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Birth Records


Wynberg Boys High School Magazines provide an integral part of the history of this school. We have been kindly given permission by Headmaster Jan De Waal to make available almost a century of the Wynberg Boys High School Magazines from 1925 until 2018. We hope these publications will help you find those ancestors who attended this school.

The Slave Lodge in Cape Town 1658 – 1828

Burial Records


Death Notices

Family Tree Records


Military Records


Slave Records

A calendar of bondage in Southern Africa 1550 to 1888. Slaves, property and the colony changed ownership often between 1588 and 1888, and many of the important documents discussing ownership are inaccessible because of their obscure locations or difficulty in reading the original handwriting.

Subscriber Content

Academic Records

Baptism Records


The Precis of the Archives or otherwise known as Requesten (Memorials) 1715 to 1806 is a transcript of the original records and contains volume One which forms a section of the Annexures to the Minutes of the Council of Policy, and will be found to contain much of permanent historical interest.


Personalities in Motoring and Aviation in South Africa is a rare publication of biographies of over 650 pages dedicated to those pioneer men and women, whose vision, faith, and pertinacity, surmounting all obstacles, have given to posterity the freedom of utilitarian benefits of the highways and skyways of Southern Africa.

Burial Records

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Legal Records


Name Changes (Official)