irish immigrants

Mary Jane Carleton

Irish Immigrants and immigration has been a neglected sector of the South Africa population and The Irish South African Association plays a huge part and exists to facilitate the social contact between Irish people, people of Irish descent and anyone who has any interest whatsoever in the Irish and in Ireland

 A contingent from South Africa will be attending The Global Irish Diaspora Congress in Dublin from 15 – 19th August 2017, which will examine the histories, cultures, heritages and identities of Irish communities beyond Ireland’s shores

Our aim is to research and propose a future publications on the Irish Diaspora of the Western Cape, specifically those from mixed unions i.e. between Irish-born settlers from 1800’s until present and Afrikaners/slaves/Khoi-San. As far as we are aware there is no published information on this subject.

We are calling on all members of the community who can prove in some way or other that they are of Irish descent.

We are looking for family trees, interesting biographies, stories, documents, letters, photographs or anything that shows your Irish Ancestry. This information will be disseminated and used for presentation purposes at the Diaspora Congress, doctorial purposes, further research and study of Irish Immigrants to South Africa.

Submissions can be sent to Heather MacAlisterirish south africa

Further Reading

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Aided Irish immigration to the Cape by Esme Bull
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Disputed territory: The Irish presence in the marchlands of the Zulu Kingdom,1838-1888 by G Dominey