prince Alfred town South AfricaThe search for the grave of British soldier, Private Calver, turned up some interesting historic facts.  According to Mr T O Slabbert, owner of Goeiemoed, a farm across the road from Prince Albert Road Station, this farm was once on the post coach route.  It was part of the huge old farms Vlakkraal and Tuinkraal that were proclaimed in 1838.  On the little hill just south west of the present-day farm house, there once was a popular little hotel which served train passengers wishing to travel to Prince Albert and on to Oudtshoorn. Slabbert said that the farm Uitkyk, in the Leeu Gamka district was also part of the post coach route.  Horses were kept there to provide fresh animals to the coaches.  Uitkyk, he said once had huge stables and was capable of housing and feeding 40 horses.  The ruins of these stables can still be clearly seen near the old farm house.   The road to Prince Albert from his farm, he added, at one time had several little hotels to serve the travelling public.

And, speaking of post route habits, geologist Johan Loock, from the University of the Free State, said small cairns of stones are often found along the old post coach routes. The habit of placing small stones in a heap was to ward off evil and bring good luck. Such a heap is seen on the post coach route near Juriesfontein.  It was not only a habit of the post coach drivers, said Johan.  The indigenous people walking along these routes also threw pebbles on to these heaps to ward off any evil spirits and to keep them safe on their travels.