The Colonial Office Archives in the Cape Town Archives is one of the largest collections of Cape History. They are extensive and contain 8702 volumes and a diverse collection of documents that offer the researcher invaluable information.  Below is a list of what this collection covers. Should you want any files from the archives you can contact me here.

Colonial Office Archives

Criminal Mug shot

CO 6/054-6/067 contain the Permits to remain and Permits to leave the Colony (1806-1844). There is a card index to File CO 6/054 in the reading room:

CO 5/760-5/770 deal among other things with naturalization certificates (1826-1902

CO 8/552-8/697 consists of applications and correspondence in connection with naturalization. 

CO 8/431-8/540 contain applications and correspondence relating to land, classified according to the district (1806-1872). 

CO 8/541-8/548 deal with the British Settlers of 1820

CO 6/137-6/138 contain lists of British Settlers who left London and lists of those who arrived at the Cape. 

CO 3/856 – 4/360 contains general letters of application addressed to the Colonial Office (1806-1898). 

CO 6/152 has a register of farms in Natal which were occupied bona fide (1839-1843)

CO 6/156 comprises queries about missing persons (1867-1899). 

CO 6/139 consists of lists of government officials at the Cape (1822-1880) and 

CO 6/128 – 6/134 contain oaths taken by government officials and private persons. The oaths of private persons relate, among other things, to losses suffered in the frontier wars, licenses to purchase arms and gunpowder, and certificates of citizenship (1817-61). The latter is in file CO 6/133. 

CO 6/978 – 6/987 contains photograph albums of criminals (1893-1903). 

CO 4/572 – 4/593 deal with special marriage licenses issued by matrimonial courts (1818-1882)

CO 8/698 – 8/702 contain copies of matrimonial registers sent in by congregations of the various churches. There is a separate inventory of all marriage documents, marriage registers, and copies of marriage registers in the Cape Archives. There is also a card index to the marriage minutes (1818-1882)