immigration recordsImmigration records in South Africa are not as difficult to find as one would think. The Archives of the Colonial Office records held in the Cape Town Archives are a rich source is tracing your ancestor’s first steps into the Country. Read more here about immigration to South Africa. Search Naturalization records here

Below is a list of inventories with references to the Archives of the Colonial Office.


Volumes                Description                                                           Period

6054 – vols 1-4 Permits to remain in the colony         1806 – 1828

6055  – vol 1          Index to permissions to remain in the colony              1806-1838

6055 – vol 2 -3 Register of permissions to remain in the colony             1806 – 1838

6056 – vol 1

6056 – vol 2          Permissions granted to British Settlers                         1820 -1824

6059                       Sundry permits to leave / remain in the colony          1806 – 1809

6060 – 6066         Permits to leave the Colony                                             1809 – 1844

6067                       Register of permits to leave the colony                        1806 – 1844

5760 – 5769         Letters of Naturalization                                                  1826 – 1902

8552 – 8696         Application of letters for Naturalization                       1865 – 1911

6137 – 6138         List of British Settlers to the Cape                                  1820

Below is another great reference for immigration records which is the Cape Government Gazette. These immigration records have been extracted from the Cape Government Gazettes for 18 December 1913. These records were published on a weekly basis and provide vital information for anyone whose ancestors applied for immigration status. The references provided in this table can be used to find the original documents sometimes in the National Archives but many are still housed at the Department of Home Affairs.

Transcribed immigration records from the Government Gazettes of South Africa


18 December 1913 – Government Gazettes

You can also find out more about immigration records here. If you need any assistance with tracing your ancestors who came to South Africa, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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