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Cape Coloured Corps


C. Ruiters The name popularly applied to the Cape Coloured Corps men or 'Pandours' was originally raised by the Dutch East India Company to defend the Cape against British attack in 1795. They formed part of the force of Dutch troops, mercenaries and burgher militia under Col. R. J. Gordon, commander of the Castle garrison. The wounding of an English picket by one of their scouting parties on 3 August 1795 precipitated the English attack on Muizenberg and the fighting which ended in the capitulation on 16 September 1795. The 'Hottentots', as they were referred to in [...]

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From Manchester to Albany


For anyone whose family was an 1820 Settler Peter Kirkman's years of research and investigation has proven to be one of the finest and most comprehensively cited genealogy books of any particular South African family I have yet to read. See the list of some of the surnames mentioned below This epic saga of the Kirkman family and their descendants spans over 200 years of hardships living in hostile African conditions, brave farmers who fought for their land, strong religious values and survival of a remarkable family that have their tales to tell. 1820 Settler John Kirkman who arrived with [...]

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Francois Renier Duminy 1747–1811


The intrigue and mystery surrounding the Duminy ancestors' connection with the well-to-do Lebre family of Tarascon in France reminds me of my own family's long line of Master Mariners.The history of the Duminy family is a plethora of information - Andrew Duminy has meticulously researched the family history and descendants of Francois Renier Duminy and has rewarded all living relatives with a magnificent piece of history that every one of them will treasure forever. Francois Renier Duminy's prolific naval career, crowned with the Chevalier Grand Cross of the Order of St. Philippe as well as the Sovereign Prince Rose Croix, [...]

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Broken Promises


So much has been written in the past about settlers and immigrants to South Africa but also many of them have been sadly neglected or overlooked until now. Keith Tankard's "Broken Promises", Exploring Sir George Grey's Settler Schemes for the Eastern Cape Frontier, could not have arrived at a more appropriate time than Heritage Week 2012. This remarkable E-book covers numerous aspects of the primary role players such as German Military Settlement, Saving the military settlement, Some Legionnaire stories, German agricultural families and some postscripts. Read about the drama on the high seas from when Baron von Stutterheim was bitten [...]

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Claim to the Country


Reading Pippa's unbelievable publication "Claim to the Country", gave me wonderful insight into the Khoi people and their heritage and ancestry. Now part of UNESCO' s Memory of the World Register, this lavishly illustrated Claim to the Country: The Archive of Lucy Lloyd and Wilhelm Bleek has been created, compiled, and introduced by Pippa Skotnes, and presents - in book form and on an accompanying DVD - all the notebook pages and drawings that comprise this remarkable archive. Contextualizing essays by well-known scholars, such as Nigel Penn, John Parkington, Eustacia Riley and Anthony Traill, and a searchable index for all [...]

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Villages of the Liesbeeck


Helen Robinson has excelled again in her unbelievable knowledge and research on Cape History. Her latest book "The Villages of the Liesbeeck - From the Sea to the Source" - documents the history of the inhabitants who lived along this once very fertile and countryside of the Liesbeeck River which was abundant with wild animals and exotic plant life. Helen's digs into the daily lives of these early settlers and explains who took land from the local herders and also highlights the slaves who later married into prominent Dutch families, who created the "brown people" of South Africa today. Whilst [...]

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The Fox and the Flies


The nineteenth-century was the age of industry, witnessing extraordinary advances in manufacturing, trade and communications. Exploiting the new infrastructure of railways, steamships and telegraph systems, European pimps and 'white slave' traffickers were hugely successful in establishing an integrated global market for commercial sex. In the newly developed industrialized economy, criminal syndicates in capital cities such as Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, New York, London and Rio de Janeiro - were able to commission the seduction or rape of women by agents in under-developed parts of Europe and 'export' them as prostitutes to meet the insatiable demand for sexual services [...]

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The Bishop’s Churches


Having such a passionate interest in Genealogy and church records, I was delighted and overwhelmed when my husband bought "The Bishop's Churches" for my birthday. I found that Desmond's vibrant and delicate brush strokes have brought a true sense to the meaning of tranquillity and belief to the living monuments of Bishop Grey and his wife Sophy. This beautifully illustrated collection of water colours and line-art drawings of Anglican Churches gives not only a history of each church portrayed, but also reflects the outstanding Victorian Gothic Architecture as well as distinctive Norman ornamentation. Desmond's representation of these houses of divinity [...]

