Samuel Patton ADAMS an accountant was born on 4th June 1871 in Tully, Eglinton, Londonderry, Ireland to Robert ADAMS and Sarah MC CONNELL. He was educated at National School in Eglinton. He came to South Africa 1900 and married M. A. Armstrong of Bloemfontein on 7th June 1905. Samuel was the Vice President of the Orange River Colony Football Association and President of the Orange River Colony Referees’ Association. He refereed in both the Beckett’s Shield and the Corinthian matches in 1906 and the Corinthian Test match in Bloemfontein in 1907.

He was highly commented on by T.S. Rowlandson, the Corinthian Captain and A. B. Godbold the President of the South Africa Football Association. He played left back for Eglington in Ireland before coming to South Africa. Samuel was also a starter many athletics events in Bloemfontein since 1904 and umpired cricket matches in Season. He was a member of the Ramblers Club in Bloemfontein.

Samuel died at sea at Port Shepstone, Natal on 7th September 1939 leaving behind a wife and 3 daughters.