Are you looking for Cemetery records in South Africa? Are you looking for plot cards for Maitland Cemetery or to have a personalised visit and graves photographed? I offer this skilled service of finding graves and obtaining plot cards which provides the names of all the people buried in any grave, when they were buried, owner of the plot and which section the grave is in the cemetery. Visits to any cemetery is dangerous and should not be done on your own.

Here is a link to my database of people buried in Maitland Cemetery as well as images uploaded onto Findagrave by me.

Did you know that just because their are two names on a headstone does not mean their are two people buried in a plot?

Below is a classic example of what a plot card looks like and the matching headstone.



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Note the plot card provides name and address ofMaitland Cemetery Plot Card Plot owner, which Allotment the grave is situated in i.e. (Catholic, Anglican, Jewish, Military) the plot number which is crucial as you will never find the grave without this reference. It also provides details of the day the deceased was buried, the position in the grave, how deep they were buried and the name of the Undertaker. Also other vital details might included “memorial on this plot was blown over and broken by violent storm on 1/11/1962”, additional address for plot owner, and the likes of “re-interment from Somerset Road Cemetery”

Facts about Maitland Cemetery?

  1. Did you know that the cemetery officially opened on 4th February 1888 when Frank Towert aged 26 years old was buried in the United Section?
  2. Did you know that Maitland Cemetery covers over 250 acres of ground?
  3. Did you know that Maitland Cemetery has buried over 500 000 people since it opened?
  4. Did you know that A public grave us a plot of that belongs to the City and not the family, the family did not purchase the burial rights. Every 5 years this grave is reused for burial , so therefore there will not be memorial work on it.

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