These Genealogy Books on South Africa are made available for you to use but please acknowledge where you got it from. This collection will keep growing and if you have books to donate that can be used and uploaded by me, please feel free to contact me.

Personalia of the Germans at the Cape 1652-1806

Personalia of the Germans at the Cape 1652-1806 by Dr J Hoge’s was published in the Archives Yearbook for South African History in the 1946.

Changing Hands

A calendar of bondage in Southern Africa 1550 – 1888

The Jewish Year Book 1929

Collection of Biographies from the Jewish Year Book of 1929

Précis of the archives of the Cape of Good Hope 1715-1806

The Precis of the Archives or otherwise known as Requesten (Memorials) 1715 – 1806 is a transcript of of the original records and contains volume One which forms a section of the Annexures to the Minutes of the Council of Policy, and will be found to contain much of permanent historical interest.

Woman of South Africa 1935

The Woman of South Africa 1935 publication is a historical, educational and industrial encyclopedia and social directory of the Woman of the Sub Continent. Search the over 1700 biographies of these prominent women and find out about their social standing.

From Diaspora to Diorama – The Old Slave Lodge

From Diaspora to Diorama contains over 9,500 pages of interpretations, newly unearthed eyewitness accounts, newly commissioned aquarelles by artist, John English and many new sketches and photographs by model builder, Peter Laponder.