Loxton CemeteryLoxton is a town in the magisterial district and division of Victoria West, 84 km west of Victoria West, 68 km south-east of Carnarvon and 126 km north of Beaufort West.

In 1899 the N.G. Kerk bought the farm Phezantefontein, owned by A. E. Loxton, and established the village of Loxton and a new congregation on it. In 1905 the original village council was superseded by a municipality. Electricity is supplied by the municipal power-station. Water for domestic use is obtained from boreholes and for irrigation from a storage dam fed by a natural spring. During the excessive floods in the North-Western Cape in March 1961 the dam above the town burst and caused great damage. An emergency committee collected 175 000 for reconstruction and relief of the distressed. Eleven new houses were built and three-quarters of the buildings had to be restored. The town is the centre of a progressive sheep-farming area.

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