Help needed with your family tree or family history in South Africa? Or are you stuck and cannot go any further? You have come to the right place to get help and my expertise of over thirty years.

Tracing your family history in South Africa can be a walk in the park if you have the correct names of your ancestors as well as the dates and place of their deaths. It it always best to start with yourself  and work backwards systematically one generation at a time. Collect all your information and draw a simple chart. Also remember to write  down when and where you found the information as you will always at some stage want to go back to have look at it if you have not got copies of all the records and there is nothing worse   than not knowing where you got the information from. If you need help or assistance, please ask.

Help needed is where I offer you a comprehensive research facility to give you the best records and results on your family tree and family history. Read the references from my clients from all over the world who have been very happy with what I have achieved for them.

Help Needed?help needed

So here are a few basics –  if you need expert help you can contact me.

Finding the right researcher.

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