1705 — List of Company Employees (Monsterrol VOC)

//1705 — List of Company Employees (Monsterrol VOC)
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The 1705 Monsterrol is a list of all Company employees at the Cape in 1705. Each employee is listed in a hierarchy which is headed by the Governor, Willem Adriaan [Adrien] Van der Stel (q.v.) which explains why the data are listed in their original sequence: namely, to preserve the status order for the user of this data.

Each employee is listed with their occupation, wage scale and when they arrived. This is a document which is found in Holland and thus may be new to most researchers here. The compiler has added a column of how many slaves each owned, based on aggregation of the discrete list of slave transfers, also included on this CD. (q.v.). Click button below to go to the Slave Manumissions Database search facility.

The Monsterrol VOC database contains 542 entries

Example of Slave Transfers Database entry.