820 whi ch must be incorrect as she was aged 12. Until proof can be obtained th is will be amended to 1828 which fits in with the births of her children.
2. She died on Rietfontein farm at Zwagershoek
3. Estate KAB MOOC 6/9/198 R6932 
MALAN, Elizabeth Jacoba (I38963)
172 1. According to a genealogy from Australia, there is some doubt about surn ame - could be Woodbrey HADLOCK, Earl (I41922)
173 1. According to a list of members of the church, Maria Marais died on 7 Ju ly 1716 which is before the birth of her daughter. Error! VILLIERS, Marie Elizabeth de (I39360)
174 1. According to age in Death Notice, he was born 26 6 1800 which is obviou sly incorrect
2. Estate 6/9/117 R3134 
BADENHORST, Jan Hendrik (I20707)
175 1. According to baptismal dates, he appears to have moved his family to Ho petown between 1843 and 1846.Tthree more children were born there from t he first marriage, three from the second marriage and and seventeen fr om the third marriage VERMEULEN, Johannes Urbanus (I13725)
176 1. According to her age (86 yrs 04 months) recorded in her death notice s he was born in 1817 when her mother was aged nine. If, however, the figur es are reversed to 68 her birth fits correctly with her siblings and th is has been accepted
2. She died at Gubenexa
3. Estate KAB MOOC 6/9/490 R9 
WET, Cecilia Maria de (I39832)
177 1. According to her daughter's death notice her names are Cornelia Johan na with no Surname given NIEKERK, Johanna Aletta van (I39061)
178 1. According to her father's Death Notice her husband was Bleiman - seco nd marriage? FRANKEN, Johanna Christina (I3002)
179 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. DOWLING, Sheila Mary (I38881)
180 1. According to SA Genealogies her surnmae was Malter - was there an earli er marriage to ?? Malter? VERMEULEN, Margaretha Johanna Magdalena (I13736)
181 1. According to SAG his second name was Jacobus but both his father and s on were Jacob
2. Born and died at Abrahampieskraal 
SMAL, Hans Jacob (I82668)
182 1. According to SAG she married Schalk Willem van der Merwe +15 11 1776 RENSBURG, Elsie van (I80411)
183 1. According to SAG this husband should be Willem Burger MYBURGH, Albert Lambertz (I39399)
184 1. According to son's Death Notice his wife was Elizabeth van Rensburg b ut SAG information has been accepted on the assumption that she was a lat er marriage. MULLER, Cornelius Johannes (I39354)
185 1. According to Steyn genealogy, she was born on 2 11 1820 STEYN, Magdalena Margaretha (I12200)
186 1. According to the age in his death notice he was born in 1906
2. He was a military pensioner (ex Cpl SA Military Police)
3. He lived and died at 11 Riebeeck Street, Wynberg
4. Estate 6/9/14525 R6332 
BLOM, Cornelius Johannes (I45142)
187 1. According to UYs genealogy she died in 1851 UYS, Helena Catharina (I6972)
188 1. According to van Eeden genealogy he was unmarried EEDEN, Jan Dirk van (I64286)
189 1. According to Wessels genealogy she was married to Casper Badenhorst WESSELS, Elizabeth Christina (I12356)
190 1. Accountant
2. Grave BD3 J0103
3. Estate 6/9/374 R721 
HERBERT, George (I2044)
191 1. Accountant
2. No children
3. Died in the Victoria Hotel
4. Estate TAB MHG 1947/05617 
RAINIER, Harvey D'Urban (I2444)
192 1. Accountant
2. No children
3. Estate 6/9/3041 R12862 
RAINIER, Percy (I2446)
193 1. Accountant who lived and died at van der Byl Street
2. Grave BD3 H0102 Reinterment
3. Estate 6/9/2167 R3216 
EEDES, John Charles Pritchard (I50583)
194 1. Accountant. Served as second Lieutenant in the Cape Corps and died in h ospital during wartime service
2. No children
3. Estate 6/9/1259 R4404 
RAINIER, Henry Aubrey (I2458)
195 1. Admitted to Valkenberg 14 Feb 1951 vide 6/9/18062 F1064 WOENSDREGT, Maria (I26692)
196 1. Admitted Valkenberg Mental Hospital 1937
2. Estate 6/9/18460 R4079 
FOURIE, Jacoba Maryna Helena (I12913)
197 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. RADEMAN, Enid (I80959)
198 1. Adopted
2. Never married
3. Grave BD2 D0120. 
WESSELS, Hermina Arnoldia Eksteen (I13627)
199 1. Adopted
Divorced 1959 
ALLEN, Vera Esther (I3756)
200 1. Adopted DYK, Wilhelmina Daniel Johannes (Female)van (I375)

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