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Plague, Pox and Pandemics


This is a Jacana Pocket History of Epidemics in South Africa by Howard Phillips is an epidemic of lethal diseases which killed tens of thousands of people in South Africa. Anyone who lost a family member during the years covered in this book would more than likely have died from one the 5 epidemics mentioned in this book being Smallpox, Bubonic Plague, Spanish Flu, and Poliomyelitis or yes AIDS. Many genealogical researchers or family historians seem to forget that besides war or old age that their family members probably died from one these dreaded diseases. Spanish Flu in 1918 killed [...]

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Admiralty House Simon’s Town


I have been to Simon's Town many times in my life and my childhood association with the Royal Navy has been vividly recalled when I was recently introduced to the book by Boet Dommisse's of Admiralty House Simon's Town. In the 1960's I lived next door to a house owned by the Royal Navy in Plumstead that was occupied by my godmother and godfather, who was the Admiral's chauffeur. Boet Dommisse has truly brought to life this wonderful, nostalgic period, not only in my own life, but also for those who spent many years - specially during war times - [...]

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Captain John MacAlister’s Tribute


There were no flowers on the grave. As I stood there, on that clean summer morning with the sunshine making bright patterns on the stones, and making them shine like diamonds, I remembered my Father. My mother's death had been more recent, and the ache was still there except perhaps sadness for myself, for what should have been. He was an intelligent man. He was clean-shaven and clean living. He smoked a pipe, and had the sort of trustworthy air about him that most pipe smokers seem to have. The sort of man about whom only good things can be [...]

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Salt River Accident


Salt River Station Many years ago whilst tracing my family history I met a  cousin who kindly photocopied this newspaper article of the Salt River accident which struck me as a terrible tragedy for my family. Not only did Richard Evans lose his wife, but his wife had lost her first husband and her daughter. Today 11th June 1890 was a very sad day as the residents of Woodstock and Salt River heard of the tragic passing of a father and daughter killed at Salt River Station. Frederick Smith, his wife Alice, son Frederick and daughter Katie [...]

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A Memoir in Letters


A Memoir in Letters by Penelope Forrest covers the Phelps family who originated in Gloucester England. She follows them through the generations, piecing together the puzzle of these wonderful ancestors who have provided her with more than just meat on the bones for her family tree. When Penelope started transcribing letters by her ancestors she unravelled a wealth of information about her family's past. Story telling at its best The narrative description in the book provides wonderful accounts of family’s life and culture in England, Madeira and South Africa, through family events, war, love and hope. Penelope captures the reality [...]

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The Black Countess


The Black Countess is an incredible story that chronicles the life of Martha a woman of colour from Wynberg and her husband the Harry, the 7th Earl of Stamford. Martha the daughter of freed slave and well known Tavern owner "Queen Rebecca" of Cape Town who married Harry Gray the rejected remittance man from an upper class family in England. It is a true story of two people from such widely different backgrounds whose compatibility, let alone affection, seemed impossible. There was difference of origin, she from the Cape, and he from the great colonial power that was England. They [...]

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Beginners Guide to Family History


When the Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town, Desmond Tutu coined the phrase "Rainbow Nation", he was referring to the huge cultural diversity that exists in South Africa today. It is a heritage that has its origins in the constant flow of immigrants, settlers, refugees and slaves who interacted with the indigenous people at the Cape from the time of the first permanent European settlement by the Dutch in 1652. Since then only two nations, the Dutch and the British, have governed the Colony until it became a Union in 1910. Britain's links with South Africa span more than two centuries, [...]

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Adoption Records South Africa


If you are over 21 you can search without your adoptive parents' permission. Biological parents can only have access to the adoption records if the adoptive parents and the child give their written consent. If they refuse, the biological parents can leave their details in the file so that they can be contacted if the adoptive parents or child change their minds. The identity of the parties cannot be made known. For example, medical information can be made available to a doctor. Before you can start the search it is suggested that the adoptee receive counseling by a social [...]

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South African Almanacs and Year Books


An almanac is here taken to be a book containing a full calendar as well as information on social, economic and similar topics. It becomes a directory if it contains a list of people's names and addresses, and in its most comprehensive form it becomes a year-book. The old almanacs and their successors are of great value in research into social, economic and cultural history, because they often contain data not easily found elsewhere. A complete survey of those published in South Africa cannot possibly be given, and only those preserved in public libraries will be dealt with here. The [...]

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Cemetery Records South Africa


Are you looking for Cemetery records in South Africa? Are you looking for plot cards for Maitland Cemtery or personalised visits and graves photographed? I offer this skilled service of finding graves and obtaining plot cards which provides the names of all the people buried in any grave, when they were buried, owner of the plot and which section the grave is in the cemetery. Please contact me for prices.

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