We at Ancestors South Africa have a growing free collection of Family Tree Records from over 50 000 families in South Africa.  Start searching here

These family trees have either been donated or been collected and researched by myself. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to have every family in South Africa on our website but if you have a family tree in a GEDCOM format (The international standard format for family trees) you can contact me and I will arrange to host it on our website.

This part of the Ancestors South Africa website covers two projects which are the Overberg Families which is dedicated to Happy Engela who kindly provided me with this valuable information collected over decades of personal research. Additions, corrections and web links will be welcomed and can be sent to me via the contact link.

The 2nd part is the Irish Immigrants to South Africa, of which many historical books and thesis have been written on, but not one entire collection of Irish people who came to South Africa has been compiled. I hope you will find your missing links to your Irish Ancestry. Although the database is still in its infancy, my collection of Irish families is immense. If you need any research done, I can gladly give you a quotation.

Please note that this information is not for any Wiki type or Geni public databases but remain my intellectual copyright. It has taken much of my time and effort to collaborate and put all this data together. Permission for any publication whether it be internet, paper publication, email, or verbal, permission is needed from me.

This is not a social media webpage and I reserve the right to reject, refuse or publish any material sent to me that is not relevant to any person or place.