KeimoesKeimoes is a town on the north bank of the Orange River in the Gordonia district, 43 km by rail and road south-west of Upington, on the railway from Upington to Kakamas and the road from Upington to the Augrabies Falls . The town, which was proclaimed a municipality in 1949, is the seat of an additional magistrate. It has tarred streets and an ample water-supply from the Orange River. Electricity is supplied by the municipal power-station. The chief products of the surrounding farms are Lucerne, fruit (among which the Keimoes peach is well known for canning purposes), raisins and sultanas. Keimoes is the Hottentot equivalent of Grootfontein, from Namagei (great) and mus (fountain or, literally, eye, as in Afrikaans for the fountain-head of a stream).