DNA Testing South AfricaHaving your DNA test in South Africa done is a fast and effective way of confirming who your biological parents, siblings, or grandparents are.  This also includes any blood relative who has also had their DNA tested.


Unlock your family history and match with cousins across the globe with AncestryDNA®. AncestryDNA® can reveal your heritage and connect you to family past and present. Discover your Ethnicity. Connect With Relatives. Meet a Distant Cousin.

DNA tests in South Africa go hand in hand with your family tree and will help you validify your documented proof of your family tree. Having a DNA test is of immense help to adopted persons, foundlings, and anyone who has suspicions about their parentage.

You can order DNA tests in South Africa right here through AncestryDNA which boasts the largest online database of DNA in the world.  Your DNA kit will be couriered to your door and is a simple saliva test that takes 4 – 6 weeks to get your results.

For the return labels, we do have the description set as Saliva swab/ Exempt human specimen, this wording is approved by DHL for the return samples. We have followed up with DHL on this, so hopefully, our customers will run into fewer issues with returning their samples.

The return address for Ancestry.com DNA kits via DHL from South Africa to Ireland is:

Shannon Free Zone
Co, Clare
V14 HN40

Ancestry tests are the best autosomal tests for South Africans now that Ancestry ships to South Africa. The postage might seem expensive, but it includes DHL Express postage both ways. I ordered 2 kits to Gauteng last week and here are two important points if you are planning to order.
1) Please activate your kit on Ancestry’s website NOT in the mobile/phone app. Activate it from South Africa, not from any other country. The website will give you the option to generate a waybill. You need this waybill to use the postage-paid return via DHL. The app does not offer this and you won’t be able to use DHL postage-paid returns. Heather has received the following email address we can use for any waybill issues: ancestrydnarow@ancestry.com.
2) Drop it off with the waybill at a dedicated DHL service point, not a Postnet offering DHL services. Link to find a DHL service point closest to you: https://locator.dhl.com/

You have received your DNA results – now what? If you need help in unraveling your DNA or have questions answered, I do offer an hourly-based consultancy on this.

Are you having a problem receiving or sending your DNA kit to or from Ancestry?


When we receive the sample, we’ll send an email notification that it was received. If you’re the owner of the account on which the DNA test was activated and you don’t receive a notification email within 20 business days of the date you returned a sample to us, the kit was likely lost in the mail; in that case, please contact us for a free replacement kit.

If you don’t receive your test within 14 business days for standard shipping or 5 business days for expedited shipping, please contact us for a free replacement kit. If you need to change the shipping address on your order, please contact us so we can correct it.

DNA Testing South Africa

Tips for identifying Biological Family members.

What is Thrulines on Ancestry

Once you have received your DNA results from Ancestry you can download your RAW DNA and upload it to several other DNA testing companies for additional results as well as other novelty DNA websites that give you various options that do have additional costs.

  1. MyHeritage
  2. FamilyTreeDNA
  3. Gedmatch
  4. MyTrueAncestry